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Why cultural diversity matters | Michael Gavin | TEDxCSU

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Michael Gavin, associate Professor of human dimensions of natural resources researches biological diversity, and discusses the importance that history, language and tradition have in the preservation of culture. Associate Professor of human dimensions of natural resources in the Warner College of Natural Resources. His research examines the origins of human and biological diversity, which has led him to work with indigenous communities in over a dozen countries. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Text Comments (587)
Sieg Holle (6 days ago)
be respectful and do no harm - diversity becomes toxic when it is forced by a bad ideolgy ?
Connor Robinson (14 days ago)
Britan is sick of diversity and has been for 60 years because we knew it would lead to this, a murderous mess...
stumpy4770 (15 days ago)
A white man sad about how cultural diversity and a native language is dying, tells a emotional story of an native elder "I'll call him David" OH the irony, lolol. Maybe, just maybe, if the island didn't have the highest levels of cultural diversity per capita of anywhere on the planet, their language wouldn't be dying out. So this guy agrees cultural diversity of a country or island is bad ? That's what I get from his sad little story.
Maggie Doggie (16 days ago)
Wish we would be more diverse in our immigration to US, but unfortunately, 50% are from Mexico instead of even global.
Aden Farrell (17 days ago)
Diversity is our greatest weakness!
Frau Holle (18 days ago)
multiculturalism destroys nations
Trevor Philips (18 days ago)
Diversity is OUR strength, goyim! Also don’t forget pay billions of shekels to Israel every year. That makes us strong too
Y B (5 days ago)
Oy gevalt! Shut it down!
Mavrck2711 (30 days ago)
Spongebob Squarepants (1 month ago)
Look up on the Frankfurt school ... You might find it interesting.
Trevor Philips (18 days ago)
Read the Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald.
Eat the food Tina (1 month ago)
Not much diversity in africa. Not much diversity in japan. Not much diversity in China definitely. Not much diversity in southeast asia. Not much diversity anywhere(for the most part) except in richer, industrialized, WHITE, successful countries.
Y B (5 days ago)
If you can't compete, destroy the competition.
Flawess Grace (1 month ago)
I’m being to realize how much conservatives want segregation
Y B (5 days ago)
Segregation would be a godsend at this point.
Jingo Unchained (1 month ago)
17 minutes of pure propaganda. Guy has no testosterone.
Jared Purdy (1 month ago)
Very well said. I don't see this guy as being anti-globalist. I see him as pointing out some very obvious issues of disparity and the Westernization of the entire world - and that is the threat to cultural diversity. Neo-Liberal and neo-conservative economic and political ideologies spread across the world through Western dominated global trade networks as well and the global aid system. The terms of the IMF, World Bank and the WTO have cast the net wide. These cultures are suffering death by a thousand cuts. This is a great sister video to Wade Davis' TED lecture "Dreams from Endangered Cultures" as well as his CBC Massey lectures.
Viral Videos (1 month ago)
It matters because it’s good for the economics. It’s all about the money and resources. Without diversity it’s much harder to make deals or exploit other countries resources. You have to be a business man to understand why diversity is a good thing.
Martaveous Brown (1 month ago)
2050, I love it baby
Jurgen Fetzer (2 months ago)
If we don't change the immigration laws to favor whites again, the US is going to become South Africa. We will lose the country our ancestors founded and built....and then our grandchildren are going to be slaughtered....just like the Boer in South Africa.
Turma 11 (2 months ago)
only seeing this cause of my class!
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
omg same
Antonius Thylanius (2 months ago)
Quite refreshing. I wasn't expecting a ted talker promoting nationalism and tribalism.
Rowena (2 months ago)
Wow! reading so many hateful comments. I guess time will tell, they say survival of the fittest..lets us see who survives? hate or love? integrate or divide? Hmm...
Rashid Ibrahim (3 months ago)
What learned from the comments section: white supremacists really hate diversity
William00048 (3 months ago)
Britain: Strength through Diversity. Really? Former Yugoslavian States: Strength through Diversity. Rwanda: Strength through Diversity. Iraq: Strength through Diversity. Northern Ireland: Strength through Diversity. Burma: Strength through Diversity. India (just before partition): Strength through Diversity. Turkey: Strength through Diversity. etc, etc, etc.
Sue San (3 months ago)
Israel needs more Diversity. They need to accept refugees at Swedish level
Chuck Muckamuck (7 days ago)
israel is an ethnostate and must care only for its heritage citizens.
Pietja D (3 months ago)
"All about diversity" another words you can read it as : "All about spreading cultural Marxism..."And as a flowers of it you have towel- turban heads Muslims barbarians in Europe committing terrorists acts. All heading for cyvil wars. You'll have Syria bi's in Europe
Charlie Chaplin (3 months ago)
The ruling class LOVES the rabid anti sjw movement of the alt right. This obfuscating rhetoric deflects us from the actual issues we face...which are largely economic.
John And Abbey (1 month ago)
Dragon Fox (3 months ago)
Uh so trading is good? Doesn't explain the complex yet pernicious side of multiculturalism.
Patrick (4 months ago)
This is a nice speech, but deeply flawed at the core. I enjoyed listening to it but this speaker made some very flawed assumptions and the value of cultures expressed here and does not exist. Sorry for the typos I'm doing this by voice
Patrick (1 month ago)
​+Abraham Fayad I feel like this comment made exactly 0 contributions to discussion about the video.
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
i feel like this comment was made by a middle school student for an assignment
Sky k (4 months ago)
hehe I’m in hoaglin xd
Fascist Dragon皇龍 (4 months ago)
Diversity only worsen the conflicts.
Holger Danske (4 months ago)
there was a reason that america throw most of it's history only wanted people from the west ,people that came from cultures that were more alike and had closer identis to other europeans.americas future is the tower of babel and a great fall.
Holger Danske (4 months ago)
what about white european culture and are history and it living on, a future for us.
Y B (5 days ago)
(((They))) want to destroy it.
Holger Danske (4 months ago)
countrys that are 1 people and culture don't have all the promblems that west is having.
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
yes but they have their own problems
Mark Flierl (5 months ago)
This libtard is bombing in the comments section! LOL
Ade Purnama (5 months ago)
wtf this comment section though
Lizardguy (5 months ago)
The world is divided the way it is for a reason, it would be better if you don’t force things like this onto society
John Stephen (5 months ago)
Why do you categorise 60 million Brits as all silly and all the same?. Your use of ad-hominem argument signifies you lose your argument. Are you ANTFA or NPC?
John Stephen (5 months ago)
Why do you mention New Zealand? They are the same South Sea Islanders who killed Captain Cook and ate him in a canibalistic rite. Gavin you are truly as silly as a sack of a--holes.
John Stephen (5 months ago)
Cultural Diversity always ends up as Cultural Marxism, and so it becomes junk culture, like junk media, junk food and junk mail.
Timbermannetje (5 months ago)
I think It can work when you create a new country with all different people. To make white country brown, you will never get it back. You'll lose a culture and race. You'll lose a home base.
Ojberretta Berretta (5 months ago)
diversity is good look at europea many very diverse countries workin together and sharing an economy until-one culture came in and this culture believes 9yr old girl are ok to be married with old men this culture believes terror is normal politics and this culture also has a very hostile treatment of those who oppose this culture we all know thats multiculturalism can work with almost all cultures but theres the one bad one the one wich is causing problems everywhere this is the failure not the concept of multiculturalism look at the usa switzerland australia canada all higly diverse all highly developed
Lawson Pavy (6 months ago)
omg love this
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
omg not same
Ella Muma (6 months ago)
omg same
Carlos Flores (6 months ago)
Mannnn all these ppl in the comments...if we ever make contact with alien life u better be ready for some real goddamn diversity
Chuck Muckamuck (7 days ago)
they are already having contact with aliens. of the illegal 3rd world sort.
lili shyta (6 months ago)
What about ideas of science and bring economy up? Or are we giving up our economy to the world economic rising power, and we worried about the problem that America stands number 1 in the world. There is diversity of colors and religions in America more than anywhere in the world. We need different ideas and to protect the families and to grow economy, and to make the education nr 1 that’s our priorities.
AFGThugonomics9 (6 months ago)
Diversity does not work. End of story no debate.
something weirds (2 months ago)
Yet you eat their food
Emmanuel Spurlock (2 months ago)
Vanities (7 months ago)
Diversity is awesome as long as the minorities keep empowering us white guys to expand our government fiefdoms.
IamKogl (7 months ago)
His kids are 6 & 9... niceeee
Emil Fjulsrud (7 months ago)
Anybody got a summary of the video? got some homework that needs doin! <3
Jiří Dušek (7 months ago)
I agree with this guy. So when people In Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia or Hungary will want their culture protected Europe Union will respect that right?
Caesar's Seizures (7 months ago)
You can just hear the soy-estrogen inflection in this "guy's" voice.
ccc7676 (7 months ago)
HAKKLA HAKKLA (7 months ago)
Dave Cullins (7 months ago)
Mah gawd this guy is delusional.
known Tarsier (7 months ago)
United we stand, divided we fall.
lmao nobody commenting about how bad cultural diversity is even watched the video
Watchman On the Wall (8 months ago)
Why are there whiners in the comment section? Historically most ethnic groups (with the exception of groups like the Amish) that immigrated to North America assimilated and intergrated at least by the 2nd or 3rd generation. Italians, Poles, Greeks, Jews, and Spaniards were once thought as "other" but they eventually assimilated, right? I know some 2nd and 3rd generation Japanese Americans and they are as American as apple pie.
Shane Ste Croix (9 months ago)
Diversity is social and cultural suicide.
Maksim Blagojevic (9 months ago)
Europe for Europeans!
Samantha Bloodsaw (9 months ago)
what has a reason who you to give me nd mug i have think for my self : , what
Samantha Bloodsaw (9 months ago)
its like she /he theroy for ethical reasoning the what make moral
Samantha Bloodsaw (9 months ago)
new guys christiana were very plane but well spoken like baptist
Junhyuk (Jun) Lim (10 months ago)
kalumnist (10 months ago)
Rich liberals should get the opportunity to "adopt" the migrants and become their benefactors. That way they won't become a burden on the state. Rather if any of them cause trouble just shake down the liberals who sponsored them
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
why does everyone blame the problems on rich white people
Chandie East (10 months ago)
I don't like the way Ted talkers talk. Too many pauses
Hamish McHarg (10 months ago)
The World is but one, and mankind its citizens.
Hypercarnivore (5 months ago)
Good luck being liberated by a foreign army when a tyrant takes over the world government.
Derive Pi (10 months ago)
Without any further analysis it should be recognized that cultural diversity adds chaos to society.  Recognizing that cost, we should then determine if the preserving that culture is worth the cost (like learning a language that no one else uses).  And finally, it must be recognized that some cultures are bad and should not be promoted.  Then we can talk about diversity.
Sempi (10 months ago)
it is so easy to blame others for issues you experience. Always searching for the cause of a problem in other people. Blaming yourself is the last thing that comes in mind Can you not understand that problems like mass-immigration or loss of diversity are caused by us all. Supporting war in the east or the colonization of Africa and many more conflicts are a cause of these issues too. Know better. Do better.
Sempi (10 months ago)
iam really shocked about the amount of hate in this comment section. People even believing this white genocide consipracy ... dont get controlled by fear. I recommend to you guys a workshop about the reason why conspiracy theories even exist. Dont get yourself fooled
Kaiser Harkinian I (8 months ago)
Sempi "Conspiracy." Don't make me laugh. Read up on the U.N.'s definition of genocide and tell me it's not happening.
Default Name (10 months ago)
Sempi c kalergi plan. Mass immigration and multi culturalism are Marxist ideas.
Dent (11 months ago)
yankees gohome (11 months ago)
Great brainwashing. I feel sorry for our children.
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
thumbs up for u
LordMIGtau (11 months ago)
Europe belongs to Europeans
Monica Das (11 months ago)
Great talk!
Sigma White (1 year ago)
I agree. Diversity is good. Now can we agree it’s good to preserve white culture for whites?
Logan Plank (3 months ago)
Us whites need to eliminate the sub human races
Dumbass (3 months ago)
Mark Flierl (5 months ago)
+Hypercarnivore You body slammed those libtards! LOL
Hypercarnivore (5 months ago)
+Wenceslao Futanaki Then go and kill yourself you white demon. Do your part by committing suicide.
Wenceslao Futanaki (5 months ago)
no, white is demon, white has to disappear
MrWackoTaco (1 year ago)
His examples for why diversity was important had more to do with the geographical location of the people. Of course, the British didn't know about the plant that the people of Peru had because the British did not live there. It had nothing to do with the race, language, or culture of the people. It had to do with the fact that the plants were on the other side of the world.
Jamie McKelvy (1 year ago)
Diversity is important, but this guy’s points stink and he proves nothing...
umageddon (1 year ago)
What a crock
Dino Kross (1 year ago)
Open border for israel.
There are a lot of assertions made in favour of cultural diversity in this talk, along with not so subtle hints that while all cultures are equally important the one that is imagined to be paramount (for now) is not; as evidenced by the also not so subtle snarky comments about the British and supposedly hapless Peruvians ( the soft bigotry of low expectations here I think). What evidence is there for cultural diversity leading to better outcomes? Is that a given? What if the British culture of global trade bringing quinine to the rest of the world is the only one? This is a genuine question. I understand and agree the benefits of diverse thought solving complex problems (Galton's Wisdom of Crowds)But is it a natural extrapolation to
Sforzando56 (1 year ago)
The story telling is damn boring.
Brian Bell (1 year ago)
does pride in an ascribed status breed ethnocentrizm?
Charles Walker (1 year ago)
Diversity is only implemented in white countries. It's an attack on Western Europe using our compassionate nature to destroy our culture and heritage. Multiculturalism has already failed. We won't allow it to continue much longer as we wake up our brothers and sisters to save our people.
Jerichocafe1 (1 month ago)
if you go back to Pacific Northwest and a country called Columbia, the peoples were a Multicultural society around 1800-12 in and around Vancouver, Washington which was the centre of the area. the position of the peoples changed, the loyalist moved North to the Colony of Vancouver Island which became part of British Columbia, now part of Canada.
Emmanuel Spurlock (2 months ago)
What "people" are u referring too?
Starlord (1 year ago)
So let's open the doors wide open for the billions of third world migrants, cuz you can't have too much diversity.
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
that is exactly where the controversy is
Damien INSANE-O (6 months ago)
the poorer, stupider and more backward the better!
McAvoy (1 year ago)
Why is it that every country in the world is openly proud about being an ethno state of shared ethnicity, except for the ones where white people live? Does anybody really believe that people in Japan, Israel, India or anywhere would voluntarily vote to be colonised by a foreign culture?
Humzah Hassan (8 months ago)
McAvoy they were in the past so except for Japan and most people who are immigrants are either in countries that were former colonial powers or the west which is a country of immigrant s
John Johnson (1 year ago)
MULTICULTURALISM= whites must be erased; DIVERSITY= whites must be erased; WHITE GUILT=whites must be erased; WHITE PRIVILEGE= whites must be erased; BLM= whites must be erased; ANTIFA= whites must be erased
Oppressed Media (1 year ago)
The left doesnt want diversity, they want moral and political homogeny. Their morals and politics of course. Look what happened at the Women's March when pro-life women showed up. They were scorned. Look what happens when a conservative tries to speak at a left-wing college. They dont want diversity, they just want minorities to side with them so they can gain political power, so they come up with nonsense catch phrases like diversity is strength.
Frederic Christie (6 days ago)
+Chuck Muckamuck Yes, it is. To get rid of a biological intruder. No matter the moral status of that intruder. That's why the pro-life movement is so fundamentally mistaken. I actually think that we should treat a fetus as if it has rights (yes, even when it's just a few embryos). I think we should protect all life as much as we can. But that means protecting *all life*, not just unborn life.
Chuck Muckamuck (7 days ago)
+Frederic Christie we also agree on abortion. as an affirmative action right
Frederic Christie (2 months ago)
We as leftists reject hate speech and violations of rights. That's why we disagree with pro-life women and don't like entering into alliances with them, although I personally do think some pro-lifers are sincere and recognize that they should win the argument culturally. Someone like Milo should not be given the imprimatur of mainstream legitimacy, and so we protest their terrible claims. Your conspiracy theories aren't arguments. Other people sincerely disagree with you. I know that's scary, because then you may be wrong. Like you are. But it's reality. Grow up and deal with it.
Sue San (3 months ago)
Israel needs more Diversity. They need to accept refugees at Swedish level
Madhumita Sutradhar (1 year ago)
plz talk Bengali
Mak933 (1 year ago)
This guy is a whack job.
DCD (1 year ago)
There cant be diversity when there is islam, period. Ban Islam, and then we can talk.
Natasha Paige Cortez (1 year ago)
I for one am all for a massive importation of Muslims. I hear that they throw homosexuals from the roof tops! It will set our nation back on the right course.
MrToby (1 year ago)
Yes. Let's turn the West into another Middle East.
Heil Pepe (1 year ago)
Diversity is so great just look at Europe Oh wait..
ZaiPenser (7 days ago)
+Chuck Muckamuck They are responsible for far from "most" of the crimes, being a tiny minority. I think you mean that they commit crime disproportionately to their share of the population. To prove that you would need a source.
Chuck Muckamuck (7 days ago)
​+ZaiPenser they do. muslims, hindus and africans are about the least productive people in those countries. but they are responsible for most of the crimes
ZaiPenser (10 days ago)
There are different ways to implement multiculturalism. For example, Canada and Australia do not have the same problems as Europe.
nightmuffin937 (1 year ago)
Without Diversity Bruce Lee and Mexican Food Would Never Exist. This is Not a Joke its true
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
not bruce lee and mexican foo!!!!!!!!!
Venraef (1 year ago)
Multiculturalism has been an utter failure and tragedy for the west, and I say that as a Latino whose parents immigrated to the US. Sadly, it's going to get worse. Our 1st world comforts are going to dissolve into 3rd world madness.
Flawess Grace (7 days ago)
Chuck Muckamuck so only white people should enter the US? Hahaha and I can’t take anyone who uses the word “squatemalan” seriously lol
Chuck Muckamuck (7 days ago)
+Flawess Grace give the man a break. if he's an argie or uruguayn of clear european descent, then he might not cause much trouble. if he's your average squatemalan, well.....
Flawess Grace (1 month ago)
He you really are Latino and believed what you just said then you should leave America. Because you being here is contributing to the multiculturalism that you seem to be against
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
Do not confuse 'cultural diversity' with 'multiculturalism'. His point really is to respect and preserve cultural identity. The comments against multiculturalism are merely proving his point. Whether its indigenous cultures or 'christian': aren't these worth preserving?
Stupid Idiot (1 year ago)
Ever notice that the word “diversity” is very similar to the word “divide”? That’s because they are similar, diversity is the celebration of divisions of different sorts of people. Meanwhile, the same ones celebrating their division are wondering why there is so little “equality”. This is why liberals are always so unhappy, they literally want both diversity and the direct inverse of diversity at the same time. It’s just not possible, either you acknowledge we are diverse without equality, or you throw out diversity (what we should do) and we truly become equals.
Hypercarnivore (5 months ago)
C TD Do you actually believe a word coming from this quasi-genocidal diversity cult?
C TD (8 months ago)
Do you really believe the nonsense, unfounded and uneducated words that are coming out of your mouth?
Lance Reed (1 year ago)
This guy thinks the world is full of rainbows, bubble gum, and hugs. News flash guy cultural diversity brings animosity, fighting, arguments, war, and bloodshed. People like this have led the world into complete chaos.
Overwatch FanZ (2 months ago)
+Default Name how do you target an ethnic group with multiculturalism and who's the one doing the targeting
Default Name (2 months ago)
Abraham Fayad true . The weapon of multi culturalism is only used to make white countries multi ethnic/ racial. Non white countries are never targeted.
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
+Default Name and is it not a code for anti any other ethnic group
Tomm Boss (1 year ago)
how many languages will not be spoken in the next 50 years
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
all of them except english
S. Allard (1 year ago)
Cultural Marksist Trotski commi
RollOnToVictory (1 year ago)
Cultural diversity achieved it's sole purpose with the creation of Taco Bell and Panda Express. We're good now.
L Lowe (1 year ago)
Diversity is cancer! We that do not want diversity shouldn't be forced into it. Where is the white people going to go when this liberal idea fails?
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
no one is forcing you into diversity
Swedish Food Fanatic (1 year ago)
I don't know whats more laughable, People who believes that every government in the world is controlled by lizards or people who believes that the western countries are trying to eradicate white people and impose islam.
Default Name (10 months ago)
Swedish Food Fanatic Sweden - cuck capital of the world
Heil Pepe (1 year ago)
Knobbelaut Jönsson ignorance
Chris Schene (1 year ago)
This content and philosophical direction of this talk is pretty obvious. Cultures come and go and society tends to gravitate to the most economically and politically powerful cultures. If you want to prosper in the dominant culture, which is almost always the most economically powerful, you conform at least to the degree that you must to prosper economically. I am quite sure that as China and India begin to rise in dominance, the dominant culture will change and my descendants may well be speaking Mandarin in the future. No, we are not conforming our society and schools to accommodate each and every culture. If you only go to our schools 4 days a week, you will be less well prepared than someone who went 5 days per week. You can teach your culture at home and you are encouraged to.
JohnRegis (1 year ago)
Diversity has worked so well in the past! I'm going to name all the countries with a lot of diversity! :D Austro-Hungary The Ottoman Empire Serbia The Mongolian Empire Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia Portuguese Empire Spanish Empire Korea Israel Palestine Jordan Iran Iraq Sudan China Russia Danish Empire India Sinkiang Romania Bulgaria Germany France Slovakia Northern Cyprus Southern Cyprus Ukraine Bangladesh
Red Peony (1 year ago)
If everywhere becomes "Diverse," everywhere become boringly the same old Pizza/ Kebab shop. [Douglas Murray]
Abraham Fayad (2 months ago)
if everywhere is diverse there is no local cultures literally throwing out the entire point of cultural diversity
something weirds (2 months ago)
No, that's a lack of diversity. Diversity means sushi, burritos, waffles, pasta, meatballs, tea, bananas, mangos, pudding, ice cream, steak, fondue, wine, sake, beer and more!

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