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Our Search for Belonging: How Our Need to Connect is Tearing Us Apart
In their newest book, Our Search for Belonging: How Our Need to Connect is Tearing Us Apart, Cook Ross Founder Howard Ross along with JonRobert Tartaglione, delve into the powerful psychological, neurological, and biological forces that drive us to identify with our “tribe” and what that costs organizations and society. In this webinar, the authors explore how our society has become divisive by looking at the neuro-cognitive science behind our primary need to belong, examine how it motivates human behavior, and investigate how it shows up in our daily lives. Get a sneak peak at the content covered in Ross and Tartaglione’s new book, and discover strategies for bridging the gap in work relationships to create a greater sense of belonging in our organizations.
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Eric Peterson, Cook Ross Senior Consultant
Eric Peterson is a Senior Consultant with Cook Ross
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Cook Ross
Cook Ross provides powerful solutions to organizations around the world in the areas of diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, leadership development, and organizational change management. We are a certified women-owned consulting firm committed to creating organizations in which all people communicate effectively, recognize their value, develop as leaders, and contribute powerfully to their organizations.
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Press PAUSE to Disrupt Bias Video Series
In a series of six short videos, the Press PAUSE video series allows you to create micro-learning opportunities for disrupting bias by walking participants through each stage of the PAUSE model. When Disrupting Everyday Bias is facilitated by your organization’s trainers, these videos can be inserted into the course to provide expert context around the different phases of the PAUSE model.
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Allyson Dylan Robinson on Cook Ross' Assessment Process
Senior Consultant, Allyson Dylan Robinson, provides a quick analogy about the importance of current state assessments and Cook Ross' approach to them.
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PAUSE to Disrupt Bias - Rosalyn
PAUSE to Disrupt Bias video series - Rosalyn Taylor O'Neale, Principal Consultant - Cook Ross
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PAUSE to Disrupt Bias - Shilpa
PAUSE to Disrupt Bias video series - Shilpa Alimchandani, Director of Learning & Innovation - Cook Ross
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Cook Ross Brown Bag Series: Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole
Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole presents her talk, Sankofa: Looking Back at Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion to Move Forward, as part of Cook Ross' Brown Bag Series.
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You're Biased Against Me! How to Navigate Bias When It Happens to You Full Webinar
We often discuss bias to understand how our implicit biases show up in our behaviors and decisions. We all have biases, but many of us also feel bias directed toward us. In this webinar, Cook Ross Senior Consultants Minjon Tholen and Kimberly Rattley discuss how to identify and address bias in the workplace from the perspective of the recipient. Discover how you can: 1. Assess the situation objectively 2. Acknowledge and manage your emotions 3. Practice courageous and authentic conversations, and 4. Improve how you relate to each other in the future. These actions will assist you in working through the difficult situations that arise when you find yourself to be the recipient of bias.
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Cook Ross Brown Bag Series: Martin Luther King III
Martin Luther King III engages us around issues of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in the United States as part of Cook Ross' Brown Bag Series.
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Invisible Influencers Program
Invisible Influencers is an agile solution designed for accessibility, retainability, and sustainability. Through a series of experiences, it equips learners to recognize and address the effects of unconscious bias by challenging assumptions, encouraging diversity of experience, opinion, and expression, and supporting a workplace culture that actively strives to be more inclusive. Program objectives include: • Prime learners and add to organizational communications/messaging • Facilitate ongoing conversations, practice disrupting bias, and build rapport • Provide just-in-time learning reinforcement and performance support • Increase learning retention and on-the-job application
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Transgender-phobia in the Workplace
In this webinar, Howard Ross and Allyson Dylan Robinson discuss Transgender concerns in the workplace and the world, and take questions from our audience. Recently, the North Carolina Public Facilities Privacy and Securities Act in North Carolina regarding bathroom use by transgender individuals has been a national debate for weeks now and is not going away, especially in the U.S. political climate. The controversy around this bill, passed on March 22, has had celebrities pull out of concerts and movie filming, other states refusing to send representatives for conferences and just last week, the American Family Association started a petition boycotting Target® for standing up against discrimination and for inclusion. There are over 100 bills in the U.S. right now in the guise of religious freedom that negatively impact people who are LGBTQ. How can corporate citizens handle these bills and other workplace Transgender issues?
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Navigating Islamophobia in the Workplace FullWebinar
In this webinar, Howard Ross and Lobna “Luby” Ismail address the rising tide of Islamophobia is all around us. “Navigating Islamophobia in the Workplace” looks at the impact of the current cultural environment, both on Muslim employees and on other employees’ attitudes toward Muslims, and will offer suggestions as to how to create healthy ways to constructively deal with these issues.
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PAUSE to Disrupt Bias - Bart
Press PAUSE to Disrupt Bias video series - Bart Bailey, Consultant - Cook Ross
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Albert Smith, Cook Ross Consultant & Facilitator
Albert Smith is a facilitator and consultant with Cook Ross
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PAUSE to Disrupt Bias - Eric
PAUSE to Disrupt Bias video series - Eric Peterson, Senior Consultant - Cook Ross
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Kimberly Dailey, Cook Ross Senior Consultant
Kimberly Dailey is a Senior Consultant with Cook Ross
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Navigating Diversity Emergencies Webinar
We are living in a time of upheaval with organizations all over the country and around the world facing constant diversity challenges. These challenges can manifest themselves as internal emergencies that require companies to decide on an appropriate course of action, such as the recent incident at Google. Others require companies to face the impact of external events, like the recent incidents in Charlottesville, VA, which subsequently create tension, stress and upset among employees. Diversity emergencies require a conscious, strategic approach. In this webinar, Cook Ross Principal Consultant Dr. Tony Byers, the former Chief Diversity Officer at Starbucks, and Howard Ross, Founding Partner of Cook Ross, will talk about the scope of these emergency situations, how they can impact employees, clients, and customers, and how they can jeopardize an organization’s brand if handled ineffectively. Tony and Howard will provide strategies for addressing diversity emergencies including: - How organizations can assist employees in addressing the impact of an internal or external emergency. -Conduct constructive and courageous conversations. -Develop a strategic approach for dealing with, and communicating about, the situation at hand.
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Ericka DeBruce, Cook Ross Client of 8 Years
Ericka DeBruce, VP of Engagement, Inclusion, and Social Responsibility of a Global Insurance Company describes why she has been a client of Cook Ross for nearly eight years.
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Press PAUSE to Disrupt Bias
Press PAUSE to Disrupt Bias video series - Rosalyn
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Bridging the Gap  Managing the Diversity Dynamics in our Organizations
We are bombarded with political messages in almost every aspect of our life, making it inevitable for tensions to run high in the workplace and beyond. With a particularly polarizing presidential election, now is the time to join the Cook Ross team as we cover strategies to tackle politics in the workplace, both leading up to and after Election Day.
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The Women's Race Lab: Courageous Conversations
Do you sometimes find that there is an uncomfortable, unspoken tension in relationships between women of different races? Do you have a longing to be more connected, and have more authentic and personal relationships across race? Join Leslie Traub and Rosalyn Taylor O'Neale as they lead a meaningful exploration into the dynamics of cross-race relationships among women, constructing a path towards individual and collective wholeness and collaboration. Women's relationships across race can be challenged by the vestiges of our collective histories. We all have blind spots, and can be defensive in our relationships with each other. The ensuing gaps mean that the corporate and institutional women's empowerment and leadership development efforts of the last 40 years benefit mostly white women, though not through intent of exclusion. This can leave women in fear of and suspicious of each other across groups. In spite of our longing to be connected and to feel seen and known by each other, as women we don't take the personal and courageous actions to achieve authenticity and vulnerability in these relationships. This webinar will highlight some of the historical challenges between white women and women of color, how to more effectively approach each other, and what to do and not do in establishing ally-ship.
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