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Managing the Multigenerational Mix: How to Lead Your Diverse Team To Success

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With the recent entry of Generation Z into the workplace, five distinct generations now make up today's organizations. You’ve probably heard a lot of experts describe these generational differences. Well, in this dynamic, action-oriented webinar, you’ll learn how to actually manage today's unprecedented generational mix and turn it into a business advantage. New York Times Bestselling Author Lindsey Pollak — often called a translator among generations — will share her expert insights into how organizations across a wide variety of industries are thriving with a multigenerational workforce. You’ll gain specific, actionable tactics to manage cross-generational challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of a multigenerational workforce. After this webinar, you will: * Understand the 3 key workplace transitions organizations must address to attract, retain and engage multigenerational talent. * Discover potential points of generational conflict related to feedback, communication, benefits, career pathing and more — and specific tactics to handle them. * Obtain personal strategies to strengthen your own generational understanding and cross-generational relationships.
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