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The Importance of Diversity In The Workplace

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Managing Technical Professionals is now available on Pluralsight! Visit hoffstech.com/managingtechpros to view the course preview! VIDEO OVERVIEW Businesses that understand the importance of diversity in the workplace are known to perform better both financially and culturally. When employees work with other people from different backgrounds, they have the opportunity to learn from one another to produce higher quality products and services. Having a diverse workplace will also foster a positive working environment in which your employees will grow and thrive. Expand Your Talent Pool When your business is a champion for diversity in the workplace, you will expand your talent pool. Your employees will have different skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences. They will be able to collaborate together and learn from each other which will make them more well-rounded employees. Promote Innovation When employees with diverse backgrounds collaborate on projects, this will promote innovation on your team and within your organization. Innovation will come from the conflicts that arise when teams are diverse. When you listen to many different ideas from different types of people, you will have the opportunity to combine ideas to create innovation for your products or services. Grow Your Business Businesses with a diverse employee base are known to have an equally diverse customer base. When your business shows that they understand the importance of diversity in the workplace, you will attract different types of customers which will help grow your business. Your employees can also bring in customers via word of mouth which will help expand your customer base. Improve Your Business Reputation The culture of your business is imperative if you want to attract and retain top talent within your organization. Businesses with a diverse employee base are known to have conflict but they also resolve conflict to come up with new innovations for daily tasks or business processes. These innovations will help your employees grow and thrive in their careers. Through speaking with their colleagues and customers, your employees positive stories about their work will propagate a positive reputation for your business. You can learn more in our Pluralsight course, Managing Technical Professionals! Visit hoffstech.com/managingtechpros to view the course preview. Follow HoffsTech on Social Media! http://www.hoffstech.com YouTube: http://youtube.com/hoffstechllc Twitter: http://twitter.com/hoffstech Facebook: http://facebook.com/hoffstech Instagram: http://instagram.com/hoffstech Follow Shelley Benhoff on Social Media! http://twitter.com/sbenhoff http://facebook.com/shelleybenhoff Music provided in this video courtesy or OCRemix.org. Cid (Solace Simplicity) performed by Children of the Monkey Machine.
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Text Comments (37)
Techzactly.com (9 days ago)
Diversity is very important. Here i found one interesting article https://jgarecruitment.com/is-a-lack-of-employee-diversity-hindering-marketing-success/
Arbaab Sheytaan (14 days ago)
It's disastrous. I have first hand experience of it...
Blesse Flordeliz (1 month ago)
actually white men will never be replaced if the white men is competitive enough. diversity in workplace is still important though many of the white men see it as though its was unfair in their side. But as of being human, every single human has the right to work without being discriminated. So instead of discriminating others, we should accept that not all people in the world are white, black or tan. right?
Henry F (2 months ago)
AUG (2 months ago)
Diversity just means less white people
vic summers (2 months ago)
Putting restrictions on the race and gender of those you hire necessarily shrinks your talent pool. It’s just simple math, people.
Alek Mitev (1 month ago)
But putting specific racial and gender quotas you have to fill also shrinks your talent pool. Additionally some businessed cater to a specific group. For example there are some churches to which only whites come, why then should the Christian priests there be black? That would simply cause more tensions, less trust, less understanding, less communication, and ultimately lower efficiency.
dskmb3 (2 months ago)
Diversity aka fewer whites fewer men. I hope this cunt is ashamed of herself.
Oinky Aldritz (2 months ago)
Another white person telling me what to think. So much for diversity.
pink toes (2 months ago)
where all da transexuals @? dis not diverse nuff'!
qyahb (2 months ago)
Another paid Soros propaganda
BlackOps RuLr (2 months ago)
This is retarded
Royal Cravates (3 months ago)
Competence counts, not diversity !
pink toes (2 months ago)
it's mandated by law to oppress the winners so the racist losers can win for once, even if it by making fair competition illegal. wonder (((who))) thought of this.
ShadowMan (3 months ago)
Expand your talent pool by hiring people based on their skin color! Man, these people are retarded.
Jun3 Shiroyuki (3 months ago)
Diversity isn’t that important in the workplace. People who work and want to work are important in the workplace.
spujpij (3 months ago)
IRON60 BITCH (3 months ago)
There is nothing in Porten about diversity diversity comes on naturally but if you want to go by how nature treats diversity you’ll see that diversity does not exist in nature
Brendon Parker (3 months ago)
So I should employ applicants based on race etc. rather than qualifications or skills ? You are obviously not a business owner, just a virtue signalling moron.
NPC #345667564 (4 months ago)
There is literally no gain for whites to "diversify".....only loss
Europa Man (4 months ago)
Forced diversity, where diversity actually means fewer Whites males, replaces perceived discrimination against women and racial minorities with actual discrimination against White men and White people.
pink toes (2 months ago)
+Aya Khalil . in other words being racist on the winners by the oppressed incompetent losers.
Aya Khalil (4 months ago)
Europa Man It is an actual HR strategy, called affirmative action, or in Sociology, positive discrimination; favoring those who are generally discriminated against.
Europa Man (4 months ago)
The absence of evidence supporting racial or sexual diversity is the proof that heaping together people with little in common is useful. They're talking about diversity of race, sex and sexual orientation, correct ?
Europa Man (4 months ago)
HoffsTech  wrote "most toxic environments are the ones where there is no diversity" Working outside the US in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya or any Northern or Muslim European country that is nearly 100% ethnically homogenous is toxic ? Forced diversity, where diversity actually means fewer Whites males, replaces perceived discrimination against women and racial minorities with actual discrimination against White men and White people.
HoffsTech (4 months ago)
Yes, this video includes topics on diversity including race, sex, and sexual orientation. This discussion can also be applied to other types of diversity such as religious beliefs, disability, etc. I have worked in many environments and from my experience, the most toxic environments are the ones where there is no diversity.
Alice Rabbit (5 months ago)
'Diversity' just means less white people. It's GENOCIDE!
daniel wakeley (5 months ago)
Shelly is your classical fat SJW!
Arbaab Sheytaan (14 days ago)
Minus pink short hair and piercings
Dnomyar Akunawik (6 months ago)
This is laughably bad.
Dnomyar Akunawik (6 months ago)
Please use evidence. Not just opinions.
chamboyette853 (6 months ago)
Differences of socio-economic backgrounds, ideas, beliefs, interests … don’t make us different. Race does. Hence why diversity in the work place is based on race and not all that other superficial crap. In other words, even if all the employees and students come from an the same upper middle class background, there is diversity because they look different. Anyone who thinks different is a racist.
RenegadeRaida (7 months ago)
This is hilarious
Robert Donkers (7 months ago)
No backing for anything said. Just opinion. Disappointing.
HoffsTech (7 months ago)
Robert Donkers Thank you for your feedback! We will keep it in mind for future videos.
alex black (7 months ago)
Why is there diversity only in White peoples country? It is a code word for genocide of white people.
Blesse Flordeliz (1 month ago)
because most of the people who discriminate others are white people. I'm sorry to offend but it's true.

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