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How To Remove ALL Negative Credit Items Legally & Permanently
http://www.NegativeCredit.org --- Access to a "FREE GUIDE" that will show you how and why you can get all of the negative credit items removed from your credit report legally & permanently. Once all of the negative credit items are removed your credit score will automatically restore back up to 740+. As soon as your credit score is restored you will save hundreds of dollars a month in lower monthly payments.
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Electronic Check Payments - Electronic Checks Are Risky & Costly foryour business
http://icpp.com Electronic Checks are costly & Risky for you business. We have a solution. It's called ICPP-Check by Phone Check Drafts. Banking regulations allow consumers who pay by Electronic Check to charge-back the transaction for up to 60 days after the echeck has been processed. They don't have to have a legitimate reason to charge back the electronic check payment. If you are a business that accepts electronic checks you are putting each transaction at risk. Electronic checks are also costly to your business. Companies charge you $1 to $3 or more to process an echeck for you. Some electronic check companies also charge you a processing fee of 2% to 3% of the amount of the electronic check. That comes righjt out of your profit. There is a safer and more cost effective way to take a check over the phone, fax or email. It is called ICPP Check by Phone payments. ICPP check by phone checks only cost you 20 cents a transaction and banking regulations don't allow a consumer to request a charge back. For complete details on how to start taking ICPP (Instant Check Payment Processor) check drafts go to http://icpp.com You can get started taking checks by phone, checks by fax and checks by email for only $203. If you are taking electronic checks you need to stop today. ICPP check drafts are a better solution for your company.
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ACH Payments - Why ACH Payments are Dangerous & Costly
http://icpp.com ACH Payments, EFT's & E-checks are dangerous for your business and costly. BEWARE. If You Use ACH's, EFT's or Electronic Checks then Your Money Is at RISK for 60 days or more. Your Customer's can Dispute an ACH, EFT or Electronic Check Payment made to you for up to 60-days For Any Reason at all. And if they do that then your Bank must issue an ACH Payment CHARGE-BACK against your Bank Account similar to a Credit Card Charge-Back. The Money Is Taken Out of Your Account And It Doesn't Matter if They Have A Legitimate Reason to dispute the ACH Payment or Not. The bottom line is: You Lose The Money if your ACH Payment is Disputed DON'T WORRY. WE HAVE A GREAT Alternative Solution to ACH Payments For You. A SOLUTION WITH NO CHARGE-BACKS and costs less than ACH Payment transactions. UIt's Called: ICPP®™ Checks by Phone, Fax & Email and it comes with a Recurring Automatic Payment Scheduler. When you use ICPP®™ Check by Phone Software to take a check over the phone, fax or email or to set up a monthly recurring payment for your product or services Your funds clear your account in less than 48hrs. Existing Bank Regulations Don't Allow Your Customer to Request a Charge-Back If you Use ICPP Checks by Phone Properly. Besides Not Having to Worry About Charge-Backs There are MORE BENEFITS If You Use ICPP Checks by Phone instead of ACH Payments. ICPP®™ Check by Phone Payments are also the FASTEST way to get Paid ICPP®™ Check by Phone transactions are Faster than Electronic Checks and EFT's and ACH payments. ACH Companies tell you that ACH payments Clear You Account Instantly. That is a Bold Face Lie. ACH Payments, EFT's & Electronic Checks take 5-7 Working Days To Clear Into Your Bank Account ICPP®™ Check by Phone Payments Clear your account Within 24 hrs And There Will Be NO CHARGE-BACKS issued against ICPP Checks ! Oh, I almost forgot. ACH's, EFT's and Electronic Check payments will cost you $1.00 to $2.50 or more per transaction ICPP®™ Check Payments will Cost You ONLY .12 to .20 cents per transaction. Your Cost is Pennies NOT Dollars For More Details Go To: http://ICPP.com Go To the Link Below For More Details: http://ICPP.com
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