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eChecks: Changing the way you pay business bills - Deluxe

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Learn more about the benefits of eChecks at http://bit.ly/deluxe-echecks-benefits. Deluxe eChecks are changing the way people pay their business bills. Deluxe eChecks offer all the protection and reliability of traditional checks, but with the added convenience of being emailable.
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Jarvind theDestroyer (2 months ago)
What is the difference between an echeck and a debit card?
Deluxe Corporation (2 months ago)
Hi! eChecks are simply regular checks that you can send and receive via email. Anyone with an email address can receive an eCheck, and they offer all the benefits of paper checks without the hassle of printing, signing, stuffing, and mailing check payments. Plus, they are fully compatible with QuickBooks, which makes accounts payable fast and easy. You can check out more about them here: http://bit.ly/2OHdQpT
RainAWindowAndCoffee (5 months ago)
A client email me one of these e checks to me for payment I thought that's a great idea until I went down to the bank to cash it they would not cash it I am furious I'm probably totally red-flagged by my bank specially since they act like I was trying to pull some scam I have to get my invoices reprinted out no e checks horrible experience.
Christina Hamilton (10 days ago)
Have deluxe contact your bank, i went to a check cashing place before and had this issue but deluxe higher ups got in touch and told them what kind of check and how to process it
Kyle Mendoza (2 months ago)
That sounds like your bank. Not the e check.
the Driza (9 months ago)
I was just paid by electronic check and it's a huge pain in the ass. I don't want to be paid this way anymore
Christina Hamilton (10 days ago)
U need to mobile deposit it
Kemper Meiring (2 years ago)
I purchased 100 e-checks in 2015 to test the waters of this new service. I printed two or three checks on regular stock paper to pay some vendors and it was met with extreme skepticism by both the recipient and their banks. Eventually, the checks I had written to these vendors were accepted, but, not after phone calls from my bank and my vendors saying that were sitting at the bank trying to get them to accept the "check." It was a huge hassle and I doubt that much has changed. Of course, the electronic method would be nice, but the payees must have a Verify Valid account. As convenient and fast as electronic payments like this may be, people are just not wanting another online account to manage - they would rather just wait for the check. Perhaps in a few more years a service like this may start to take hold, but for now, in my experience, payees would rather just get a check. Perhaps its partially due to the industry in which I work (Construction). It seems that the construction industry does lag behind in terms of utilizing technology like this. I HATE the check writing/sending process and desperately want to move past this antiquated payment method, but it's much more difficult to get others to welcome this change. To me this is a good product, but the banking industry and most of the business world, either does not know about this technology and or they don't want to change. If Deluxe can get this product more well know down to the teller-level of the banks, things might change. People walking-in with checks written on plain paper is too suspicious and I'm finding that people are getting tired of the endless online account management.

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