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Dealing With Angry Customers
PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Keeping customers is as important as getting them. This training video demonstrates a simple method for dealing effectively with angry customers. First, deal with the person; then, deal with the problem. This program shows how to deal with customers who are face-to-face and over the telephone.
Mixing Four Generations In The Workplace
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2IO3ErR PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Learning Communications presents expert Cam Marston on the Power of Generational Insight. This program will educate and stimulate positive interaction among your people. It will also dramatically reduce workplace conflict and provide managers and supervisors with strategies for dealing with recruiting, retaining, and motivating, using the generational differences in a positive way.
Little Things Mean A Lot™: Microinequities to Micro-affirmations
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2LsDcGj PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Inclusion Training With Brigid Moynahan, President, The Next Level, Inc. In a weakened economy, decreased resources produce stress. Devaluing behaviors, that are toxic to productivity, innovation and engagement, explode. Little Things Mean A Lot™ combats this problem with fresh, positive and proven approaches that put inclusion at the heart of performance.
Managing Four Generations in the Workplace
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2IGDz22 PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. This program will teach you how to "Gen-Flex" or move into another generation's comfort zone. Do you remember the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" The golden rule would be great if we were all the same generation. But because people are different they need to be treated differently. This is the basis for what we call Gen-Flexing, operating in another generation's world. Treat them as they want to be treated. Gen-Flex out your comfort zone into theirs.
Toxic Talk: What Would You Say?
PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Gossip, gripes, and rumors have become a national past time in the workplace. Unfortunately, these forms of toxic talk can have serious repercussions for your employees, your managers and supervisors, and for the profitability and productivity of your entire organization. Relationships and camaraderie at work are essential for an engaged workforce. However, the examples depicted in this training toolkit have crossed the line and have become damaging to employee relationships, employee morale and productivity. Whether your organization already has a policy on toxic talk or you're just beginning to look at the effects damaging communication has on your productivity, this program is designed to give your organization a chance to discuss some real issues affecting your workforce. Using three open-ended scenarios (two videos and one audio), the training design focuses on how to respond if you become engaged in toxic conversation and helps participants to redirect potentially hazardous communication. The activities also help participants understand the different perceptions of those involved in toxic talk and how others are affected by this behavior. Program includes: DVD (9 minutes), Facilitator Guide and PowerPoint Presentation with Listening Case Study (2.10 minutes).
Diversity Challenges - What Would You Do?
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2IKv320 PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Defining diversity and understanding how to navigate through a diverse workforce are two very different things. It is one thing to understand what diversity is, but it's another to hire and manage the human complexities of a diverse workforce. In talking about diversity, we not only focus on the visible examples such as race, age, gender, and national origin, but also on not-so-visible examples such as personality style, style of interaction, lifestyle situations, education, work function, etc. It is the identification, acceptance and understanding of those differences and similarities that allow individuals to become aware of and fully use their talents and abilities to make unique contributions to workgroups and organizations. Whether your organization already started a diversity initiative or you're just beginning to look at the effect diversity has on your productivity, this program is designed to give your organization a chance to discuss some real issues affecting your workforce.
The New Time of Your Life - The Fundamentals of Time Management
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2IEM8ua PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Viewers learn the importance of time in their business and personal lives, and six powerful ways to manage it. Major "how-to" steps featured in the video include the importance of listing goals, setting priorities, making a daily "to-do" list, starting with top priorities (not bottom ones), handling each e-mail or paper only once, dealing with procrastination and asking the question frequently: "What's the best use of my time right now?"
Threat Detector: Your Role in Preventing Workplace Violence
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2LufXLN PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Employees play a very important role in preventing violence in the workplace. They're on the front lines; they may be the first ones to see behavior in a co-worker, customer or vendor that makes them uncomfortable or even scared. The Threat Detector program will clarify what these behaviors are and what action to take when you see them. The goal is to get the right people in your company quickly involved to handle the potential threat. This ultimately results in a safer workplace for all.
The Four Styles
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2s6rysl PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Do you want to be a better communicator? You're not alone if you've ever had a tough time getting through to someone. One of the biggest problems in business today is getting along with and communicating with others. And it's one of the top reasons why most people are limited in their relationships and limited in their ability to communicate well on or off the job. This program will teach you the four behavioral styles and how to become "FLEX-able" to adjust to changing your behavior to better communicte with others.
Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2J4CHU9 PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Much has been written about the art and science of negotiation over the years but little has focused on overcoming the tough problems people face during their negotiations. Whatever your industry or product, the concepts in this program, Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems, will increase not only your comfort level with negotiations but it will also increase your overall effectiveness as a negotiator. Effective negotiation skills are a rare and very valuable ability to have, learning to overcome the problems most negotiators face will put you a step or two ahead of your competition.
Is It Bias? Making Diversity Work
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2s4kw7u Bias costs organizations billions in lost productivity, high turnover, and low morale, not to mention the risk of expensive litigation. Getting rid of bias is within our control. It is not a mystery. It is a choice and we each have the power to make that choice. This DVD-based course, featuring Dr. Sondra Thiederman, targets the more subtle forms of bias that insidiously undermine our ability to build truly inclusive workplaces. The course is designed to provide: -Skills for identifying bias in oneself and others. -Immediately applicable tools for both reducing biases and controlling their impact on how we treat people who are different from ourselves. -Practical strategies to help managers deal with subtle and unconscious bias in the workplace. -Awareness that we each have the power and the responsibility to spot biases in our thinking and, in turn, to control the inappropriate behaviors that those biased attitudes create.
3 Rs of Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2s5m3KB PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. The 3 R's of Sustainability is the starting point for every organization that seeks to reap the financial, social, and economic benefits associated with developing and adopting environmentally friendly policies and practices. Not only does adopting sustainable practices have positive implications for current and future generations, but it gives your organization a competitive advantage over competitors who fail to rise to the challenge and meet the ever changing demands of the customer.
Multicultural Customer
PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Available at http://www.learncom.com/product/428F - What is courteous in one culture, may be disastrously discourteous in another! Learn how to satisfy the different expectations of customers with this video designed to help employees provide effective customer service to all external multicultural customers - face-to-face and on the telephone. It offers over twenty strategies to help people adapt their traditional customer service skills to domestic and international customers of all cultures. In addition to some basic interpersonal skills, the video offers specific techniques to help talk to customers who have a heavy accent or who may not be fluent in their language.
More Than A Gut Feeling
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2s54DwO PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. More Than a Gut Feeling is one of the most popular interview training tools in the world today. It introduces the science of interviewing in practical language and models key interviewing techniques, such as asking past event questions.
Creating the Respect Effect: Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation
PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. A single legal claim arising out of employment issues can cost an employer $750,000. That "price tag" includes the average recovery of the successful plaintiff, attorneys' fees awarded by law to successful plaintiff's attorneys, and attorneys' fees paid to defend the claim. Developed by experienced employment attorneys and trainers, Creating the Respect Effect is a cost-effective and results-oriented video-based training program for employers seeking to improve and enhance work environments and reduce the risk of legal claims arising from employment issues. This distinctive classroom course educates your managers and employees about the characteristics and the benefits of a respectful work environment.
Plus of Us: Dynamic Diversity Training
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2KQBOvK PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Dynamic Diversity Training - Do your employees understand what workplace behavior is acceptable, what's unprofessional, and what's even illegal? How can you train your staff to embrace cultural differences and protect your organization from potentially devastating lawsuits? The answer: The Plus of Us. The Plus of Us is an effective Diversity training program as well as an Anti-Discrimination and Harassment program. It will take your employees beyond the legal rules to an understanding of the basic human needs and emotions that control workplace relationships between diverse employees.
Results Rule: Build a Culture That Makes Your Team a Hero
Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2IEMW2a PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Great teams, departments, and organizations are ultimately defined by one thing - RESULTS! The secret to consistently delivering results is an intangible - it is your culture. In this follow-up to his award-winning book, Randy Pennington provides principles and strategies you can use immediately to: - Keep you and your people focused on what is important in your business; Improve partnerships and teamwork; - Increase communication and accountability; - Continuously grow, learn, and adapt; - Encourage everyone to do what's best for the organization and its customers rather than what is easiest for them.

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