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Chargeback process flow chart - Quadra Services
Chargeback alert | Payment gateway | Merchant account Visit at https://quadrapay.com/
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What is an echeck?
Get a detailed explanation of What is an Echeck https://quadrapay.com/what-is-an-echeck/ In this video, you will get the answer to a common question that is What is an echeck. In The United States of America, financial institutions and businesses aggressively use terms like echeck, Substitute check, IRD and image replacement document. So what exactly is an echeck? An echeck is the electronic form of a regular paper check. This electronic form of check is also known as check21, echeck and check22. What started as an IRD document having the the requirement to mention this on each check "This is a LEGAL COPY of your check. You can use it the same way you would use the original check." has evolved a lot. Many payment gateway companies offer echeck payment gateway that helps merchants accept payments from buyers checking account directly. Merchants with Bad credit or Merchants from various high risk industries including Online Pharmacy, Tech Support, Online dating, Dispensaries, are already taking the advantage of echeck payment gateways. The new platforms offer multiple features that include Validation of Account Number, Routing Number and Funds availability (So that the check does not come back with an NSF decline) Most echeck payment gateways come with API and Virtual Terminal. Recommended Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSmnjDCCQlk&t=10s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cjGmE8KBsg Echeck and ACH for Labrotary Business https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpfCyGovgjM&t=9s
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Payment Processor Vs  Merchant Account Vs  Payment Gateway
https://quadrapay.com/payment-processor-vs-merchant-account-vs-payment-gateway/ This video explains the following What is a Payment Processor https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=71 What is a Merchant Account https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=128 What is an Aggregated Merchant Account https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=172 What is a Dedicated Merchant Account https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=202 What is a Payment Gateway https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=316 What is a Hosted Payment Page https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=347 What is API Integration in Payment Gateway https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=486 What is a Virtual Terminal/ MOTO Mail Order Telephone Order https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=533 What is IVR Payment Gateway https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=582 What is a Full Stack Payment Gateway https://youtu.be/5zBpxJm6mO4?t=645
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Chinese Payment Gateway For Tech Support - High Risk Merchant Account
Apply Directly To Here. https://www.ipasspay.com/index.php/Application/index/referid/13068.html NO UPFRONT FEES. Few processors based in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe are ok with this industry. Most of these processors will ask for a small reserve on every transaction. This is called Rolling Reserve. They usually don't charge any setup fees. The Rate of the transaction can range between 8% to 30%. The TDR or MDR depends a lot on the following factors Industry Type. Rates are low for merchants with 6 Months active processing history. Brands that have a good reputation online can expect better rates. Personal credit of the business owners and the financial strength of the company. How to chose the perfect payment processor for your remote pc support business. https://quadrapay.com/best-payment-gateway-tech-support/ To get a Tech Support Payment gateway in India. The merchant must have a Registered company and a Business bank account. Merchants can also use echeck as an alternative payment mode. Most of the echeck processing companies prefer working with tech support companies from India. Apply for a High risk Merchant Account for Tech Support in India. https://www.wemakeportals.com/tech-support-payment-gateway.html Merchants must not involve themselves in any sort of scam or push sales. Once the merchant account is terminated because of fraud, then there is a high possibility that the processor will submit merchants name and other info to the Match list. What is a Match List or TMF List? The match list is a global record of terminated merchants. It is also known as TMF or Terminated merchant file. Learn more about TMF or Matchlist here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminated_merchant_file Feel free to follow our Twitter Handle https://twitter.com/quadrapay/status/917658747085950976 International Payment Processing companies based in China and Hong Kong offer High Risk Merchant Accounts to Tech Support, Travel, Herbal, Chat Sites, bad credit, credit repair, and Nutraceuticals.
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What is a niche bank?
Merchant Account for low, mid & high risk industry. Affordable processing fees. Chargeback alert services to minimize the dispute & protection of your merchant account. Feel free to visit our website https://quadrapay.com
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Offshore Merchant Account Providers
Offshore Merchant Account Providers https://quadrapay.com/high-risk-merchant-account-tech-support-usa/ These days most of the high risk business are using Offshore merchant account providers for payment processing. These Offshore merchant account providers use high level of fraud prevention techniques to minimise the chargeback ratio. Merchants may be asked to register an offshore company but may not be asked to get a bank account at the Offshore location. The purpose of getting an Offshore company is to comply with the legal requirements of the payment service provider. We have been offering merchant services for quite a long time now and have noticed that most of the highest merchant find Offshore merchant account providers to be very reliable. Offshore credit card processing may have some challenges that include high transaction rate and decline ratio. Card payment play critical role in the growth of any organisation as most of the transactions these days happen with plastic money Credit card processing solutions available at Offshore payment processing companies offer Merchant weekly payout. Most of the solutions only offer API integration and do not offer virtual terminal. Merchants must use the payment solutions with caution as it helps the merchant to create an attractive processing history. Credit card processes prefer merchants with existing processing history that clearly shows the chargeback and refund ratio. The Offshore payment gateway solutions are extremely secure and utilise high level of encryption in every Credit Debit transaction. The underwriting team looks at all the products and services that the merchant is selling. merchants should never mis-code or misrepresent the business type. Offshore merchant accounts can we highly helpful for merchants in the tech support industry as many top-notch providers do not offer solutions to the same. International merchant account helps the merchant to accept payments in multi currency and from multiple nations. Online businesses can use International payment gateways to accept payments from almost every part of the world. Every credit card transactions leave that the descriptor on the billing statement of the customer. this descriptor should be shared to the customer at the time of sale so that he remembers the payment. Payment processing is a very risky business and companies prefer to minimise the risk by implementing high level of risk mitigation techniques. Any Credit Card Payment process or echeck processor will be happy to work with the merchant that has got good credit and attractive processing history If you are accepting credit cards then you must share your processing statement to the payment service provider. this process in statement can help you to get faster approval and lower transaction rates in some cases. Offshore merchant account may ask for higher rates but they are able to take bigger risks in terms of chargeback ratio.
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What is deposit only atm debit card
What is a Deposit Only ATM Card? This is a Debit Card that is used by company staff to deposit funds and checks. The withdrawal and shopping functionality is disabled on this card. https://quadrapay.com/question/deposite-atm-debit-card-explianed/
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ACH RETURN CODE R01, R02, R03, R04 and R05
Explanations of common ACH and Echeck return codes R01 R02 R03 R04 R05 https://www.quadrapay.com
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What are some retail sites that accept echeck as a mode of payment
The best way to find sites that accept echeck is to run a search on google. use terms like "Pay By Echeck" or "Buy with Echeck" https://goo.gl/1iS1Ka More info on the best offers and rates for echeck These search queries will return results related to your expectations. Echeck or check21 is a great alternative mode of payment. It offers multiple benefits for the buyers as well as the merchants.
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High Volume Merchant Account
High Volume Merchant Account https://quadrapay.com Merchants who are processing high volume of sales still need new payment processing solution or credit card solution for load balancing. Merchants can save a lot of money if they use echeck solution for payment processing. Echeck merchant account comes with Virtual Terminal. High tickets are very challenging for card payment companies. Most of the high risk merchant account providers prefer smaller ticket size. Business owners doing high volume of sales should use multiple payment processing channel to reduce the risk in case of account closure and chargebacks. High volume business should also use chargeback alert services that offer a 24 hour window of opportunity to resolve issues with the customer. Payment gateway can be integrated on the merchant's website by using API configuration. High volume account processing multiple currencies schedule International merchant account so that they can accept orders from almost every part of the world. General payment processor companies put a limit on the monthly saved that can be done using the Gateway. Merchant selling my ticket product can find it very challenging when the limit is exhausted. High volume can be split on multiple gateways and still merchants can use except transaction. Merchants with bad credit generally do not get higher limit from the payment service provider. The merchant is locked for a limit on monthly credit card transaction. We offer wide range services that are used by merchants and these include Payment gateway Merchant account Echeck processing solutions Echeck Check21 Chargeback alert services Merchant Cash Advance
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how to take payment through paypal
There are multiple ways by which you can collect payments using your PayPal account 1st :- You can accept payment by using the buy now buttons https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/paypal-payments-standard/integration-guide/buy_now_step_1/ It is very easy to create these buttons. You will be able to get simple HTML codes and then these codes can be pasted on your website or Blog. 2nd :- Accept payments by email. Yes you can share your PayPal email and others can make payments https://www.paypal.com/ms/selfhelp/article/how-do-i-send-money-faq1684 Buyers can self-initiate the payments by typing your PayPal email. 3rd:- Raise invoice and collect payments https://www.paypal.com/ms/selfhelp/article/what-is-paypal-invoicing-and-how-does-it-work-ts2137/1?channel=MTS Paypal offers a robust invoicing system that can be used to raise online invoice with pay now buttons. 4th:- Paypal App and Card Reader https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/credit-card-reader You can accept payments in store. All you need is a verified Paypal App and Paypal Card Reader. For Information regarding High-Risk Merchant Accounts visit https://quadrapay.com/high-risk-merchant-account/
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cyprus merchant account
To know more about Cyprus merchant Account, Feel free to visit https://quadrapay.com/cyprus-merchant-account/
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High Risk Payment Gateway USA
https://quadrapay.com/high-risk-merchant-account-tech-support-usa/ High Risk Payment Gateway USA highriskpaymentgatewayUSA We do help merchants in getting echeck and credit card payment processing solutions. Quadrapay.com provides different merchant services like Payment Gateway, Merchant Account, Chargeback Alert Services, Echeck,Check21 and Business Funding in USA. Merchant who are processing high volume of sales should get better transaction rates on their merchant accounts. Payment service providers also provide virtual terminal or MOTO to Low Risk Merchants in USA. Get in touch with us to get Internet merchant account that is Fast and Easy to set up for your High Risk Business. We do offer competitive rates and do not charge any setup Fees. If you want to accept credit card payments and expand your business then you must get a credit card payment processing solution.We get most of our merchants approved within a week's time. Credit card payment gateway approval depends a lot on the merchant profile that includes Credit Score and Merchant Processing History. We do offer a full spectrum of Merchant Services to Low, Mid and High Risk businesses. We do also provide payment processing solutions to industries like Subscriptions or Free Trial Merchants Collection agency. Tech Support Nutraceuticals eCigarette Online Entertainment Services Merchants With Bad Credit Debt Collection/Consolidation Vapeorisors Matrimonial Websites Herbal Products Tech Support Time Share Merchant Accounts
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How to use ACH for Payment Processing
ECheck | ACH Payment Processing Solutions | International Merchant Account | Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions For More Info, Please Visit https://quadrapay.com
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Online Merchant Accounts
https://quadrapay.com https://quadrapay.com/payment-gateway-merchant-accounts-differences-india/ Online Merchant Accounts help businesses in maximising the earning potential. With Online Merchant Accounts businesses can accept credit and debit card transactions. list of online merchant accounts can be found over the internet but not every provider will work with all kind of industries. how do online merchant accounts work The gateway is integrated on merchants website and the customers pay by entering the credit card details. Integration is done via API . cheap online merchant accounts are available for Low Risk Businesses Please apply at www.quadrapay.com best online merchant accounts offer low rates and faster payouts. online merchant accounts for small businesses also offer Virtual Terminal or Moto Facility. When applying for Merchant accounts for online business you must declare the real business . The more transparent you are the better rates you will get .
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Can you go to jail for chargebacks
Yes merchants can take buyers to court in case the chargeback is fraudulent. Court can take its own decisions to send the buyer to jail or not. Disclaimer:- The video should never be concidered a legal advice or advice of any sort.
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How you can use ACH for International Payments
Start Processing With Quadra Services | Global Payment Processing Solutions | Affordable Processing Fee | No Setup Charges | Chargeback Alert Services Need More Info, Please Visit https://quadrapay.com
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How long does it take for a ACH payment to go through?
ACH Payment Processing | Echeck Processing | Chargeback Alert Services Visit Our Website https://quadrapay.com
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Bad Credit Merchant Account   Cash Advance
Bad Credit Merchant Account https://quadrapay.com For every Merchant with low credit score to perform business operations, it is vital to get a Bank Account and Bad Credit Merchant Account. Merchants facing the challenge of bad credit score find it very difficult to get even a Bank Account. Most of the Banks only like working with those companies or business owners that good credit score. Since getting a bank account is so difficult we all can easily understand that getting a merchant account will be very difficult for merchants with bad credit. So what can a merchant do to get a payment processing solution despite having a Bad Credit Score? The merchant must focus on getting an immediate payment processing solution for the business and try to build the Processing History. The processing history will help the merchant in long-term. It will create a nice impression in the minds of the underwriting team at any Credit Card processing company. Processing history clearly mentions the overall volume of sales per month and the average return/ Chargeback ratio. No matter what you are selling if your credit score is not good chances are that you will always be considered a High Risk Merchant. You should apply with High Risk Merhant Account providers only. High Risk Merchant Account providers offer services to different business type and offer the ability accept credit and debit card transactions to Merchants Globally. They Do offer 3DS and 2D Payment Gateway. Getting a NON-3DS solution may be difficult but we do not mind trying. When you get a Merchant Account you must implement all the best practices to maintain a warm relationship with your customers. Your customer service team plays a critical role in generating a long-term relationship with the entire customer base. You will get fewer chargebacks if you maintain a great relationship with clients. Business owners can apply to get a merchant account despite the fact that they have Bad Credit Score. They need to send the application to High Risk Merchant Account providers like us. We use the proper channel to place these applications. There is no benefit in sending your application to a Low Risk Merchant Account provider when you know that you have bad credit score. Most of the High Risk Merchant Account provider or Payment service provider companies are located outside the United States. Some domestic acquires may also be interested in onboarding Merchants with bad credit but this is a rare scenario. Most of the established Banks and Financial Institutions only want to work with businesses that have the ability of covering any kind of unforeseen risk. We also help merchants with Cash Advance. It works as a Propellent for any company in difficult financial situations. Companies take cash advances to buy equipment, modernize the staff, Business expansion and much more. Personal credit plays a vital role when you apply with a Domestic Payment Processing Company. Most of the international acquirers would not focus much on the personal credit of the merchant but they will try to mitigate the risk by putting higher transaction rates. Once you get a merchant account for an Offshore payment processing company you must use that account with caution and try to build an extremely powerful processing history. The more revenue generated the easier it will be for you to rebuild your credit. You'll be able to repay the loan and existing liabilities. Merchants who submit the application with the required set of KYC documents can get approval in less than 24 hours at times. Card processors would be interested in offering you the capability of accepting credit card transactions over the Internet. The API method will help you to integrate the gateway to your website so that the transaction can take place in a secure manner. There are many alternative payment processing solutions apart from Credit Card Merchant Account. Merchants can use echeck payment gateway if they have bad credit score. It also mentions the fees for Chargebacks and refunds. Merchants should always refrain from using any tricks like Mis-Coding or Transaction laundering. This can be suicidal for the future payment processing capabilities of your company.After the acceptance merchants can start processing immediately and can be paid as per the terms mentioned in the Merchant agreement. That's why Merchant should always remember that if he performs the business in the right way and generates enough revenue to pay the existing liabilities then soon he will have a better credit score. He will not be considered a bad credit merchant anymore by the payment processing company.
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How To Do Export Business In Nigeria
Start an export business in Nigeria. No need to worry about approval & Processing fees. Approval depends on your industry type. Visit our website https://quadrapay.com
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How Landlord can use ACH payment processing
Start Processing With Quadra Services. USA Echeck & ACH Payment Processing Solutions. Need More Info, Please Visit https://quadrapay.com
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How to use ACH for Student Loan Business
ACH Payment Processing Solution | Start Processing With Quadra Services | Chargeback Alert Services | Merchant Cash Advance For More Info, Visit https://quadrapay.com
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Merchant Services No Credit Check
Merchant Services No Credit Check Are you struggling to get a merchant account because of your bad credit score? If your answer is yes than we have a good news for you . High Risk Merchant account providers located in Europe and china may like to work with you. The rates will be high but at least you will be able to make money and generate profit. The more profit you make the easier it will become for you to repair your credit score. Offshore payment gateway providers offer merchant account without credit check. They keep rolling reserve ranging from 5% to 20%. The reserve percentage depends upon the merchants industry and risk profile. International payment processing company can be a game changer for your business. you will be able to accept credit and debit card transactions on your website. With the API documentations help you can integrate your website with the gateway. Most of the offshore merchant account providers do not ask for setup fees. That means you can get the merchant account at free setup. Let us know if you need any help. Learn more about the High risk Merchant Account Without Credit Check https://quadrapay.com/high-risk-merchant-accounts-no-credit-check/ Please note your credit plays a critical role. If sell low risk products but your credit is bad then you are a High Risk Merchant. If you need a credit card processing account without any credit check then let us know. We will be happy to find the best solution for you. https://quadrapay.com/offshore-merchant-account/ We will find a payment service company that offers solutions without credit check. Most domestic acquirers will run a Credit check before approving a merchant account. Offshore merchant services companies offer solutions to merchants without any credit check.
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Credit card processing in the ecommerce industry
How Credit Card Processing Works in the e-commerce industry https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-get-a-high-risk-payment-gateway/answer/Bankim-Chandra-3?share=533e4915&srid=hcjRw https://quadrapay.com We all know that the E-Commerce industry is growing very fast. Every day new eCommerce website are being launched on the Internet. These merchants want to understand how the entire process works. So we will discuss all the factors involved in a Credit Card processing transaction on an E-commerce website. So basically the first step is the customer visit the merchant website to purchase tangible products or services. Yes, on E-Commerce platform merchants can also sell services because you're using a shopping cart so you can load a product or you can also load the description of a service. So the customer visits the website and then the customer looks at the shopping page Where the products are listed and make the selection. The customer does that by clicking on the product, and hitting the buy now button. The moment he hits the buy now button, the product is added to the shopping basket also known as the Shopping Cart. Once the entire shopping is done then he clicks on the checkout button. Once he clicks on checkout button, he is routed to next page also called the payment page. On this page, the customer fills all the information that includes the billing address, the shipping address, name, phone number, email. He may also be putting credit card information on the same page or he might have to put the credit card information on the second page. It actually varies depending upon the capabilities the merchant receives from the payment processor or the merchant account acquirer. One more exciting thing out here is this particular page gives the entire total of the transaction amount to the customer. So the customer will know how much money is paying for the products, how much is paying in taxes and how much is paying for the shipping. Most of the shopping carts also allow these merchants to place a coupon option there. So for promotion purposes, merchants promote different kind of coupons like 5% discount, 10% discount, $10 discount or $50 discount. If the customer has got a coupon code that coupon code will actually be entered on the checkout page. After putting credit card information then this information goes to acquiring bank. This is the merchant account acquiring bank or payment service providers infrastructure where the transaction information is actually validated and lot of filtering is done to identify fraud & risk level of the transaction. Sometimes the transactions may be declined by merchant acquiring bank. Once the acquiring bank declines the transaction then the customer receive the notification on the checkout page or the merchant website and then the customer may have to use a different card. If everything goes well this information is further sent to the card brand or card scheme or the card network. Now you have to understand one thing. There are few card brand which are also are the card issuer. If that is the case, the card issuer will take the decision to either approve the transaction or decline the transaction. In most of the cases, different card brands offer their cards through different card issuing banks. If that is the case then this information actually moves from card brand server infrastructure to card issuer. The card issuer is actually financial institution which has issued the card to the card holder. The card issuer identifies whether there is possibility of approving the transaction or not. If the possibility is nill than the transaction is declined and then the customer has to use a different card for transaction. If it is approved then the merchant actually receives the approval information onto the system or on their website. so this will generate a new order into the CMS are the content management system. It may be woocommerce, may be magento, prestashop or anything and the customer will actually receive order confirmation. This entire process of sending the approval or sending the decline actually follow the same path backward. If you are merchant who actually into the ecommerce industry & if your are looking at global audience & if you have majority of sales volume coming from the United States of America then I would strongly recommend you to evaluate couple of other alternative mode of payment processing solutions. The one solution which i would recommend is to look at ACH payment processing solutions. It is a great alternative to card processing . You can also look at the substitute check option also known as eCheck. So these are two additional options which I strongly recommend.
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International Payment Gateway in Nepal
https://quadrapay.com/international-payment-gateway-nepal/ There are many software companies located in Nepal . These companies are growing at a very fast pace. These software companies offer services like web design, SEO,SMO and CRM development. They do offer services outside Nepal and mostly focus on customers located in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. For domestic transactions these companies use online payment system but for international transactions they face multiple challenges. This is because the payment processing industry is still evolving in Nepal. For international payment acceptance in Nepal merchant's can use credit and debit card payment gateways.These International payment processing solutions allow merchants in Nepal to accept credit and debit card transactions over the Internet. Businesses selling services in the United States can also utilise the echeck payment gateway. Echeck is a Revolutionary alternative payment processing mode that allows a customer to process a transaction by sharing the account numbe, Routing number and few other billing details. Businesses located in Nepal can use these two international Mode of financial transactions Credit card and Debit card transactions Echeck transactions. The business must have a corporate bank account with the swift code. International payment gateway companies perform regular wire to the business bank account off the merchant located in Nepal by using swift transfer. Customers can also use their debit cards to make the payment to businesses located in Nepal. To get an international payment gateway in Nepal The Merchant must-have the below mentioned A business website that clearly mentioned all the products and services the merchant is selling All the products and services should be clearly mentioned on the website with the proper service delivery time frame and the product descriptions It is advisable that the merchant should use SSL certificate on the website The customer service number should be clearly mentioned on the home page and the contact us page The Merchant will be asked to share details on the merchant account application The Merchant also need to send the business licence with the ID and address proof of all the directors Utility bill and the personnel banking statement of all the directors Cancel cheque of the business bank account may also be ask for. Once the acquiring team at the payment processing company gets All the above information they start the underwriting process which involves risk analysis. Based on the result the merchant will be offered the terms of services and rates. Once the merchant signs the Merchant agreement then the merchant can start accepting credit and debit card transactions over the Internet. The entire process for onboarding a Merchant from Nepal for international transactions can range between 5 business days to 10 business days.
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Merchant Account for Rudraksh Stores
Do you need a Payment Gateway or Merchant Account for Rudraksha Store. Quadrapay.com offers Credit Debit and Echeck Processing solutions to International Merchant. We have domestic and International Payment Processing solutions for Rudraksh stores. Credit Debit Card Processing Solutions for Indian and International Merchants available We also offer Quality POS,POB and ATM Solutions to Stores in USA.
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How to start importation business in Nigeria
Start Importation Business in country Nigeria | Merchant Account | Payment Gateway - Visit Our Website for https://quadrapay.com
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How You Can Use ACH For Your Renting Business
Chargeback Alert Services | Use ACH for your renting business | Low-risk merchant account | ACH payment mode Visit https://quadrapay.com
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Virtual Terminal No Monthly Fee
Virtual Terminal No Monthly Fee http://quadrapay.com/credit-card-processing-small-business-no-monthly-fee/ If you are selling products or services online then you need a merchant account for the same. The Merchant account helps businesses to accept credit and debit card transactions over the Internet or over the phone. Some payment gateway companies or Merchant account solution providers may ask for processing history when applying for a virtual terminal. Virtual terminal is mostly used by those merchants that are offering services that involve recurring billing or monthly Subscriptions. The fees for the service offered vary. Business owners may find it extremely difficult to get a virtual terminal these days. Some High risk businesses have abused virtual terminal solutions in the past and that is why Financial Institutions are very sceptical about offering the same solution to new merchants. Payment processing companies and acquiring banks may still offer virtual terminal to business owners with clean history and proper business plan. Most of the times the businesses will be offered a flat rate of transaction depending upon the card brand used by the customer. The virtual terminal feature of any payment gateway allows the customer to share the credit card information over the phone to the merchant. The Merchant enters the information into a secure virtual terminal. large Call Centres do get this kind of facility but they have to maintain the secrecy and the confidentiality of the credit card details. In a store the customer hands over the credit card to the Merchant and then the merchant swipes the card on a card reader. This kind of card reader is known as the point of sales machine. In the virtual terminal similar method is used but here the credit card is not present and it's called CNP transaction. Some payment gateway providers charge a very high early termination fee. We advise business owners to clearly look at the terms of service that they have signed with the previous Payment service provider. you do not want to pay a high early termination fee when you switch to a new virtual terminal provider. The transaction fee or the processing rates may vary depending upon the type of business and the risk profile of the merchant. If you are getting a better deal from a different provider you can share the same with us and we will try to see if we can beat the pricing. With every echeck payment gateway you will be getting a free virtual terminal. The free virtual terminal will allow you to accept electronic check transactions from United State customers.
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How You Can Use ACH For Your Small Business?
ACH payment processing mode | Accept ACH | Chargeback alert services | protect your merchant account Need more info, Kindly visit https://quadrapay.com
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High Risk Merchant Account for Tech Support in USA | Why it is a High Risk Industry
https://quadrapay.com/high-risk-merchant-account-tech-support-usa/ Getting a credit card processor for your tech support business in United States of America may be difficult. Not every bank will be interested in on boarding a tech support merchant primarily because this industry attracts high charge-backs. To get a tech support merchant account or payment gateway in USA you must have a business bank account and a registered Corporation in the USA. The Tech support industry has been in question for multiple reason 1:- High level of charge backs 2:- High level of frauds There are many high risk businesses that are similar to tech support but still many acquiring banks and payment service providers may be interested in onboarding genuine merchants. To get a High Risk Merchant account for tech support in USA you must be ready for Rolling Reserve fee that will be placed on every transaction by the payment service provider on acquiring bank. This Rolling Reserve is a risk mitigation step initiated by the financial institutions. it helps the financial institution to cover the risk in case of chargebacks. Tech support companies operating in the USA must concentrate a lot on the customer service division. You must have friendly' relations with all customers. Customer service plays a critical role in negotiations, retentions and upselling. Business owners with bad credit may find it more challenging to get a solution. Offshore merchant account solutions may be perfect for merchants with bad credit. The majority of the market is captured by small businesses operating in this industry but still these small players are considered high risk by the payment processing companies. Still Tech support merchants can accept credit cards and offer remote tech support services to the clients. Technical support is vast industry. Everyday people buy new computers and that creates the need of qualified technicians to fix the problems. We work directly with Global High Risk Merchant Account providers and help businesses in this industry gto et credit and debit card processing solutions. Small businesses that are offering similar services can also get echeck payment processing solution. Every echeck payment gateway comes with a virtual terminal. merchants can take order over the phone.
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Travel Agency Merchant Account
https://quadrapay.com Every company offering Travel related services need travel agency merchant account. These companies offer Travel Packages, Hotel Bookings, Airline Tickets and many more services. merchant account for travel agency is High Risk in nature as it attracts high returns and chargebacks. The Main reson for the same is the change of traval plan. travel agency merchant services include Credit and Debit card processing .Travel agents can also use echeck or check21 if they are selling there services to clients in USA
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How does an online payment gateway work?
Quadra Services does not charge any setup free in setting up your merchant account. For More Info... Visit Our Website https://quadrapay.com
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Echeck Payment Processing Podcast
Podcast About :- Echeck And ACH Payment Processing In USA. https://quadrapay.com/echeck #echeck #ach #echeckpaymentgateway #echeckmerchantaccount #highriskecheck #achpaymentprocessing
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payment gateway for tech support
We offer payment gateway for tech support.
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International payment gateway for tech support business
Accept Credit card online! Credit card processing on the internet has become the main process for business online. You already know that businesses that can accept credit cards on the Internet real time can enjoy up to up to 300% more sales than those that do not. That's because over 95% of all online orders are processed with credit cards. The fact is, if your business can't accept credit cards, you're forcing many of your customers to your competition. Credit Card Processing Real Time - The technological development of software coupled with the evolvement of the Internet allowed what used to be unreachably expensive and sophisticated to become inexpensive and user friendly. Accepting credit cards and Real-Time Credit Card Processing allows you to not only process all of your credit card transactions from a web based terminal, but also allows customers to order products from your website and get INSTANT APPROVALS on their credit cards. Real-Time Processing makes an internet web store completely e-commerce enabled. Increased Business and Profits - Accept credit cards and you will find that your sales increase, up to 38% more. Today, consumers are finding reward programs for credit card use a real bonus with cash back and mileage offers. Consumers are also carrying less cash and expect the retailers they purchase from to accept credit cards. Customers also spend more per sale when they have the expanded credit limits of credit cards compared to the funds in their pocket or checking account. Stop Losing Sales to Your Competitors - When you accept credit cards and promote with credit cards, you are inviting customers to trade with you by expanding their payment options. By prominently displaying the logos of the credit cards you accept, you remove your customer's reluctance of using alternative payment methods and prevent them from visiting your competitor who may already accept credit cards. Contact us for more info +1 6318321773 (USA) +44 05603845586 (UK) +91 9643614168 (India) Landline 0124 - 4991468 (India) http://www.quadrapay.com
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CBD Merchant Account Podcast May 2019
https://quadrapay.com/cbd-merchant-account-europe/ Podcast about . How to get a CBD Merchant Account in European Union and European Economic Area 9th May 2019
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China Merchant Account
China Merchant Account. https://quadrapay.com/chinese-payment-gateway-tech-support/ https://quadrapay.com/international-merchant-accounts/ China is emerging as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. With its manufacturing sector already at the top of the world Chinese payment gateway and merchant account provider companies are looking Global now. China merchant account is a new term that is being searched on Internet these days. People put search for China merchant account on Internet are looking forward to get International merchant account from China based acquiring bank and payment service providers. For some reason Chinese payment service providers appearing to be very aggressive when it comes to onboarding high risk merchants. Merchant do call us asking for Chinese payment gateway for tech support. The merchant service companies located in China offer credit and debit card processing solution to domestic and international Merchants. Most of the china based merchants are selling the product outside the people's Republic of China. People’s bank of china is the main bank in Mainland China. China based payment processing companies are offering the services like the union Pay Card in other countries. There are many high risk merchant account providers in china offering credit card Payment processing solutions and payment gateway to small and large businesess.
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High Risk Merchant Account - Domestic and Offshore Payment Services
Getting a High Risk Merchant Account can be very challenging. Merchants in specific industries are concidered High Risk by most of the Payment Gateway and Merchant account providers. Credit Card Processing companies always try to work with businesses that are safe and secure. Some times Bad Credit is also considered a key factor in considering the business as extremely high risk. Get more info about High Risk Merchant Account at https://www.quadrapay.com Merchants should not waste there time by applying for a processing account with any low risk processor. Sending the application to the right financial institution that accepts your business type is the best way you can get approved. The Underwriting team looks at many factors before approving a High Risk Merchant Account. What is the Industry type? Most of the Industries like Tech Support, Credit repair, High Ticket sales, Gambling, Gaming, Escorts, Herbal, Pharmaceuticals and Kratom are considered high risk. They attract massive chargeback and refund requests. What is the Buisness Plan? Banks love to work with companies that have strong financial backing and foundation. The merchant must have the correct plan of action and road map that will sustain the growth of the organisation. The Ability of the business to easily overcome loss is also vital. Every business faces ups and downs. Banks like to work with companies that are cash rich. You must share a busienss plan to the merchant account acquirer. This Business plan should show all the elements like Sales Strategy Marketing Strategy Finacial Funding Sources Hirarchy of the company Responsibility of all the directors We are proud to say that we are able to offer Payment Processing Solutions to various industries. Our partnership with global Payment processing companies help us to easily place Low, Mid and High Risk merchants from almost every industry. We also offer eCheck processing solutions to merchants in usa and abroad. Our USA based Payment processing partner can onboard merchants from alsmost every nation. With the Chargeback Alert Service high risk merchants can extend the life of the merchant account. They get alerts in near real time and they can use it as a window of opportunity. They get the opportunity to speak to the buyers and resolve the issues and reduce chargebacks. We also offer business funding solutions to High Risk Merchants in USA. We have some great connections with USA based cash advance companies.
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International Payment Gateways High Risk
International Payment Gateways High Risk https://quadrapay.com High Risk Business need International payment gateways for credit card transaction and processing. Most of the international merchants do offer multi currency transactions. Few merchant services company offer multi currency solutions to International Merchants in high risk industries. High volume merchants running inbound call Centres prefer virtual terminal as the payment method to accept credit card transactions. Virtual terminal are mostly available will Offshore merchant account and payment processing company The credit card transactions take place in the real time. It is mandatory for any online business to get online payment solutions to stay a head in the game. These days progressive businesses always think global and want to offer services to customers present in different countries. It will not be wrong if we say that they are no boundaries for the correct business. There may be a tech support merchant located in India selling PC support services to customers based in the United States of America, UK, Canada , Australia and New Zealand.
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International Merchant Account For Non US Resident
https://quadrapay.com Now non USA merchants can get international credit card processing solution. Quadrapay will assist you in getting Credit, Debit, Echeck and ACH processing solutions. International Merchant Account for Non US Residents is actually possible now.
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High Risk Merchant Account UK
#Highriskmerchantaccountuk https://quadrapay.com/high-risk-payment-gateway-tech-support-uk/ High Risk Merchant Account in UK are difficult to get these days primarily because most of the payment processing companies prefer to work only with low risk merchants . The basic differences between a High Risk Merchant account and a Low Risk Merchant account is that Chargeback Ratio. High risk merchant accounts have longer settlement period.Merchant account for high risk businesses are available from Offshore Locations. Merchants Offering services outside the country are considered to be in high risk nature. Many high risk merchants need payment gateway in UK. High risk Merchants prefer Offshore merchant accounts as they are easy to get. We offer merchant account service across the world. We also provide credit and debit card payment processing solutions to Tech Support Merchants. There are many business sectors that are considered high risk sectors. Transaction fee depends a lot on the industry type. Acquiring Bank requires merchant application with KYC documents to complete the onboarding process. If you want to accept credit card payment then we can help you to get credit card payment processing solution from Domestic and International acquirers. High risk merchant account providers are payment service providers that can manage high chargeback ratio . Most of the customers prefer to card payment and they may refuse to pay by echecks. Nowadays Credit Card processing solution are the best solution for online busineses. Merchants with bad credit can also get payment processing solution.
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