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Diversity Training and Approaches to Organizational Change with Diverse Employees
This webinar will focus on diverse organizations; methods to create more effective diverse organizations, and training for employees within diverse organization. The topic of diversity will be explored in the context of organizational training and performance. We will discuss why diversity is important for organizations as well as the impacts of diversity and diverse employees on organizations. Creation of diversity understanding and diversity culture will be discussed, and specific approaches to generating diversity understanding will be shared. Case studies in which the shared practices and approaches were used will be shared with specific examples and details of the effective practices. The webinar will conclude with the presentation of an analogy for diverse organizations to increase understanding of practices and ease in translation of diversity understanding practices.
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2019 OTP Call for Proposals
This video serves as an audio/visual call for proposal submissions under the Division of Organizational Training and Performance for the 2019 AECT International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials
Digital badges and micro-credentials offer an entirely new way of recognizing achievements, knowledge, skills, experiences, and competencies that can be earned in formal and informal learning environments. They are an opportunity to recognize such achievements through credible organizations that can be integrated in traditional educational programs but can also represent experience in informal contexts or community engagement. Digital badges are a relatively new technology and therefore acceptance depends on the reputation of the issuer, the level of quality control, as well as the design and implementation in learning environments. But implementing digital badges in learning environments can be challenging, because different forms of assessment and awards processes require new forms of instructional design and a clear understanding of to be achieved competencies. Three guiding questions will be discussed in this webinar: (1) digital badges’ impact on learning and assessment, (2) digital badges within instructional design and technological frameworks, and (3) the importance of stakeholders for the implementation of digital badges.
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Microlearning Under the Microscope - Dr. Clark Quinn
Microlearning is the buzzword of the day, but do we really know what it is? People seem to be using it to describe a variety of things: it’s performance support, it’s spaced learning, it’s a floorwax and a dessert topping, it’s whatever we want it to be (or will sell)! There are some important possibilities in here, but we have to tease them out. In this session, we’ll go through the possible meanings, make clear what’s real advantage and what’s misleading, and make proposals for what’s needed to really capitalize. Come make sense of microlearning!
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February 21, 2018 OTP Membership Meeting
This video depicts the events of the February 21st, 2018, Division of Organizational Training and Performance Membership Meeting. Thank you to all attendees and viewers!
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OTP May19 Division Membership Meeting
Table of Contents: 00:00 - Welcome 01:55 - 02:17 - AECT Board Member Updates 10:17 - OTP Committee Updates 11:07 - Digital Badging Committee 14:51 - YouTube Committee 27:46 - Scholarship Committee 28:49 - Convention Planning Update 30:13 - Webinars 31:36 - Open Discussion 40:02 - Next Meeting
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Table of Contents: 00:00 - Welcome! 01:57 - Board Updates 02:37 - AECT Board Update 07:31 - OTP Committee Updates 07:52 - Digital Badges Committee 08:58 - YouTube Committee Update 14:59 - Accessibility 28:01 - Webinar Schedule 30:04 - Convention Planning Update 30:52 - Open Discussion 31:07 - Next Meeting - Adjourn
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Table of Contents: 00:00 - Welcome/Agenda 01:01 - OTP Board Updates 02:00 - AECT Board Update 11:12 - OTP Committee Updates 12:16 - Digital Badges Committee 14:16 - YouTube Video Committee 19:31 - Scholarship Committee 21:33 - Convention Planning 23:25 - Webinars 26:07 - Open Discussion 27:01 - Next Meeting
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Table of Contents: 00:00 - OTP Board Updates 02:20 - Updates from OTP Representative to AECT Board 10:06 - OTP Committee Updates 23:38 - Convention Planning 26:16 - Webinars 27:50 - Next Meeting 32:25 - Agenda/Meeting Close
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OTP June 23 Membership Meeting
Table of Contents: 00:00 - Agenda 00:06 - Welcome 01:37 - OTP Board Updates 02:03 - Executive Board Updates 20:09 - OTP Committee Updates 20:30 - Digital Badges Committee 29:03 - YouTube Channel Committee 37:32 - Scholarship Committee 39:06 - Convention Planning 40:28 - Webinars 42:29 - Open Discussion/Adjournment
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