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How to Hold a Daily Standup Meeting
From http://RocketCLE.com... We hope you enjoy this preview segment from our brand-new Rocket Matter CLE video, "Seven Ways to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient." http://bit.ly/rocketcle-7 Here we illustrate, step by step, how a team can hold their own daily standup meeting to keep everyone on the same page and identify dependencies. Take a look, and incorporate "Yesterday, Today, In My Way" in your business today (or tomorrow morning). If you like this mini-film, check out the rest of the hour-long CLE online video, "Seven Ways to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient," at http://bit.ly/rocketcle-7 ** SPECIAL for Rocket Matter Customers: All online CLE is 50% off for firms on board more than 30 days! **
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Why is it Important to Take a Vacation?
http://www.rocketmatter.com Why is it important to take a vacation? Look, taking a vacation is important. You are not a hero for working long hours. In fact, people would probably prefer you to take that vacation that you're not taking or that you're delaying. A recent study came out analyzing 13,000 middle-aged men and their vacation habits and the ones that didn't take a week off for five consecutive years had a 30 percent increase in having a heart attack. You don't want to be in that group of people. If you're starting to see that your work is not very effective, if you're starting to see that you're more irritable than normal or that you're losing interest in what you're doing, it may be time to recharge the batteries. Take a week off. When you take a week off, take a week off without the Blackberry (if you still have one of those things), without the iPhone, without your Android device. Disconnect. Don't be online. Really, just sever the ties and take your brain and get it out of the hectic life that we're living in these days and the on slot of digital information, like this. In fact, more and more technology companies are advocating that their employees disconnect. These, of all people, should be the ones that are addicted to the technology, but they're saying enough is enough. In France, apparently, there is a law being passed that you can't check a work email after 6:00 p.m. That seems a little bit extreme, but you get the idea. You need to be able to rest and recharge your batteries. So make sure you take a vacation, you leave the phone behind, you leave the work behind, you let people know you're going, and you come back and you'll be refreshed.
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How Do I Do a Daily Stand-Up Meeting?
http://www.rocketmatter.com The question is: "How do I do a daily stand-up meeting?" Since Rocket Matter first began in 2007 we've been doing daily stand-up meetings. These are a great way to make sure your entire team is communicating and on the same page, and they are super, super simple. Each person spends a very brief amount of time saying what they did yesterday, what they're doing today and what's in their way. Each one of those components is super critical because what you did yesterday says what you were working on. What you're doing today-are you working on new things? This can help identify road blocks and something that somebody's spending way too much time on. What's in your way? That's also critical because everybody needs to know what obstacles are there that are preventing everybody from doing their optimal work. It's a stand-up meeting because nobody likes to stand up and if you have a daily stand-up meeting then everybody wants to get outa there as soon as they can. So this meeting should take you five minutes, ten minutes at most and everybody'll be on the same page.
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Legal Trust Accounting Basics
When lawyers mess up their trust accounts, they can be disciplined, with penalties as serious as disbarment! This video addresses the basic principles of legal trust accounting. Larry Port of Rocket Matter goes over the ideas in a simple, accessible way, combining ideas and practice in ten minutes. Check out http://info.rocketmatter.com/trust-account for our full informational kit on legal trust accounts. Disclaimer: This video is just the starting point for understanding attorney trust account obligations. Any lawyer must check the rules of his/her jurisdiction's Rules of Professional conduct and/or speak with a person knowledgeable about the particulars of trust accounting in their specific location. Special thanks to Dan Mills, Practice Management Advisor of the D.C. Bar, for his assistance and time in helping me understand these concepts. (URL: http://www.dcbar.org)
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7 Yoga Poses to Enhance Productivity for Busy Legal Professionals
Feeling lethargic at 3PM? Instead of snarfing down M&M's, try these 7 simple yoga poses which will invigorate and refresh you. Demonstrated by Rocket Matter's very own Rachel Papernick (coordinated) and Larry Port (uncoordinated). Don't laugh. This is serious stuff. Ok, you can laugh....;-)
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Introduction To Rocket Matter
Rocket Matter is the leading legal practice management platform that enables law firms to organize matters quickly, capture more time, improve billing efficiency, measure performance, and offer better client service. Customers have reported that after after using Rocket Matter—the first cloud-based product of its type—their revenues increased dramatically thanks to the fact that it has the easiest and most powerful time and billing software in the industry. Rocket Matter also has a more powerful integration with Office 365 and QuickBooks Online than other other online legal practice management software. It also integrates with QuickBooks Online, Evernote, Scan Snap Cloud, Ruby Receptionists, Box, Dropbox, Lexcharge, and many other popular applications. Bottom line: Rocket Matter helps law firms make more money and truly makes the lives of lawyers a whole lot easier. With U.S.-based customer service that has won multiple awards, it’s no surprise that thousands of law firms swear by Rocket Matter. As Carmelous G. Aloupas, Esq. of Aloupas Law in Virginia has said, "I have used many legal practice management solutions such as PC Law, Abacus, and Clio, but Rocket Matter is the best. It is the most user-friendly, the customer service is excellent, and it is very affordable."
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Legal Case Management Automation with Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com Lawyers and other professionals at the firm who use legal practice management systems love the easy time tracking, billing, and invoicing functionality: the ability to do everything from intake to collections with no fuss. But attorneys also want case management features and tools designed to help improve how they work every day. See how Rocket Matter provides functionality that lets lawyers organize client files with document folders, assign user permission for enhanced privacy and security, create customizable matter templates and other processes for a more productive workflow.
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Rocket Matter Office 365 Integration
https://www.rocketmatter.com/rocket-matter-365 Imagine the two most powerful cloud software programs for attorneys combined into one amazing experience. Introducing the Rocket Matter Office 365 Integration. Lawyers like you use Microsoft Office 365 to spend less time on boring administrative tasks and more time practicing law and serving clients. And business-minded lawyers use legal practice management software like Rocket Matter to keep their cases organized and boost profitability by more than 20%. Now with the Rocket Matter Office 365 Integration, you and your firm will be more productive than ever! This powerful cloud-based combination is the perfect solution for busy law firms who are looking to reduce overhead and increase billable hours. You’ll save precious administrative time by syncing your clients and appointments directly from Outlook to Rocket Matter with our real-time, two-way synchronization. You can directly upload emails from Outlook to a matter with just a few clicks. You can even add billable time and import your attachments! We’ve also made collaboration a breeze! Upload your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents directly to Rocket Matter with comprehensive document versioning. You can also bill for the time you work on your files directly from your desktop or web-based versions of 365. Looking to take your firm to the next level? Be the first to experience the pinnacle of legal productivity with the Rocket Matter Office 365 Integration.
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How to Set up Email Integration with Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com Rocket Matter's email integration allows you to capture your emails in one of two ways. If you use Outlook on Windows, you'll love our Outlook plugin. Rocket Matter allows provides email integration for Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook.com, and other IMAP-based email accounts.  Please contact your email administrator to determine if your email server uses IMAP. After integrating your Rocket Matter account with your email account, you can associate an email folder to a matter. Once this folder is mapped, you can view your emails in Matter Emails and associate billable time with them. To configure your own email account, click ‘My Profile’ in the left-hand navigation. To configure someone else’s, you will need admin rights. In that case, click Settings, Manage Users, and click the user form whom you wish to configure email. On the user profile page, click “Enable Email Integration,” enter the email address and password, and click “OK” to save changes. Now let’s connect a matter to an email folder. Navigate to the matter, and click 'Edit Matter'. Click the 'Email Folder' drop-down menu. Select your target email folder and click OK. Now, from the Matter Dashboard, click Matter Emails. You can capture billable time from an email by clicking "$". Clicking on an email allows you to view the contents and download attachments. You can search through emails. And if another user associates an email folder with this matter, you can peruse their emails as well.
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How to Manage Your Law Practice with Workflows in Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com Find out how legal practice management software use intuitive design and efficient workflows to manage and grow their business and better serve their clients. Rocket Matter’s lead designer, Ed Case shares how thoughtful design improves the overall user experience and show the process and design elements that go into creating that experience. And product specialist, Rivka Chaya Bushell, demonstrates how customized matter templates and intuitive workflows automate and streamline case management and increase productivity in day-to-day firm management.
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Wednesday Wisdom: Streamline Your Workflows with Rocket Project Management
On this edition of Wednesday Wisdom, learn about our new feature, Rocket Project Management. See how you can easily create transitions between different phases of a case and significantly streamline and automate your firm’s workflows!
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Going Paperless: Adobe Acrobat Tips & Tricks
Steven J. Best, attorney and founding partner of the Affinity Consulting Group, reveals how Adobe Acrobat is one of the keys to developing and maintaining a less paper practice. Steven will cover adding pages, deleting pages, rearranging pages, using the "snapshot" tool and redaction of data. As more and more of our federal and local courts require PDF uploads to file pleadings, etc., mastering Acrobat is a must for today's practitioner.
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What Makes a Good Digital Banner Ad?
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Rocket Matter QuickBooks Online Integration
https://www.rocketmatter.com Rocket Matter integrates with Quickbooks Online! Here at Rocket Matter, one of our main goals is to dramatically boost our customer’s profitability. We’re doing just that with our new and improved Quickbooks Online Integration. The Rocket Matter data that synchs into Quickbooks Online is granular, not aggregate. This means more detailed reporting for your firm with the ability to access it from anywhere. In addition to your clients and expenses, our new integration allows you to synchronize the following: • Credit and Debit Adjustments from your Client's Operating Account • Payments towards Invoices or Debit Adjustments • And Trust Account Credits and Debits Rocket Matter now supports identifying vendors, so RM expenses can be transferred and classified in QB. Track your expenses for a particular vendor and see where your money is going. Quickbooks online will also create separate financial buckets for all Expenses, Payments and Credit Adjustments to ensure accuracy in your profit/Loss report.
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How to Edit Billable Time in Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com Billable Time is edited from the Billable Activity page of your Matter, so let’s navigate to a Matter. Access the Matter’s Billable Activity page by clicking the 'Pending Invoicing' total or by clicking “Matter Billing” in the left-hand side navigation. From here, you can review your recently billed items. You can quickly edit an activity by clicking the pencil icon on the row. This quick edit feature allows you to modify the description, rate, hours, amount, or whether or not you wish to show this as a no charge item. Y Click the checkbox to save your edits. If you need to delete an item, change the user who billed the time or modify the matter an activity belongs to, click on the description of the item. You can click on delete, or you can adjust the user field or the matter field, and click OK when finished. If you click on the description of a billed calendar event, you will be taken to a calendar entry page. Here you can change the user and matter and also delete the item. NOTE: You should be aware that Billable Activity which has already been invoiced CANNOT be edited or deleted.  If you wish to modify billable activity which has already been invoiced, you must first delete the invoice.
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Rocket Matter Introduces New Winterfell Edition!
Rocket Matter is proud to announce its new Winterfell Edition!
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Log Billable Time with Your Voice with Rocket Matter and Tali
https://www.rocketmatter.com Rocket Matter is proud to announce its new integration with Tali, the leader in voice-driven time tracking and productivity software for the professional services industry. We've joined forces with this innovative company to create an easy-to-use conversational time tracking workflow for attorneys. Through this integration, lawyers can speak their time entries to Amazon Alexa and automatically generate electronic invoices and payment links through Rocket Matter.
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How Microsoft Outlook works with Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com Rocket Matter fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook! The Rocket Matter/Outlook integration now allows you to sync Calendar Events, Emails, and Contacts between Outlook and Rocket Matter.  The RocketMatter/Outlook Calender sync is a  2-way sync: Create an event in Outlook and it appears in RocketMatter – and vice versa.  The Calendar sync refreshes hourly, but you can manually sync it as needed.  First, you need to enable the calendar sync.  Once your Rocket Matter/Outlook calendar sync is enabled, you can create and share events.  The contact info of your event attendees will sync between Outlook and Rocket Matter as well.
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How to Set up Dropbox Integration with Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com You can integrate your Dropbox account with Rocket Matter by enabling the integration in Settings, and then mapping your Dropbox directory to a Matter.   Connecting Dropbox and Rocket Matter is easy. You will need administrative access to enable the integration. First, click on Settings on the left-hand navigation. Click “Dropbox Credentials” under “Documents” In the popup window, enter your Dropbox credentials, and click "Sign In", then “Allow” at the permission prompt. Nicely done! Now, let’s connect a matter to Dropbox by navigating to the matter’s dashboard. Click Matter Documents, then “Set Dropbox Directory” Enter the Dropbox folder path EXACTLY as it appears in Dropbox, and click "OK". Pay special attention that you type in spacing and capitalization correctly. Here’s a tip: one way to make sure you do this correctly is to log in to Dropbox through a web browser, navigate to the target folder, and copy the full path, leaving out “Dropbox” at the top of the page. Once the association is made, you can view and download your Dropbox Documents in the Matter Documents section. You can attach billable time to the documents as well.
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How to Add a Payment in Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com Payments are simple to add in Rocket Matter, and can be added to a Client's Trust account, to a Matter Operating account, or directly to invoices. If you are using Rocket Matter Payments, you can collect credit card or e-check payments as well.
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How to Set Up Your Outlook Calendar Sync with Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com Rocket Matter fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook Calendar! The Rocket Matter/Outlook integration now allows you to sync Calendar Events, Emails, and Contacts between Outlook and Rocket Matter.  The RocketMatter/Outlook Calender sync is a  2-way sync: Create an event in Outlook and it appears in RocketMatter – and vice versa.  The Calendar sync refreshes hourly, but you can manually sync it as needed.  First, you need to enable the calendar sync.  Once your Rocket Matter/Outlook calendar sync is enabled, you can create and share events.  The contact info of your event attendees will sync between Outlook and Rocket Matter as well.
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Document Assembly- Part 2
Looking for more on document assembly? Here's part 2 of our video series on how to automate your documents using Rocket Matter legal practice management software. You can view Document Assembly basics here: https://youtu.be/aDcdPn_0L3Y
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How to Run a Conflict Check in Rocket Matter
Rocket Matter's conflict checking is the most powerful one of its kind on the market. Type in a term, and see if it shows up across your matters, contacts, clients, custom fields, or any of your activities (i.e. tasks, calendar events, and other things of that nature.)
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Take Your Law Firm Paperless in 2018 with Rocket Matter!
https://www.rocketmatter.com Rocket Matter legal practice management software can help your law firm go paperless. Not convinced? Try us for free for seven days and see how Rocket Matter can help boost your law firm's profits by more than 20%
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Rocket Matter's Quickbooks Online Integration
This video is about Untitled Project
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Document Assembly-If Then Else Statements
Did you know that you can add conditional statements to your document assembly? Watch CEO Larry Port demonstrate If Then Else statements in our latest segment on document assembly and automation. Want to learn more about document assembly? Take a look at the other videos in our series: Document Assembly Basics: https://youtu.be/aDcdPn_0L3Y Document Assembly-Part 2: https://youtu.be/Gqyg8u4hlA8
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How to Use Rocket Matter Payments
https://www.rocketmatter.com Rocket Matter Payments allows users to instantly generate an invoice and send it to a client via email. The client will receive their invoice and a link to a payment page where clients can pay their invoices quickly, easily and securely by credit card or directly through their bank.  Client payments are automatically recorded in your Rocket Matter ledgers.
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What Company Should I Look at for Email Marketing?
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ABA TECHSHOW 2019 Day 1!
It's ABA TECHSHOW 2019! Take a tour with Rocket Matter CEO Larry Port as he gives you a peek into the first night of exposition. Stay tuned for more!
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How to Use Multiple Timers in Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com Multiple timers are great for time keepers who have to bounce from one task to another and back again. First, ensure that you have multiple timers enabled by clicking “My Profile” in the left-hand navigation. Scroll down to Timer Settings, and select the option “Enable Multiple Timers”. Click OK. Note:  Rocket Matter Administrators can enable Multiple Timers for all Users through the Manage Users page in Settings. Click the "Timer" icon from any Rocket Matter screen. Start the timer by clicking the "Play" icon. Stop or Pause the timer by clicking the "Pause" icon. Expand the billable time options by clicking the three dots. Add a matter and billable description. You can capture time from your timer by clicking "Bill Time". Alternately, you can discard the timer by clicking "Discard Timer". Open an additional timer by clicking the "Stopwatch" icon. Run the second timer by clicking the "Play" button.  Additional timers are numbered in red. Click the Timer Menu, which looks like a downward arrow, to view all open timers. Multiple timers can be open, but only one timer can be running at a time.  When you click play on one, any timer that was running will pause. When all timers are displayed, all available timers are 'paused'.
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Manage Your Criminal Defense Law Practice
https://www.rocketmatter.com Staying organized while running a busy criminal defense law firm can be a struggle. Rocket Matter’s customizable dashboards allow you to quickly input and reference tasks, calendar events, billing information, contacts and matters. Easily collaborate with your team and clients and never miss an important meeting again! We know how daunting constantly having to find important documents and case files can be. Better workflow is the hallmark of a reputable practice management platform. Rocket Matter allows you to access all of your files in seconds using our proprietary global search technology. And, with the Rocket Matter Portal, you can securely share important documents and invoices with your clients directly online. If you’re like many criminal defense practices, you’re offering your clients multiple fee arrangements on an ongoing basis. Imagine a practice management system that is able to not only support flexible billing structures, but is also able to help you keep track of exactly who owes what, and when payments are due each month. You can further enhance your collections with Rocket Matter payments and our evergreen retainer features, which helps automate the process of notifying your clients of replenishments that are currently due. Do you find it time consuming to reconcile your accounts? Rocket Matter makes it easy to keep track of trust and operating account balances with our billing dashboard. Invoice for a single matter or multiple matters with a few clicks and collect your payments online! Also, gain a deeper understanding of your firm’s financial health with Rocket Matter’s advanced reporting.
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Document Assembly Basics
https://www.rocketmatter.com Tired of tediously creating tons of legal documents over and over? Take a look into document automation. In this short video, Rocket Matter CEO Larry Port demonstrates some basic principles of document assembly.
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Rocket Matter is a Finalist for the 2019 Stevie Awards!
We’re proud to announce that Rocket Matter was named a finalist in the Sales and Customer Service category as part of the 13th Annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service. That means Rocket Matter will ultimately be a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Stevie Award winner in the program. Rocket Matter is also in the running for the 2019 People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite Customer Service! The general public can vote for their favorite providers of customer service through February 8th. Vote for rocket matter HERE: https://peopleschoice.stevieawards.com/register-vote/78642/4394
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Larry Port's Thoughts on Audible
Love to read but don't have a lot of down time? Discover how Rocket Matter CEO Larry Port reads 3-4 books per MONTH using services like Audible.
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Managing A Business Law Practice
https://www.rocketmatter.com Staying organized while running a busy law firm can be a struggle. Rocket Matter’s customizable dashboards allow you to quickly input and reference tasks, calendar events, billing information, contacts and matters. Easily collaborate with your team and clients and never miss an important meeting again! If you’re like most attorneys, you’re often on the go and need to stay on top of a busy calendar and manage a robust case load. Rocket Matter can help with easy-to-use calendaring, conflicting checking and task management, featuring alerts. You can view all your case information from our intuitive matter dashboard, including related contacts and relevant documents and files. Capture more billable time than ever with Rocket Matter’s Bill-As-You-Work-Technology™. We make it easy to bill for fees, expenses, documents, events, emails, messages and MORE! Rocket Matter also makes it simple to manage custom rates and generate custom invoices for each of your matters in seconds. Our software supports multiple billing structures and makes monthly billing a breeze. Do you find it time consuming to reconcile your accounts? Rocket Matter makes it easy to keep track of trust and operating account balances with our billing dashboard. Invoice for a single matter or multiple matters with a few clicks and collect your payments online! Also, gain a deeper understanding of your firm’s financial health with Rocket Matter’s advanced reporting.
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How to Automate Your Workflow with Matter Templates in Rocket Matter
https://www.rocketmatter.com Matter Templates make it easy to automate your workflow when creating Matters. You can set up reusable to-do lists, automatically calculate dates, specify billing methods, and more. Templates allow you to create different matter types, and you can create as many as you wish.
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Rocket Matter Advanced Analytics
https://www.rocketmatter.com https://www.rocketmatter.com Rocket Matter is proud to announce the expansion of its flagship software with a new module: Rocket Matter Advanced Analytics. These user-friendly reports were designed to help small and mid-sized firms understand the efficiency of their billing process, and pinpoint which attorneys, matters and clients are most effective. With Advanced Analytics, managing partners can quickly identify top performers, eliminate waste, and spot leaky revenue practices. Rocket Matter Advanced Analytics includes the following benefits: •Origination Analysis. With origination analysis, you can understand which of your team is bringing in the most business. This can help you determine rewards based on who’s making rain and adding new clients to the firm. •Matter Budgets. Matter budgets allow you to set a budget for a matter and track against your projections. Never lose the economic pulse of a case again. •Productivity per User. Discover which of your timekeepers is tracking the most time. This report will let you know how much billable versus non-billable time your users are tracking, giving you insight to how your key money-makers are spending their days. •Productivity per Matter. Discover productivity per matter. Make sure you’re aware of the efforts you’re putting into all of your cases. This report will let you know which of your matters is absorbing the majority of your time, so that you can allocate your resources more effectively. •Collections Report. With the new collections report, discover which of your timekeepers is collecting the most invoiced billable activities time. Gain a fresh perspective of your firm’s efficiency today with Rocket Matter’s Advanced Analytics reporting. For more information on Rocket Matter Advanced Analytics, please contact our Award-Winning support team to speak with one of our friendly product specialists.
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Legal Project Management
What is legal project management? Learn how this practice can help your law firm get organized and streamline your workflows.
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Rocket Matter Announces Braavos Edition!
Rocket Matter CEO Larry Port is proud to announce our new Braavos Edition!
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Family Law Practice Management
https://www.rocketmatter.com Staying organized while running a busy family law firm can be a struggle. Rocket Matter’s customizable dashboards allow you to quickly input and reference tasks, calendar events, billing information, contacts and matters. Easily collaborate with your team and clients and never miss an important meeting again! We know how daunting repetitive tasks can be. Rocket Matter Family Law Software allows you to automate your workflows with fully customizable Matter Templates and easy document assembly. With Rocket Matter you’ll also enjoy free unlimited document storage for all your case files! Capture more billable time than ever with Rocket Matter’s Bill-As-You-Work-Technology™. We make it easy to bill for fees, expenses, documents, events, emails, messages and MORE! Rocket Matter also makes it simple to manage custom rates and generate custom invoices for each of your matters. Do you find it time consuming to reconcile your accounts? Rocket Matter makes it easy to keep track of trust and operating account balances with our billing dashboard. Invoice for a single matter or multiple matters with a few clicks and collect your payments online! You also can gain a deeper understanding of your firm’s financial health with Rocket Matter’s advanced reporting.
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Wednesday Wisdom- Matter Templates
Rocket Matter makes it easy to automate your workflow by utilizing Matter Templates! If you find yourself inputting the same tasks, events and custom fields over and over again for each matter than matter templates are exactly what you need.
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How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2018
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Using Rocket Matter's Calendar
Get yourself organized with Rocket Matter's powerful calendaring features. Learn how to: View the schedules of every member of your firm View the events of any specific matter Create new schedule events and tag other attendees Tag events with pertinent keywords Add billable or non-billable time to calendar events Drag and drop to reschedule with ease Sync your calendar with Google Calendar and Outlook
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Wednesday Wisdom- Recurring Payments
Have you or your clients ever wished there was a way to pay each month without having to manually enter their payment information...a way to “set it and forget it”? Well, With Rocket Matter Payments, there is such a way! You can easily set up recurring payments! Decide how much money you want to pay each month, select a date, designate a user to receive payment failure emails, enter the credit card information, and start your plan! Recurring payments: another way Rocket Matter makes your life easier!
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Ethical Social Media Marketing for Lawyers: Tips and Strategies
This Rocket Academy video features Samantha Collier and Natalie Alesi, who explain what you need to know about current social media and marketing strategies for lawyers. They cover ethical issues that lawyers must consider; take a closer look at the top channels for the legal industry; share the top tips for gaining full client attention.
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How to Turbocharge Your Time and Billing Using Legal Practice Management Software HD
https://www.rocketmatter.com Turbocharge your time and billing with Rocket Matter, the pioneering cloud-based Legal Practice Management Software.
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eCheck Payment Processing
This video is about eCheck
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The Lean Law Firm is the #1 Bestselling ABA Book
Learn more at http://www.leanlawfirmbook.com and boost your law firm profits with http://www.rocketmatter.com I’m very happy to announce that our book The Lean Law Firm is at the top of the ABA Bookstore charts! Our #1 bestselling book can be purchased for a 25% discount with code NEWBEST25 (may not work for citizens of the future). Congrats to co-author Dave Maxfield and our amigos at the ABA. The Lean Law Firm covers everything from what new law firms need to consider, how to increase the number of clients, and manage time and billing to effective communication with staff, strategic planning and maintaining a competitive edge. The Lean Law Firm is always easy-to-read yet each page is packed with helpful advice and insights. The Lean Law Firm incorporates not just the research and experience of the authors: we include stories from Dave Maxfield’s live, practicing law firms which has implemented the techniques discussed in the chapters. The book is not simply theoretical business advice but real, pragmatic advice employed by actual lawyers. If you combine the techniques of The Lean Law Firm with the revenue and profit-boosting capabilities of Rocket Matter, the world’s best practice management software, your law firm will be out of control.
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Take a Look at my Stand Up Desk / Adjustable Height Desk!
By Larry Port of Rocket Matter After hearing about the benefits of non-sitting desks, including standing desks and treadmill desks, I decided to investigate my options when we furnished our new office space. Standing when you work apparently is much better for you medically. It burns more calories and keeps your back in top shape. It keeps you stimulated and more creative. So I looked at adjustable-height desks and honed in on the GeekDesk Max model because it has presets, which allow the desk to raise and lower to programmed, specified heights. At $985, I can't argue that it's cheap. But it's not as pricey as a modular workstation, and certainly costs less than a big mahogany executive desk. Check out my blog post here: If a Standup Desk is Great for a Legal Software Exec, It's Gotta Be Great for Lawyers http://bit.ly/OUZXxY
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What is So Awesome About Evernote?
http://www.rocketmatter.com What’s so awesome about Evernote? Why is everybody talking about Evernote? If you’re like me, you may have tried Evernote and then didn’t get it at first. It took me one or two or three looks, I think, before Evernote finally stuck. So, here’s why Evernote is so cool. It’s such a basic thing. At the core is the idea of a note, and then notes can be organized into notebooks, and then notebooks can be organized into these things called notebook stacks. But, anytime I take notes in a meeting, they’re in Evernote. If I take notes on a piece of paper, I scan the piece of paper and it ends up in Evernote. If I go to a web page, and I wanna record, or keep, or archive, the information that’s on the web page or, or save it for later so I can read it when I’m offline, like on an airplane, there are plug-ins for every major browser that allow you to save a web page directly into your Evernote account. When you’re in your car or when you’re around the city and you have an idea, you can use your Evernote mobile device to take a picture or to record audio so that you can keep track of the idea that you have, and not lose it when you can’t text something or, or something of that nature. And all this stuff appears in one central Evernote account. So, what ends up happening is that you end up recording all of your stuff. We take pictures of the white boards that we use at Rocket Matter when we come up with ideas, so they go into Evernote. And what’s even crazier is that the, the OCR or the ability to recognize text inside your Evernote notes is astounding. It can recognize notes inside of handwriting. So, our white boards are now searchable. The web pages are now searchable. Because Evernote integrates so cleanly with the ScanSnap series of scanners from Fugitsu, you can scan stuff directly into Evernote and don’t even have to worry about where it’s going to be, because you can then search for it so easily later. So, what I do with my mail is I scan it directly into Evernote, doesn’t go into a file folder or anything like that, and then that’s all searchable, the white boards are all searchable. Any notes I’ve taken on any paper is searchable. It is just such an outstanding program, I would definitely give it a try.
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