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How to Process E-Checks - Virtual Check
Are you new to Virtual Check? Not sure how to process an E-Check? Worry no more! This video is the first in a series of tutorial videos on how to use Virtual Check to supercharge your business!
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How to Process Payments Online - PayZang
Are you new to PayZang? Want more information on how to process payments online? Watch now for more information on PayZang's payment processing!
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Batch File Processing - Virtual Check
Wanting to know how to process a batch file with Virtual Check? This video covers how to create, and upload a batch file. Batch File Specification PDF - http://virtualcheck.com/virtual-check-batch-file-specification.pdf
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The New Standard in Nonprofit Donations: Karma Payments
Introducing Karma Payments, the only complete toolbox for nonprofit donations. Take your nonprofit to the next level with a donation platform tailor-made to further your mission. Karma Payments offers nonprofit-specific donation acceptance solutions such as an Automated Account Updater for credit cards, eCheck Donations, Ad-Hoc Reporting, Custom Online Payment Pages, 3-Step API, and more.
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How to Check Processing Reports - Karma Payments
Don't understand how to check your processing reports? Want to better understand how to use your Karma Payments reports? This tutorial will walk you through the basics of how to check your reports and to use them to optimize your Non-Profit's operations. For more information about Karma Payments, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-446-4164. QuickBooks CSV Toolkit: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/pages/Executable/QuickBooks_Import_Excel_and_CSV.exe Xero Accounting CSV Guidelines: https://central.xero.com/s/article/Report-codes-for-practices-using-report-templates
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Accept Payments Anytime, Anywhere with PayZang
Accept payments wherever your business takes you with PayZang. PayZang's payments platform is designed to allow businesses of all shapes and sizes to take Card and ACH payments online, in-person, or over the phone with ease. Streamline your business today with PayZang. Visit PayZang.com for more information!
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The World is your Office with PayZang
Process payments wherever you are so long as you have an internet connection. PayZang allows its merchants to process payments anywhere in the world, including the British Virgin Islands!
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Virtual Check - eCheck Payment Processing Company
Introducing Virtual Check - the Industry leading eCheck processing provider. Contact our customer support representatives for more information. 1-800-838-8651.
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Instant Karma: The Future of Nonprofit Donations, Today
Buy, Lease, or Rent the new benchmark in Nonprofit Donations: Instant Karma. Accept Credit Card donations with greater ease, security, and convenience than using a traditional cash box. Leave Instant Karma at your front door, in your lobby, at the local grocery store, at a festival, or even in the middle of the public square and watch your organization's donations rise exponentially.
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Reporting Tools - Virtual Check
Your reports are a valuable tool. Learn how to access and use the reports and get a better understanding as to why it is important to check your Virtual Check reports. For more information about eCheck processing from Virtual Check, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-838-8651.
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