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NAACP Born Suspect:  Racial Profiling Report Webinar
With the increasing national media coverage of incidences of law enforcement use of excessive force and law enforcement-involved deaths of unarmed people of color, particularly African-Americans, the question arises “what can be done to prevent more unnecessary harm and death?” In response, the National NAACP Criminal Justice Department is going to hold a Go to Webinar teach-in workshop on the NAACP Born Suspect: racial profiling report on Wednesday 5/27 from 2pm to 330pm EST. The purpose of this webinar is for NAACP leaders and members to learn about preventative measures for law enforcement reform such as community engagement with law enforcement and establishing or strengthening state and local racial profiling legislative reform. Please join your host Carlton T. Mayers, II, Esq., Criminal Justice Specialist of the National NAACP Criminal Justice Department, to learn the NAACP’s recommendations for law enforcement reform through preventative measures. Thank you, Carlton ***Factcheck*** 1. In regards to stops and searches occurring on the NJ Turnpike and on MD I-95 in the late 1990's, guns and other contraband were discovered in some cases, but the likelihood of Caucasians compared to African-Americans to be in possession of contraband was the same even though African-Americans were stopped and searched substantially more frequently both State Highway Patrols. 2. In regards to 9/11 profiling, NEERS is actually NSEERS. 3. When I discuss the Right To Know Act in NYC, the NYC CCRB is only involved in the bill requiring law enforcement to ID themselves and explain the stop.
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NAACP Annual Financial Report Webinar 4/5/2017
Mr. Nazar Scott explains filling out the Financial Report Long Form
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