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Dear America...Don't Be Afraid of the Metric System | Luc Rébillout | TEDxUniversityofMississippi

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Coming to America to study was a life changing experience for Luc Rébillout. He experienced through the different stages of culture shock that many foreigners go through when coming to the United States, one of which is America's refusal to adopt the metric system. In 2014, Luc Rébillout was studying aerospace engineering in France when he had the chance to spend a few months at The University of Mississippi for an internship. He enjoyed it so much that in 2016 he returned to pursue a PhD in Hydro-science where he now gets to play with water and sand! Coming here has been one of the most life-changing events for me, I went through the different stages of culture shock that many foreigners go through when coming to the United States but I found friends and family that showed me how to love this place! This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Tidepool Clipper (1 month ago)
Technically the US uses both imperial and metric. Imperial for the general public and some corporations for metric.
benjamin B (1 month ago)
metric system is way easier to learn, usefull and make a sens but his speech is not very good
theindian mom (1 month ago)
Metric system multiply everything by 10...easy conversion. Imperial system is confusing.
DaG_SoFt (1 month ago)
Proof of why the metric system is better : everybody’s using except you, and it made nasa crash a probe on mars because they were confused between metric and imperial
Interdictor None (1 month ago)
@DaG_SoFt yeah but you only have to remember that 1h = 3600s (and you can deduce it easily) to make the operation, with inches everything gets more complicated
DaG_SoFt (1 month ago)
@Interdictor None true, there are still son convertions when you study science like km/h to m/s, or g to mol etc
Interdictor None (1 month ago)
In metric system there is no point to memorize the convertion rates (like feet to inch)
NukeFatty (1 month ago)
Communist detected on American soil
ZyklonB (1 month ago)
Metric system is superior.
dev0n james (1 month ago)
came to America and doesn't like our culture so he wants to change it. you french fucks can't stop your colonizing ways can you?
JIM LUNN (1 month ago)
its 72 degrees what is that in meters
theindian mom (1 month ago)
2 morons.
theindian mom (1 month ago)
2 morons

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