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Lead Poisoning in California's Kids: Antonio's Story
Three year old Antonio suffered hearing loss after eating lead-based paint chips as a toddler. (Lauren M. Whaley/CHCF Center for Health Reporting) Video from CAhealthReport. http://blogs.kqed.org/stateofhealth/2013/10/16/lead-based-paint-poisoning-still-a-hazard-for-californias-most-vulnerable-children-lawsuit/
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Alameda County: This is Who We Are
Alameda County, California, was established in 1853. The County was created from the territory of two counties created in 1850: Contra Costa and Santa Clara. It was given the local name for the region, Alameda, which translated loosely as "a grove of poplars." The County enjoys a varied geography ranging from urban marinas to rolling open spaces to hillside lakes and streams. Alameda is the seventh most populous county in California, and has 14 incorporated cities and several unincorporated communities. The total population is estimated to be 1,510,271 as of April 2010, a 4.6% increase from April 2000. During the same time period, California's population rose 10%. Oakland is the seat of County government and the largest city. Alameda County is characterized by rich diversity and culture. Population growth has occurred with the natural net increase of births over deaths, but also from substantial immigration, and Alameda County is now one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the Bay Area and the nation. The 2010 Census shows that there is no majority racial or ethnic group in Alameda County. Compared to the 2000 Census, the Black / African American population decreased countywide by 11%, the Asian population increased by 31%, and the Hispanic population increased by 23%. According to the California Department of Education, 53 languages were spoken by English language learners in the K-12 public school systems in Alameda County in 2008-09. This is what Alameda County is all about. For more, please visit our website: http://acgov.org/
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Voices of the Homeless in Alameda County
Homeless Summit 2018 - Voices of the Homeless in Alameda County
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Pamela Arbuckle Alston - HEALTH
Pamela Arbuckle Alston, DDS, the Dental Director at the Eastmont Wellness Center in Oakland, has been providing dental services to the underserved and disadvantaged communities of Alameda County and beyond since 1983. Dr. Alston's experience includes more than 10 years of providing dental care at Santa Rita and North County jails and more than 20 years at the Central Health Center in Oakland. Throughout her career she has been a consistent advocate and provider of excellent care for vulnerable populations. She is also a spirited volunteer who participates in oral health education programs for high risk youth and in mentorship programs to inspire Oakland youth to pursue health careers.
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alcoBike - Alameda County Bicycle Parking Facility
Alameda County bolsters credentials as Greenest County in America by opening a bike-only parking facility.
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How to Pay Property Tax using the Alameda County E-Check System
A message from Henry C. Levy the Alameda County Treasurer-Tax Collector regarding the benefits of paying your Property Tax using the Alameda County E-Check system at http://www.acgov.org/propertytax
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Lead's Revenge! ¡La Venganza del Plomo! Pt1
Training video about lead paint and ladder safety. Un video para capacitación sobre la seguridad cuando se trabaja con las escaleras o pintura con plomo.
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Peggy Peabody - CULTURE & ARTS
2008 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame: Peggy Peabody of Hayward has been artistic director of the Ballet Petit for 29 years, inspiring and motivating hundreds of East Bay dancers to achieve their dreams. Peggy formed Ballet Petit in Hayward while still a student at Moreau Catholic High School and has devoted her life to sharing the artistry and inspiration of classical ballet with others. For years, she has arranged performances by students at local convalescent homes and in Oakland's annual Holiday Parade. She is a generous benefactor of the Oakland Ballet, and her dancers perform each year in the Oakland Ballet's production of the Nutcracker. Many of her students have gone on to outstanding ballet careers, working with such esteemed companies as the American Ballet Theater and Royal Ballet of London. http://www.acgov.org/cao/halloffame/
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2015 Stone Soup Holiday Food Drive & Design Competition - short
Alameda County Board of Supervisors sponsored the 2015 Stone Soup Holiday Food Drive & Design Competition spotlights County employees’ generosity and creativity, while breaking the County’s all-time records for holiday donations to the Alameda County Community Food Bank.
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Dr. Carole Ward Allen - EDUCATION
2011 Womens Hall of Fame Carole Ward Allen is a longtime educator who has changed lives through her belief that education opens doors to limitless possibilities. A teacher and administrator with the Peralta Community College District for more than 40 years, Carole continues to teach ethnic studies at Laney College in Oakland and the College of Alameda. She has had a profound impact on many students, some from difficult backgrounds, who have seen their lives transformed through the power of learning. She has served on the BART board of directors, the Oakland Port Commission, and the California Commission on the Status of Women.
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Social Services Community Ambassador Program
Alameda County's Social Services Community Ambassador Program
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Elaine Taylor - ENVIROMENT
2011 Womens Hall of Fame Elaine Taylor is Co-Founder and President of the Taylor Family Foundation, which operates Camp Arroyo in Livermore. Each year, the camp offers a back-to-nature summer camp for nearly 3,000 children with life-threatening conditions, as well as at-risk youth and youth coping with bereavement. But Elaine's work is about more than creating opportunities for life-transforming experiences in nature. She also has led efforts to make Camp Arroyo the greenest, most eco-friendly operation of its kind. Its cutting-edge operations make Camp Arroyo the ideal venue for thousands of students from around the Bay Area who go there during the school year to learn how to live sustainably.
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How the Ranked-Choice Vote Process Works
An instructional machinima put together by Avatrian and Machitopia for Alameda County. It demonstrates the manner in which ranked-choice votes are tallied. Ranked-Choice Voting or "Instant Run-Off Voting," allows voters to rank up to three candidates, in order of preference, when marking their ballots. Ranked-choice voting eliminates the need for run-off elections, and is approved for use in Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro.
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Julie Rems-Smario - JUSTICE
2011 Womens Hall of Fame Julie Rems-Smario is a social worker who has been deaf since birth. In 2002, she created DeafHope, the only Alameda County advocacy program for deaf victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. DeafHope started in her home, but has steadily grown thanks to Julie's determination and tenacious fundraising. Since 2005, DeafHope has operated out of the Alameda County Family Justice Center in Oakland, joining the center's mission to serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Driven by her belief that deaf women and children were not being served by our legal and social services systems, Julie transformed those communities and institutions through her leadership and dedication.
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Alameda County Election Process
Video showing the Registrar Of Voters Election Process. Produced by Alameda County DSS Team.
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Nicole Curran - Philanthropy
2018 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Nicole Curran - Philanthropy Nicole Curran is Board President of the Warriors Community Foundation, the charitable arm of the Golden State Warriors. Under her leadership and vision, the Foundation has delivered over $9 million in grants and other charitable measures to help support educational equity and opportunity for underserved youth in the Bay Area, making it one of the most generous foundations in professional sports. The Foundation has donated thousands of tickets to local youth and community leaders who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to experience a Warriors game and NBA basketball. Additionally, in an effort to ensure that our youth have a safe and above-standard place to play, the Foundation has refurbished more than 70 basketball courts locally, many under Curran’s guidance. Her dedication and drive to help others is fueled by Curran’s own humble beginnings, which have now paved the way for youth throughout the Bay Area to draw inspiration and realize their dreams.
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Healthcare for the Homeless
For more than 25 years, Alameda County has operated its unique Health Care for the Homeless Program, deploying two mobile clinics to sites across the County to help the homeless get help for critical health care needs.
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Bay-Friendly Landscaping Brings the Butterflies
This light-hearted short video shows an example of bay-friendly landscaping, its environmental benefits, and the benefits to employees and visitors at Alameda County. Edited by Nicole Gaetjens, Alameda County. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. 2015.
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Mona Vaughn Scott - CULTURE AND ART
2009 Women's Hall of Fame Propelled by her motto, "to dream it is to accomplish it", Mona Vaughn Scott has guided the Black Repertory Group in Berkeley for the past 20 years. In doing so, Mona follows in the footsteps of her late mother, Black Repertory Group founder Nora Vaughn. As the theater group's executive director, Mona has mentored actors, developed after-school programs for youth, facilitated self-esteem-building workshops and utilized performance to reach out to people in communities affected by substance abuse and violence. Mona's supporters cite her vision, persistence and faith as key ingredients of her successful stewardship of the Black Repertory Group. By bringing together people who value the arts, Mona has helped the theater thrive in an environment where funding is scarce, ensuring the continued viability of a treasured cultural resource.
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The New ITD Headquarters
Alameda County ITD Headquarters 393 13th Street Oakland, CA
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Election Worker Recruitment Process
The recruiting of poll workers is a vital part of running a successful election. And this process begins long before the first ballots are cast. Take a look at Alameda County’s full-court press to recruit election workers, particularly bilingual residents to accommodate the County’s broad diversity.
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Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame: Celebrating Women Making a Difference
Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame: Celebrating Women Making a Difference The Women's Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding women for their achievements and contributions to Alameda County and its residents. The program honors women in 12 different categories at a luncheon and awards ceremony held each year, usually in March. Through this event and other community activities, the Women's Hall of Fame generates funds to support organizations that help women and families in Alameda County, including efforts to provide comprehensive breast cancer prevention, education, and treatment services. NOMINATION CATEGORIES • Business and Professions: Women creating economic development opportunities in business • Community Service: Women whose work helps to improve the overall quality of the community • Culture and Art: Women making outstanding contributions in the performing, visual & media arts • Education: Women promoting success and contributing to the progress and growth of education • Environment: Women supporting and advocating the preservation of our environment • Health: Women improving access to health care services and medical advancement • Justice: Women reforming and expanding legal advocacy in the justice system • Non-Traditional Careers: Women succeeding in and/or promoting the advancement of women in non-traditional careers • Philanthropy: Women increasing the well-being of humankind by promoting and championing charitable aid • Science, Technology, Engineering: Women pioneering the advancement of scientific research and technology • Sports and Athletics: Women promoting and encouraging leadership in sports and athletics • Youth: High school females in the 11th and 12th grades demonstrating leadership and making a difference in the community FOR MORE INFO: http://acgov.org/whof
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2014 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Arlene Blum of Berkeley is a chemist whose work to prevent the use of toxic chemical flame retardants in furniture and other household products has had a national impact. In the 1970s, her pioneering research about the dangers of cancer-causing flame retardants led federal regulators to stop the use of these chemicals in children's sleepwear. Her research continues to have an impact, contributing to Governor Jerry Brown's 2013 revision of a law he signed in the 1970s leading to the use of flame retardants in all upholstered furniture sold across the U.S. Arlene is also a renowned mountaineer who has scaled some of the world's tallest peaks. She led the first ascents of Mount McKinley in Alaska and Annapurna in Nepal by all-women teams.
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Eva Jefferson Paterson - JUSTICE
2007 Women's Hall of Fame Eva Jefferson Paterson is the president and a founder of the Equal Justice Society, a national organization dedicated to changing the law through progressive legal theory, public policy and practice. She also worked at the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights for twenty-six years, thirteen of them as Executive Director. A resident of Oakland, Paterson also co-founded and chaired the California Coalition for Civil Rights and co-founded A Safe Place, a shelter for battered women in Oakland.
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Processing Vote-by-Mail voters at the polls
Alameda County Poll Workers learn how to process Vote-by-Mail voters at the polls
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Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy & Guidelines - Weight Watchers @ Work Program
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Jacqueline Chen, Ph.D. - Science, Technology, Engineering
Jacqueline Chen, Ph.D. Science, Technology, Engineering
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Setting up the Scanner
Alameda County Poll Workers learning how to set up the scanner
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Alameda County Surveyor Maps and Documents Search Application Tutorial
A video tutorial on best practices for using the Alameda County Public Works Department's Surveyor Map and Document search application. Visit the application at: http://www.acgov.org/surveyor/
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Innovative Service, Dedicated to Excellence
Alameda County Annual Report 15/16 - Innovative Service, Dedicated to Excellence. Special Thanks to Members of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors for Their Leadership.
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The Difference Between E-Check Payment vs Online Banking Payment
A message from Henry C. Levy the Alameda County Treasurer-Tax Collector describing the difference between Alameda County's E-Check Payment versus Online Banking Payments. Pay your Alameda County Property Tax at: http://www.acgov.org/propertytax
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Susan Hubbard, Ph.D. - Science, Technology, Engineering
Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame 2019 Susan Hubbard, Ph.D. Science, Technology, Engineering
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Janet Liang - Health
2018 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Janet Liang - Health Janet Liang is President of Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Region and a leader in the use of technology to advance clinical excellence, address disparities in health access and provide more affordable care to thousands of people across the northern part of the State. Under her direction, Kaiser Permanente has fully deployed telehealth programs that include phone and video appointments and e-consultations, providing some 21 million secure e-visits last year. In rural communities where sub-specialists are typically hours away, these innovations provide immediate access to specialists and have helped to save many lives. Janet is also a committed community leader who plays a central role in efforts to boost the prospects of low-income youth and families, improve the quality of care within Alameda County’s safety net health system and help local women gain leadership skills and achieve professional advancement. http://www.acgov.org/whof/inductees/2018/index.htm
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Bold Vision for Today – and the Future
Alameda County Annual Report 2018 - Bold Vision for Today – and the Future. For more visit: http://acgov.org
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Student Interns at the Auditor-Controller Agency
Alameda County Auditor-Controller Agency student interns sharing their experience after going through the program. Interested in joining our team of future leaders? Contact: [email protected]
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Vanessa Hanley Lordi - SPORTS AND ATHLETICS
2014 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Vanessa Hanley Lordi of Livermore is an accomplished runner whose athletic pursuits include recruiting women to participate in high-level track, cross country and road racing programs. Vanessa is vice president of the West Valley Track club, Northern California's oldest track club, and she has spearheaded expanded recruitment of women into the Club's programs to help runners reach their athletic potential. Vanessa rises each day at 4:30 a.m. to lead workouts before spending a 10-hour day as a Product Manager at Agilent Technologies. Vanessa's career as an elite runner includes competing in track at Princeton University and she is dedicated to helping young women with advice on balancing academics with athletics, and striving for success in all aspects of life.
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Dawn Shaughnessy - SCIENCE
Dawn Shaughnessy is the group leader for experimental nuclear and radiochemistry and the principal investigator for the heavy element group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Under her leadership, a team of scientists has discovered six new elements on the periodic table - the heaviest elements found to date. She recently led a group that named the newest heavy element to be accepted into the periodic table - Livermorium - in honor of the Lab and its host city of Livermore. In addition to her research, Dawn thrives on getting young people interested in science. Her team recently received a $5,000 grant and donated it to the Livermore High School chemistry department. The gift grew from Dawn's memories of working in poorly equipped chemistry classes in high school.
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Setting up the Touchscreen
Alameda County Poll Workers learning how to set up the touchscreen
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Marcia Blackstock - Justice
Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame Marcia Blackstock Justice
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Jacqueline Hairston - CULTURE AND ART
2011 Womens Hall of Fame Jacqueline Hairston is an accomplished pianist, composer and vocal coach whose works have been performed by some of the world's leading orchestras and singers, and whose teaching has helped launch some stellar musical careers. As a composer, Jacqueline has an affinity for spirituals and her arrangements have been performed by Leontyne Price, Kathleen Battle and other renowned vocalists. As the longtime head of the music department at Merritt College in Oakland she mentored scores of young musicians. Some went onto international fame, including Dwayne Wiggins of the pop group, Tony, Toni, Tone and Maxine Jones of the female R&B Group EnVogue.
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Ayodele Nzinga - Culture & Art
2017 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Ayodele Nzinga Culture & Art
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2014 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Alba Witkin founded the Bernard E. and Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation in 1982 and, since then, has facilitated the distribution of more than $15 million in charitable contributions to Bay Area organizations, many of them in Alameda County. Alba has had a profoundly positive impact on young children's lives through her charitable giving, focusing much of the Foundation's support on programs that assist children in the formative years leading to age 5 so that they are best prepared to learn when they enter school. Alba has also led the Foundation's growing support of youth transitioning out of the foster care system. Many of these young people face significant obstacles as they move into adulthood, and Alba's support offers a significant boost to their chances of transitioning to happy and productive independence.
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Winda I. Shimizu - Culture & Art
2018 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Winda I. Shimizu - Culture & Art Winda is a master creator, coordinator and supporter of the arts whose tireless work has had an invaluable impact on expanding arts programming in central Alameda County and beyond. As Executive Director of the Hayward Arts Council and Curator of the John O’Lague Galleria at Hayward City Hall, Winda is passionate about promoting the work of local artists to enrich community life. She also works at Hayward’s Sun Gallery on exhibitions and programs that reflect the community’s rich diversity. Winda volunteers many hours on boards and committees devoted to bringing art to local classrooms, exhibiting the work of young artists and providing scholarship opportunities in the arts. She has also been working with a committee of Hayward schools’ staff, teachers, parents, and patrons of the arts to develop a Master Visual and Performing Arts Plan so all students have access to first-rate arts education. http://www.acgov.org/whof/inductees/2018/index.htm
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Chevron Secures Power for Alameda County Santa Rita Jail
For more about Chevron Energy Solutions, visit http://www.chevronenergy.com/. Chevron Energy Solutions designed, developed and built a smart grid that allows the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, Calif., to operate independent of the regional utility grid in the event of a power outage. Onsite solar panels, wind turbines, a fuel cell and energy storage allow the 113-acre jail to "island" itself off from the grid while continuing to generate and store its own power. Unveiled March 22, 2012, this project lowers the jail's energy costs, improves its operational reliability and strengthens utility grid security.
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2008 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame: Carla Perez of Oakland has combined unique skills as a community organizer and passion for the environment to become a leader in the fight for environmental and social justice. Carla is Northern California Program Director for Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), an East Bay organization that focuses on environmental health and justice. She is a driving force of CBE's work in urban communities where low-income residents are routinely bombarded by industrial pollution and she sees that health problems caused by such pollution are made worse by poverty, inadequate housing, poor schools, insufficient health care and other problems. Her work at CBE has led to environmental victories such as the adoption of new monitoring and rules at oil refineries that have resulted in less pollution from these industrial plants. http://www.acgov.org/cao/halloffame/
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Favianna Rodriguez - CULTURE AND ART AWARD
2010 Womens Hall of Fame Favianna Rodriguez is a silk screen printmaker whose work exhibits astounding exuberance and insight. The co-founder of the East Side Arts Alliance in Oakland, Favianna uses visual, performing, and literary arts to empower racially diverse neighborhoods. She is also artistic director and co-founder of the web company Tumis, a bi-lingual design studio dedicated to global human rights. The company provides communications materials to organizations such as the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and KPFA Radio to promote the cause of social justice. Favianna harnesses her impressive creative powers each day to make our community a better place. More: http://www.acgov.org/cao/halloffame/awards.htm The purpose of the Women's Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding women for their achievements and contributions to the overall well being of our county and its citizens. In addition to honoring outstanding women, in the past, the event has generated funds to help provide comprehensive breast cancer prevention, education, and treatment services in Alameda County. The Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame is endorsed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.
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Closing the Polls on the Touchscreen
Alameda County Poll Workers learn how to close the Polls on the Touchscreen
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Rona Popal - Community Service
2018 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Rona Popal - Community Service Rona Popal is a recognized leader in the Afghan community of the Bay Area and a champion of Afghan women’s rights locally and around the world. A native of Kabul, Afghanistan, Rona began working with local Afghan refugees while employed with the Alameda County Social Services Agency. In 1992, she launched the Afghan Women’s Association to focus on the unique challenges faced by Afghan Women, both locally and globally. Later she founded the Afghan Coalition, a Fremont nonprofit that quickly became an essential resource for Afghan refugees adjusting to life in America. After September 11, 2001, Rona led efforts to foster understanding and prevent a hateful backlash against Afghans living in America. She has raised attention to the issue of domestic violence in Afghan culture and founded the Afghan Mental Health Project to help refugees cope with traumatic experiences in war-torn Afghanistan. http://www.acgov.org/whof/inductees/2018/index.htm
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ITD Student Intern Program 2017
Alameda County Information Technology Department Student Intern Program 2017
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