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Cheesman Canyon fly fishing Pat Dorsey
Denver Water uses a special feature at Cheesman Dam to help manage temperatures in the South Platte River to enhance the trout fishery.
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New reservoirs help Denver Water and South Adams County Water and Sanitation District
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the inaugural filling of Denver Water's new reservoirs in Adams County in partnership with South Adams County Water and Sanitation District. Learn how they will be used to help ensure a reliable water supply.
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Emotional return to Moffat Tunnel
Gloria Ryan's father helped build the Moffat Tunnel in Grand County, Colorado in the 1920s. The Moffat tunnel is used for railroad and water delivery under the Continental Divide. Denver Water acquired the water tunnel in the 1930s. This is the story of Gloria's return to see the Moffat Tunnel one final time in her lifetime.
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Denver Water Hydropower Installation
Denver Water plans to place 10 turbines, developed by Emrgy, in a section of a 9-mile-long canal that extends from Gross Dam to Ralston Reservoir, at a cost of about $330,000, as part of a pilot study. Each turbine will have the potential to generate about 80 megawatt hours a year in continuous operation, which is the energy equivalent of about seven average U.S. homes.
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Go inside Roberts Tunnel
Imagine driving through a wet and dark tunnel 4,000 feet underground! Check out what Denver Water crews do to make sure we can deliver water to your home.
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Dillon Reservoir Celebrates 50 Years of Service
Dillon Reservoir is the largest water storage facility in the Denver Water system. The video includes photos of the town being moved to make way for the reservoir, as well as footage from construction at the time.
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Strontia Springs Dam repair
See what it's like fixing a problem on the bottom of a dam. Denver Water had to fix the emergency reservoir drainage system at Strontia Springs Dam in 2016.
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Why do water mains break?
Dramatic fluctuations in the temperature can cause water main breaks. Learn how they happen and how Denver Water repairs these types of water main breaks.
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Gitanjali Rao shows her science invention at Denver Water
The Colorado girl who won the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge in 2017 took a tour of Denver Water. See what she learned from her visit about our lead testing program and what our scientists learned from her lead testing invention. Watch the video and learn more at https://denverwatertap.org/2017/12/06/americas-top-young-scientist-drops-in-on-denver-water/
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Cloud seeding in Colorado
Denver Water partners with 6 other Front Range water providers to support the Central Colorado Mountains Cloud Seeding Program. The goal is to increase snowpack in the Upper Colorado River Basin.
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Pepsi Center: How they make ice for the Colorado Avalanche hockey team
Denver Water teams us with the Colorado Avalanche and the Pepsi Center to make ice.
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New water pipeline for Denver Water
Denver Water is building a new $90 million water pipeline in Jefferson County, Colorado. The pipeline replaces two existing pipelines and is needed for Denver Water's new water treatment plant.
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Eleven Mile Canyon fishing Kyle Wilkinson Trouts
Denver Water, Aurora and Colorado Parks and Wildlife have created a partnership to ensure stable flows on the South Platte River through Eleven Mile Canyon. Check out the fishing with expert guide Kyle Wilkinson from Trouts.
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The Laundry Truck of Denver
Bayaud Enterprises launched a mobile laundry truck in April 2016. The truck provides free laundry service to people in need across Denver. The truck taps into fire hydrants managed by Denver Water so it can go to any neighborhood in the city.
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Antero Reservoir fishing
On August 3, 2015, Denver Water teamed up with Colorado Parks and Wildlife for a fish salvage operation at Antero Reservoir.
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Fishing Fraser Flats in Grand County
A section of the Fraser River in the Fraser Flats is now open for public fishing in Grand County, Colorado. Learn how river restoration has helped the trout population.
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PureWater Colorado Tour
The PureWater Colorado Demonstration Project showcases advanced water purification technology to turn water that's been used in homes and cleaned at a wastewater treatment plant into safe water that is ready for drinking. See how the process works.
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Dillon Reservoir Underwater Survey Sept 2015
Denver Water conducted an underwater survey of Dillon Reservoir in 2014 and 2015.
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Benefits of Gross Reservoir expansion gain statewide support
State of Colorado certification moves Gross Reservoir Expansion Project closer to reality, and cooperation is the key. Hear from the following about why this project is good for Colorado: - John Hickenlooper, Colorado Governor - Rebecca Mitchell, Section Chief, Water Supply Planning, Colorado Water Conservation Board - Jon Goldin-Dubois, President, Western Resource Advocates - David Nickum, Executive Director, Colorado Trout Unlimited - Bob Broscheid, Director, Colorado Parks & Wildlife
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The Moffat System: 75 Years of Service
Seventy-five years ago, in the wake of one of the worst droughts on record, the Moffat Collection System began sending much-needed water to the growing Denver-metropolitan area. Nearly eight decades later, the system is central to Denver Water's commitment to provide high-quality water to Denver and its surrounding suburbs. (Produced October 2012)
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Saving water with Denver Green School
It's easy to save water in your home. Kids from the Denver Green School teamed up with Denver Water to teach neighbors 2 simple things they can do to save water in their bathrooms.
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Water infrastructure and jobs
Much of the water infrastructure across the United States was built after World War II and is reaching the point where it needs to be replaced or repaired. Denver Water is investing $1.3 billion in capital improvements over the next 5 years to keep its system operating at a high level. These projects support hundreds of jobs in the construction industry.
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Estuche de instrucciones de pruebas de plomo para casas de una familia
Denver Water ofrece estuches de prueba de plomo para sus clientes. Este video muestra como colectar muestras de agua de su casa para la prueba.
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Trailer - Written in Water: Reflections on a Century of Service
The film celebrates a century of water in Denver and the interconnection of Denver Water with its metro and statewide networks that made the growth of the city possible.
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Fraser River sediment pond
Denver Water partnered with CDOT and Grand County to remove traction sand from the Fraser River. CDOT has removed nearly 2,000 tons of sediment since 2012.
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How does Arapahoe Basin make snow?
Arapahoe Basin uses man-made snow in the early season to cover the slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Learn how A-Basin partners with Denver Water to share water for snowmaking.
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Denver Water 2015 year in review
Thank you to all the Denver Water employees for their service in 2015!
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Stop Running Toilets
Denver Water asks customers to stop running toilets. This running toilet was stopped at the Colorado/Colorado State football game in 2007.
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Fixing a mountain siphon.
Denver Water uses siphons to transport water over mountainous terrain. Learn about a siphon in Grand County, Colorado and a $3.2 million project to upgrade this piece of infrastructure.
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Fraser Flats River Restoration
The Fraser Flats section of the Fraser River is showing signs of improvement after a river restoration project in 2017. The work was part of the Learning By Doing partnership between Grand County, Trout Unlimited, Denver Water and others.
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Denver Water Gross Reservoir Expansion permit granted
Following nearly 14 years of careful study, including six years Denver Water spent negotiating the landmark Colorado River Cooperative Agreement, the Army Corps of Engineers has approved Denver Water's request to raise Gross Dam in Boulder County. Hear from those close to the project about how the lengthy process was rewarding, because it brought together groups from both sides of the Continental Divide and resulted in agreements that will provide millions of dollars to improve watershed health as a result of the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project.
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History of Denver Water
The history of Denver Water began more than 150 years ago at the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. (Produced 2007)
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Cathodic Protection on water pipes
Denver Water invests $2 million each year on installing cathodic protection systems to protect its large water pipes from corrosion.
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Journey of Water — Chapter 3: Treatment & Distribution
Treating water to the highest quality is more than a job, while crews ensure underground pipes are up to the task.
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Inside a giant water storage tank
Check out the inside of one of Denver Water's new treated water storage tanks in south Denver. The $100 million construction project highlights Denver Water's partnership with its suburban water distributors.
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South Platte River's journey to Denver
The spring of 2015 saw record precipitation in the South Platte River basin which is the primary source of water for Denver Water. This video shows the impact of all the water on Denver Water's reservoir system.
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How to save water on your yard
You can have a beautiful landscape in Denver without sacrificing curb appeal. Check out one Denver resident's low-water landscape.
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PureWater Colorado Demonstration Project
The PureWater Colorado Demonstration Project is a partnership to raise awareness about reusing water for drinking. Learn about the process and how it could help Colorado in the future.
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Denver Water's North System Renewal
Denver Water is investing more than $650 million dollars to upgrade its Northern Delivery System. Learn about the projects and how we are building on the legacy of Denver's water pioneers.
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Denver Water emergency exercise
In October 2014, Denver Water coordinated an emergency preparedness training exercise in Summit County to help build relationships with external partners while practicing information sharing and locating resources in a time of crisis.
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Mile High Youth Corps teams up with Denver Water
Denver Water partnered with the Mile High Youth Corps to remove overgrown vegetation from the High Line Canal in 2017. Learn what Corps members took away from the experience.
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Lead and drinking water: How to replace
Denver Water is taking proactive steps to remove lead service lines. We remove and replace them when we discover them during construction work.
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Students tackle water challenges at Solar Decathlon
In Oct. 2017, the Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon was hosted right here in Denver, where 11 schools from around the world designed and built full-sized sustainable houses, and the students competed in 10 contests that ranged from engineering to health and comfort. This was the first year that water was part of the competition, and the students didn’t disappoint. Check it out!
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Rafting the Blue River in Summit County Colorado
The Blue River is a popular rafting destination in Summit County, Colorado. Denver Water manages the outflows from Dillon Reservoir to provide optimum flows during the runoff season.
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Denver Water's emergency dispatch
Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Denver Water gets crews to the scene of water main breaks through our central dispatch unit.
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Amending soil helps retain water
Incorporating plant-based compost into your soil before you start those landscape changes will have long-term benefits, including healthy plants and lower water use.
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Denver Water's new projects 2016
Denver Water's 5-year, $1.3 billion Capital Plan includes new facilities and upgrades to existing infrastructure to ensure long-term reliability in Denver's water system.
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Gross Reservoir Expansion Project update
For the latest information on the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project visit https://grossreservoir.org/.
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Colorado's connection to Lake Powell
Learn about Colorado's connection to Lake Powell.
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Where does Denver's water come from?
Denver Water's collection system is divided into two main areas: the Moffat collection system and the South Platte system. (Produced 2007)
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