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Earn Free Load by Watching Videos and Reading Articles

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Free Load Ulit Guys ! Unlimited Load kahit ilang ulit magredeem as long na makaipon kayo. Get rewards while enjoying the latest world & local news, trending articles, videos, GIFs and images on SnippetMEdia. Earn points, called Kachings, every time you read, view, or watch content.  =========================== Hi, you can get P50 worth of freebies for you to buy load, pay bills and more on the GCash app! Just register here: https://gcsh.app/r/sp7QUyy ============================ Gcash Free Load 👉https://youtu.be/cnZ5iY_YcE4 Credits to Phcorner 🇵🇭 ============================== Philippines SSH Now Available https://youtu.be/GLuCtZRbB6Y Free Browse - Libreng Browse https://youtu.be/Y83nhaoz3BM SSL Tutorial HTTP Injector New https://youtu.be/WOghrSJYdoc Tutorial on how to create your own modified vpn https://youtu.be/LCP36_Ezj7Y Screen Recorder https://youtu.be/4hmd43zQTS8 Anime Tambayan Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-4m8BmAS5XbFj2IYRnkVsg ============================== Subscribe to my Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ugxIPt7P5LTaxi2NE7dGA Visit my Tutorial and VPN Collection https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDmB_YnOKmQkZ88EN0NptFsKrZ1RgsebX ============================== Mang Tano Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mangtano.yt Mang Tano Page https://www.facebook.com/Mang-Tano-Internet-Tricks-305961106620911/ ============================== Don't forget to like, share and subscribe ! Thanks ! Credit to Background Music Itro - Panda [ NCS RELEASE ] https://youtu.be/FkKjZz2vpy4 NoCopyRightSounds https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds ==============================
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Text Comments (199)
Poli ASMR (2 months ago)
Snippet invitation code: 2109735
Cynne -_- (4 months ago)
here's mine po.. 1552299
JMS CHANNEL (4 months ago)
Pwedi poba ang TM dyan?
SpeedBumps (6 months ago)
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Dark D (6 months ago)
1088687 Tulungan Tayo lagay mo code tas comment pag tapos Lalagay Ko din code nyo💕 Happy newyear Guys
Master TV (6 months ago)
promise worth it to use my code in snippetMEdia 796400 follow mo nadin ako at baka ikaw ang makakuha ng pa give away ko 500 pesos and starlight member sa @MOBILELEGENDS BANG BANG NOTE:USE MY REFERAL CODE 796400
Anonymous X (6 months ago)
Guys download kayo snippet media madali sya promise tas use my code 918516 andami nyo load makkuha
Franklin Saludares (6 months ago)
843116 try this new hack code to earn more points😊
MYSTIC7 (7 months ago)
MYSTIC7 (7 months ago)
MYSTIC7 (7 months ago)
REINA Go (7 months ago)
Sean Mede (7 months ago)
iba na ngayon. ang 6000 kachings mo ay equivalent to 10 peso nalang.
jp manuel (8 months ago)
salamat lodi ; eto aken :623525
Jèffrèy Àbèjùèlà (8 months ago)
74032 po code ko mga paps pa enter nalang po thanks
Catherine Tejano (8 months ago)
520635 please use my code
Hana Tutorials (8 months ago)
Use my code 482058
crazy rexyo (8 months ago)
427960 use my code, salamat
Zild john Laude (8 months ago)
Tulungan tayo mga ser. Eto code ko 432618 salamat
CrazyGamer 1v1 (9 months ago)
-please-use-my-code- 21994
CrazyGamer 1v1 (9 months ago)
Please use my code 21994
Darren Abay (9 months ago)
Ysrael Marasigan (9 months ago)
referral code: 304916 use nyo din saken.
NWA Paragon TV (9 months ago)
Eto yung akin 298846
Ronillo Guillen (9 months ago)
Ito code ko snippetmedia 284659
Oliver Perales (9 months ago)
Used my code and have a unlimited katchings 246685
Jean ML (9 months ago)
Mga ser type nyo :177565 3k ang balik thanks😘
phol conservado (9 months ago)
invitation code 👉 149225
Dexther Adona (9 months ago)
Feel free to get my code. Thank you so much😇 SnippetMedia: 138384
Dexther Adona (9 months ago)
Feel free to get my code. Thank you so much😇 SnippetMedia: 138384
ROYALE CONQUEROR (9 months ago)
gαмιтιи иуυ уυиg ¢σ∂є 129075 ρℓυѕ 5000 кαт¢нιиgѕ ρσ уαи
asuka city (9 months ago)
Guys anjan na lahat ng step para maka kuha ng load sa SNIPPET MEDIA.... ito ung code ko 55560 20-500 load ang makukuha depende ko may tyaga ka. - - 1st step- DOWNLOAD MO LANG ANG snippetMedia sa PLAYSTORE - - 2nd step- OPEN snippetMedia then pag open mo Swipe mo lng - - 3rd step-CLick the GET STARTED tapos pili ka sa taas kung ano ang gagamitin mong account, using your NUMBER--FACEBOOK--TWITTER or GOOGLE+ - - 4th step- click mo yung ME Sa may baba - - 5th step- click mo yung INVITATION CODE, then lagay mo tong code na to (55560) if you put that code you receive 600 kaching to convert to load - Sabi ko nga sayo EASY lang, kung gusto mo madagdagan yung katching points mo, may TASK dun at BASIC lang yun, magbabasa ka lng may marereceive kanang 30 katching points at di lang yun pag ni like mo yung binabasa mo may 30 kaching points ka ulit , at di pa don nag tatapos pag na share mo yung binabasa mo sa facebook mabibigyan ka ng 60 kaching points oh diba basic, konting tyaga lng yan - - dont forget the code (55560) tapos dapat mag read ka ng kayo ng tatlong articles sa task center hintayin 100 coins na lumabas tnx
Lest Maine. (9 months ago)
Ako din po.
Georgie Gi (9 months ago)
Announcement! As a special thanks from us we're giving away 8,000 pts to 10,000 pts of Kaching of rewards everyday! Just follow this steps to claim your rewards from us! Enter this premium code: [ 6 8 0 5 3 ] Read atleast 3 Articles/Contents so you'll get the reward. Event ends in September 30, 2018. Follow us for more rewards update! SnippetMedia Developer™
PH KITAAN (9 months ago)
Ienter nyu code ko pra mgkaroon kau ng 20load 30998
jeffrey mercolita (9 months ago)
Use my code pls. 91398
Jazz channel (9 months ago)
Free load mga paps pwde ka kumita up to 100 to 500 load a day Step 1 download snippetmedia sa playstore Step 2 Register gamit ang iyong number Step 3 pag nakaparegister kana click philippines then punta sa ME Step 4 Click invitation code then lagay nyo nyo tong code 46411 para makakakuha ka ng libreng points pang redeem Step 4 punta ulit sa task click read articles. Read articles atleast 3 times may lalabas na points scroll down lng para lumabas yung points.
Meliodas sama (9 months ago)
Code ko po ay 72096
galo dane01 (9 months ago)
ano po gagawin pag hindi dumating ang load?
galo dane01 (9 months ago)
cge po salamat, pahingi nmn po ng Vpn or Ehi file sa Injector for Globe no Capping kung meron then pa Shoutout nlng po sa susunod mong video :)
mang tano (9 months ago)
@galo dane01 try mo magload ng promo na may data..
galo dane01 (9 months ago)
mang tano matanong lng, yung tnt ko wlang Internet Connection pero Okey nmn yung Data nya, baka sakaling alam mo
mang tano (9 months ago)
5 days processing darating po
Carl Stephen Rances (9 months ago)
73700 enter my code thanks
John Loyd Sapurna (9 months ago)
i dint got the load it is still pending
mang tano (9 months ago)
wait for 5 working days.. make sure your using GLOBE or Smart sim
aj rabadon19 (9 months ago)
Sa mga bago sa snippetmedia gamitin nyu nah code NATO para maka 600 pts kau kung papano :63460 :63460 :63460 gamitin nyu yan nah code at sana maka tulong ako sa inyu
Jonn Emmanuel Renejane (10 months ago)
Get 6,000 kachings Code: 61119
HOKAGE GAMING (10 months ago)
U̶s̶e̶ m̶y̶ C̶O̶D̶E̶ 44256
Justin's Gaming PH (10 months ago)
58572 Ang code ko mga pogi...enter nyo code ko mga ser
Eros Reginaldo (10 months ago)
Mang tano. ... Ito invitation code ko 57608
Chris Ann Truno (10 months ago)
Hi you can use my code 51953 For 600 points
Daniel Dan Alcantara (10 months ago)
51302 try this guyss. Thanks mang tano😂
Jc Roble (10 months ago)
49948 code ko
RE MANES (10 months ago)
Pagamit po ng code ko:33003 Thanks
Patrick Bien (10 months ago)
Referral ko 31646 guys, mag bibigay ako ng 300 or 500 load comment nyo lng yung number nyo..basta gamitin nyo yung referral ko.. Thank you..
mysticalsavage (10 months ago)
Guys try my invitation code 44662 you will get 600 kachings tnx 😊
Rasseljohn Cuadro (10 months ago)
extra hacker (10 months ago)
Ayaw talaga idol ..hmmm please po gumawa ka po ng video kung paano po gumana idol. Salamat po
Mikmik Tv (10 months ago)
Boss nakadalawa na invite na ako bat wala pang dagdag sakin na points? Di ba agad dumadating yun boss?
AdvenGeorge 's (10 months ago)
35751 MAdali lang e memorize use my code na
extra hacker (10 months ago)
Guys paano ba Gagawin sa pag enter ng code ng mga friends ..pls po turuan niyo ako . kung sino magtuturo sakin gamitin ko code niya
extra hacker (10 months ago)
Try kuna LNG idol mang tano salamat
extra hacker (10 months ago)
Natatakot po ako idol baka mawala ang points ko huhu
mang tano (10 months ago)
@extra hacker hindi kasi nasa account mo na yun
extra hacker (10 months ago)
Hindi ba mawawala yung points ko idol?
mang tano (10 months ago)
clear data mo nalang yung app saka ka mag log in ulit
John Patrick Garcia (10 months ago)
*updated * Vodi code hack September 2018 para gumana sya input ( FREELAHAT ) 1000 vodi agad yan". Legit.
YANYAN Gaming (10 months ago)
YANYAN Gaming (10 months ago)
Meow L (10 months ago)
Referral code: 37014
Juan Paolo Tolentino (10 months ago)
From Youtube Subscriber. I thought that It's not Working, but It Works! Many People Use this type of Trick and they call it a Bug Code. The code is 32799. Enjoy and recieve automatic 50000 Katching Points. Thanks! 😊
SSK vxpg (10 months ago)
New user ka? Ito 34519 type mo sa invitation code para magka KaChing agad....bug code
anthonyy cortez (10 months ago)
579k views (10 months ago)
31046 pla CODE.. Thanks
Zeus (10 months ago)
Palagay ng code 33502 free 600
Vertex Gaming (10 months ago)
Vertex Gaming (10 months ago)
pano malaman yung sariling code?
mang tano (10 months ago)
copy mo link mo then paste mo sa notepad
Rey Mantes (10 months ago)
Donwload mo sa play store snippet media tapos login ka gamit fb or number lagay mo tong referal code 10264 para mag karoon ka ng 600 points Mag basa kayo para dumami points ninyo kahit hindi naman ninyo basahin slide ninyo lang pababa tapos pag may lumabas ng points tigilan na ninyo mga 3 kada araw Kung gusto mo mag redeem ng load Click mo lang yung "Snippet Mall" Mamili lang po kayo ng gusto ninyong promo Makakakuha po kayo ng points "1600" points kung nagawa po ninyo lahat yan May trick po ako kung ma sipag po kayo gumawa ng fb acc pwede po gawa lang kayo ng fake acc sa fb tapos lagay ninyo yung code ninyo tapos mag basa kayo ng 3 kada araw para maka kuha kayo ng points
BANAW 'Q (10 months ago)
Free 10k kachings code 31787.
Rnel Belada (10 months ago)
31234 Code ko mga bes. 😊
Eric Pateno (10 months ago)
30469 pa invite po etu code ko,,
Daniel Urbano (10 months ago)
29635 pa try namam
mj Bibon (10 months ago)
Try nyo po referral code ko 19782
christian muncal (10 months ago)
25315 enter this and get 10k points
Michi doriethy Cauba (10 months ago)
24501 use mine pls
Michi doriethy Cauba (10 months ago)
24501 use mine pls
Jeremy Lopez (10 months ago)
Use 23534 for 12000 coins get it now its limited
ROSE ANNE NACINO (10 months ago)
23278 invitation code 👍
Jeremy Lopez (10 months ago)
Use 23534
11Wolf Boy (10 months ago)
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Paps Moto (10 months ago)
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Maurine Delapas (10 months ago)
23226 Eto code guys for free points para makaRedeem ka agad ng 20Load :)
Jepone Caliao (10 months ago)
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Jhan Dale henrick bacagan (10 months ago)
nayr nic (10 months ago)
Insufficient inventory to get load
nayr nic (10 months ago)
Subscribed na ako sayo paps.salamat sa information
mang tano (10 months ago)
yung mas malaking load iredeem mo paps.. ubos na yung 20 pesos load marami na nagredeem
MG Gaming (10 months ago)
Kobe Tech (10 months ago)
boss nakapagredeem knb dito? pwd ba ishare yung load?
mang tano (10 months ago)
yes pwede
Kim Pagela (10 months ago)
Lyric Video (10 months ago)
Lyric Video (10 months ago)
21788 for more kachings
vernadine carino (10 months ago)
Use my code..20978...Mganda sya guys..khit d mo tpusin pgbabasa..mkaka earn k ng kaching..tz mg la like k lng mkaka earn kna ulit...
Game Change! (10 months ago)
Code : 19632
Game Change! (10 months ago)
Free load!! http://h5.snippetmedia.com/activity/download?code=19632&token=dVhuRldHalpBc0xZbXhtR05OMFJOcWVycEZ3dkZUeHM3ZzVJTTVWM2RHa0ozUDc2d3RZM0tmK2d2dWFUQ3Q3UVMrWDRYcDhiOE9qMklDN2VJNFRlZGc9PQ
Jay-R Gerzon (10 months ago)
ayw magsend ng verification code..
Aga Acebedo (10 months ago)
bakit ayaw na mag send ng verification code sa kin
FRËÊ LÖÄD (10 months ago)
Boss nung ginagamit ko code referal mo! Dumating pa agad yung 6k points. Kasi pag nag rerefer ako walang dumadating 2 days na wala padin!
mang tano (10 months ago)
try mo mag task muna habang wala pa.. basa ka articles and play ka video
mang tano (10 months ago)
wait mo lang darating din yan
Yanyan Tutorial (10 months ago)
Paps na enter kuna code mo eto naman sakin 17878 sana matulungan nyoko at mag tulungan tayo salamat 😊
Loejun aLTaLaGuIrE (10 months ago)

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