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PayPal Payment Pending

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In this tutorial we will address the following questions: Why are my PayPal funds pending or unavailable? How can I make the funds clear instantly in my PayPal account? https://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/paypal-funds-still-pending-10357
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Text Comments (85)
When do I get my money when it's on hold and the item has been shipped?
Tyler Peterson (12 days ago)
What if I got a pending payment but it was a donation through twitch
Mina Shiham (13 days ago)
I’m trying to cancel a payment for a purchase I made and it says it’s pending, & it doesn’t have the cancel option next to my transaction. What do I do please help?
Korin Iverson (12 days ago)
e-check payments sometimes cannot be cancelled when they are being processed. You will need to contact paypal to cancel that.
SuMit GoswaMi (30 days ago)
give me insta id .. im from india
OGTEN (27 days ago)
wanna smash with her?
AndresPlayzz (1 month ago)
But it’s because I’m receiving donations on twitvh to papal
Tyler Peterson (12 days ago)
AndresPlayzz I have the same promblem, did u find an answer
Olu Jay (15 days ago)
It's my menstruation time and I'm having bleeding disorder and its really paining me..I have spent some money on medications just to get over it but no luck so I visited the clinic yesterday and I was put through some Thyroid hormone testings and discovered that its too stress that caused it..I was prescribed some medications and its expensive they are Zoloft - Generic tablet,diuretics and Antifibrinolytic which they'll cost me like 278 dollars.. and my sister have only 100Please i will be very happy if youf can help me out with this ,hope I'm not pinconveniencing you.. I just need this to put an end to this pain .. i know we just meet not quite long .. and i dont want you to be mad at me telling you this .. Please Bear with me.
Anon G (1 month ago)
a friend of mine sent some money through PayPal and it has been almost a month but its still on hold. send help.
Jhon Joy (1 month ago)
Any problems with ur PayPal account just chat me up it would get resolved ok
Raiy J (1 month ago)
Jhon Joy where can I contact you my friend
Whats Trending (1 month ago)
Jhon Joy for me it says transfer pending my friend sent me money
Jhon Joy (1 month ago)
Hello if you have any problem with ur PayPal account you can text me I'm gonna to help ya out
salmaaa :p (2 days ago)
can you help me out ?
Raiy J (1 month ago)
Jhon Joy where??
Joyce Jackson (2 months ago)
PayPal is a fraudulent company. Transactions are misdirected after leaving the Federal Reserve sign-in with the money captured and sent to a laundering account. I have proof.
NLG Ghostjus (2 months ago)
My cousin sent me 50$ and it’s pending ima kms
Raiy J (1 month ago)
NLG Ghostjus what you do to get it? Please
Fuhleep Rodriguez (1 month ago)
NLG Ghostjus did you get it finally?
Jack Kubsch (2 months ago)
My mate sent me some money and it says money on hold and pending why is this happening?
young skully (30 days ago)
Contact him on what's app/ Instagram @ +17799033448/madespy123. For your PayPal money Adder/unlock/upgrade limit.  Fast and Active within 45mins work done.
Jack Kubsch (2 months ago)
Yeah you have to wait or if it’s through eBay just contact them easy
Ismail (2 months ago)
Did you find a solution? I need a fast answer please.
Quinton N (2 months ago)
I sold an item on shpock and the guy came to collect it and put £100 in my PayPal I went to withdraw it and its been pending for 3dats3an Di need the money before Friday, any help?
milktaeandboba (2 months ago)
hi I have a question. i am selling stuff on depop and they bought my stuff with PayPal, but it is still pending, when I tried to accept it, it said that I wasn’t verified. can you help me?
x976evil (1 month ago)
Jhon Joy How do u fix this? i usually use prepaid debit cards to purchase online if that helps but how can i get the money thats been sent to me from others?
Jose Chavez (1 month ago)
Jhon Joy what’s going on?
Jhon Joy (2 months ago)
Oh I understand what's happening with it..... Chat me up I can help you
x976evil (2 months ago)
Currently going thru the same, dont know how to verify since i don’t have a bank account i just have a card
Shania Tarver (2 months ago)
Same! I thought it was just me!
bitz lame (3 months ago)
I subscribed you explain things very good and easy to understand
Joan Flores (3 months ago)
i received money through paypal. but it's pending, what to do?
Whats Trending (1 month ago)
Joan Flores me to
POG (1 month ago)
Same whamen help me
Elier Amaro (3 months ago)
I’m new to PayPal but how do I get the money?
Brazilian/Norway (1 month ago)
+Johnry P is it possible to buy something in online store, like shoes, phone through PayPal and not you credit card?
Johnry P (3 months ago)
the money will sit on your Paypal Balance. to get the money, you have to link eligible debit card or your bank account information to transfer out the funds
hengoku san (3 months ago)
My money’s been on hold for 5 days and PayPal customer service doesn’t even help at all.
Brazilian/Norway (1 month ago)
+Korin Iverson You you send me some money to? i have also a Paypal.
Swervo10k (1 month ago)
Did you get your money yet
Brazilian/Norway (1 month ago)
is it possible to buy something in online store, like shoes, phone through PayPal and not you credit card?
Jhon Joy (2 months ago)
Your would got your money back just dm
Korin Iverson (3 months ago)
Can you log into your account and click the "claim" button of that transaction? If it was a payment via echeck then it will take a few days for the payment to clear. So the payment will be pending until it clears.
Sam 30 (3 months ago)
I’m form Israel and I paid 50$ through Paypal to an American friend and it’s pending in their account... why??😭😭😭
Jhon Joy (29 days ago)
sanket V.B text my phone
sanket V.B (30 days ago)
Since this is my first transaction
sanket V.B (30 days ago)
+Jhon Joy my payment is pending can you tell me why?
Jhon Joy (1 month ago)
sanket V.B send me message on phone 9852573346
Jhon Joy (1 month ago)
sanket V.B hello
John Micheal (3 months ago)
I got $10,000 from Mike Paul you can text me on WhatsApp or cell phone number +19415004272
darylle. (3 months ago)
hii is it true that a gift card is needeed for the pending transaction to proceed?
John Micheal (3 months ago)
I got $50,000 from James Roger he available you can text him on WhatsApp or cell phone number +19415004272......
Korin Iverson (3 months ago)
Nope. That is not correct. Pending transaction usually means there is an incomplete setup of your PayPal merchant account. If you show it to PayPal support, they should be able to tell you what is missing.
lit jit (3 months ago)
Ok but what if I tried to trick it and use a prepaid but it was pending so I canceled , when will I get my money ?
Jhon Joy (2 months ago)
lit jit text me I can help you
Jhon Joy (2 months ago)
Once you cancelled the pending payment the money is returned to the source like she said
Korin Iverson (3 months ago)
If you cancel a pending payment then the money is returned to the source.
Glitter Promise (3 months ago)
thank you so much
S Bax (4 months ago)
Can this happen via friends and family e.g my friend sending me a large amount of gift money
Brazilian/Norway (1 month ago)
Can you send me some to
Korin Amin (4 months ago)
Yes PayPal can put holds on larger amounts and this can vary depending on what type of account you have. It can also happening if they sent an eChaque these will function like a check and will take 3 to 5 days to clear. An eChaque happens when the sender does not have the funds in their PayPal account and the funds have to be drafted from their bank account.
Jade Elizabeth (5 months ago)
How long does it take for a pending payment to cancel out.
MaX Tha Intelligence (1 month ago)
?users new for fir Even
Korin Iverson (5 months ago)
It usually takes about 3 days for a pending payment to settle.
HR (5 months ago)
I got sent money by a friend now it’s on hold and I put in the bank details. They said it will transfer to my balance in 5-7 days but it still hasn’t. Any help please as I need this money for work purposes. Also it says my account limits are gone
John Micheal (3 months ago)
Itz_Chris_ (5 months ago)
Ohhh im just new to paypal
Dead roses (3 days ago)
oscar sanchez what happend now?
oscar sanchez (4 months ago)
What happens when you're new to to the site my friend payed me a bad amount of money and it's been pending all day
Uriel Orozco (5 months ago)
And what happens if i dont pay the pending paypal money
Korin Iverson (5 months ago)
It means the transaction will fail. You ONLY deliver the product if they payment clears. In case of a pending payment, you wait for the payment to clear before you ship the items. If the payment fails, you simply don't deliver the item.
Uriel Orozco (5 months ago)
What do you mean bounce
Korin Iverson (5 months ago)
It will bounce. This is why it is a good idea to wait for the money to clear before you send the goods to your customers.

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