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Make Money Online using Pivot APP. Earn Daily $50 Just by Reading & Sharing Post.

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Text Comments (44)
Make Money Online (6 months ago)
sf lf (2 months ago)
evol_ official (2 months ago)
Are you legitimately?
evol_ official (2 months ago)
How to withdraw?
ketorolac ketorolac (17 days ago)
How to withdraw? I have problems with your site
Jashar Hoxha (29 days ago)
thank you
Jayanth. Jayanth (29 days ago)
My email is not conforming
siyad siya (30 days ago)
not conform my email
berhane tesfay (1 month ago)
if we cant withdraw the money what is the point of having it?
berhane tesfay (1 month ago)
how can we withdraw the money
Jovic Jovzkie Bonifacio (2 months ago)
Is this legit???
Can u give payment proof
Tesfahun Fikre (2 months ago)
Shamsucv 141 (2 months ago)
How to withdraw money
onebiz trader (2 months ago)
I've earned $147 dollars for the past 2 months but there were NO PAYOUTS.. It seemed to have an options for Paypal and other choices, but we couldn't withdraw the money from the system because there was NO ENCASHMENTS. ?????
evol_ official (2 months ago)
How to withdraw? Who's anyone here can tell how to make withdrawal? Or if this is legitimate
sehreen fatima (2 months ago)
Very good and helpfully method for earning money
Nanda Kishor Mundari (3 months ago)
How I withdraw
AHMED MUTAHIR (3 months ago)
How to withdraw payment?
Maswan Zielah (3 months ago)
Malaysia can try.. ?
Thumashi de silva (3 months ago)
how to withdraw money?
DrJay Update (4 months ago)
How did you get so much power? Is it by referring?
Android Tricks (4 months ago)
Apana channel sell karoge mujhe buy karana hai
Ahmed Mosa (4 months ago)
dave john dacalos (5 months ago)
Is this thing legit?
Edwin Ambrose (5 months ago)
How to withdram payment
Khizer Hayat (5 months ago)
how to withdraw
Khizer Hayat (5 months ago)
how to withdraw payment
sauden vlogs (5 months ago)
how to update online data entry jobs
MD Time (5 months ago)
how to work in home free job
ibrahim oluodo (5 months ago)
My referral bonus is not given to me
romar delrosario (6 months ago)
good day I already watch all of your video and I learn a lot thanks for that Good Job. but I did not find the 4 digits in all video.
Ross Marie Gamba (1 month ago)
True. Is it a legit website?
Vilvanathan.k VilVa (3 months ago)
It is absolutely right
Rohit Singh (6 months ago)
Sir update pivot app fir se pura explain kareye plzz sir
anand raj (6 months ago)
How to work
vicky vishal (6 months ago)
Send the scree shot of payment
ali soheil (6 months ago)
how many refferals do u have ?
Kathleen Maylan (6 months ago)
have you ever tried pay out here? you have prof?
S.D. Melcher (6 months ago)
If anybody knows how to get a Windows PC out of automatic recovery mode, please let me know. I can't use my pc. 😭😭😭
S.D. Melcher (6 months ago)
+jean jabolo Thank you, Jean. Got the PC in safe mode (but had to use c prompt), but still, the computer would not boot up. I ended up taking it to a Microsoft store for them to fix it, and I'll get it back with all my programs erased. I'm 100% done with Microsoft. Will be buying a Mac asap.
jean jabolo (6 months ago)
Start your Windows and press f8 log on safe mode and 5 min and restart ok
Borja Sanchez (6 months ago)
I'm studying games for money and found a great resource at Gamer roadmap rundown (look it up on google)
S.D. Melcher (6 months ago)
Thank you 😊

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