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How to turn off eChecks in PayPal

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This video is part of the Make Money with Bitcoins tutorial. This video will show how to turn of eChecks in PayPal, from Personal experience eChecks have a tendency of not going through or being rejected etc To join the Bitcoin money making revolution join as a investor in the following link: https://xcoins.io/investors?r=axgidp promo code: axgidp to buy bitcoins use the following link: https://xcoins.io/?r=axgidp promo code: axgidp
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David Fred (4 days ago)
i got a successful hack transfer from vastrangelinks,com they are legit
Kayle Daniel (4 months ago)
hey guys do business with trustedfamilyhackers,wordpress,com they are so legit
Felipe M (1 year ago)
That option is not longer available.
SetiawanAP (1 year ago)
it's still available but doesn't worked, means i still receive any echeck even that option is checked
Vanessa Leighton (1 year ago)
It is still available. It says: Block the following payments: Pay with eCheck or German bank transfer for all website payments except eBay. NOTE: You may not block eCheck payments on eBay.

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