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PayPal eCheque Payments - Don't Post Until Payment Has Cleared!

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When you receive payments through PayPal, the payment should appear instantly in you account. However, sometimes payments are sent and received as eCheques. These can take time to process and you should wait until the payment has fully cleared and is showing in your account before you send out any items to the buyer. Thanks for watching and see you next time!
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Oliver Siwanzi (16 days ago)
This better than PayPal. This is the best worldwide online payments system. Try payoneer & I promise you, you will never go wrong. Everything about this site is super easy and you can pay money from any country around the world without difficulties. Click the link find out more or sign up.👉https://share.payoneer.com/nav/d3dTltm8Wu7_6u1MyZsMxA_Dj_kzoL4rKU6Wqt7pB-F3jo5YowSAV5_QA8RIVYKVptyXq-Z4AQvKcmym_2YJBA2
Knowledge is Power (1 month ago)
🤬🤬 Argh!!! E-Cheque’s are ruining my life even as a Buyer & there’s no way to not pay that way that I can find!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve been a consistent eBay buyer for years (I love Auctions), using the same eBay & PayPal Accounts since 2014, I’ve always had my bank account linked to PayPal, never had a payment not be there when PayPal takes it, never even opened a case or gotten a negative Feedback before, I even make sure to always leave Positive Feedback for every item too cause I know how much Seller’s rely on that with all eBay’s unfair algorithms these days, I’ve done nothing wrong but suddenly for the past 3 weeks, almost every time I go to pay through PayPal using my bank account as usual, it automatically makes it this crappy “e-Cheque” BS & I can’t turn it off or make it stop no matter what I do & it’s doing my head RIGHT in, I’m sick of it!!! 🤬🤬 I even resorted to buying a bloody $50 eBay Gift Card to pay for a bunch of things I’d won when this first started happening a few weeks ago, you can only buy the Gift Cards in $50 increments here, luckily the Auctions I’d won came to almost $50 in total anyway so it was worth it, but after days of constantly re-trying the checkout & only having this stupid e-Cheque come up, I really had no choice if I still wanted the items & I refuse to pay with their BS e-Cheque’s when there’s NO reason for it ...The e-Cheque BS actually stopped for a couple of weeks after that, but now this morning I’ve won a handful items overnight, I go to pay & e-Cheque is disrupting my life again, like WTF?!? I don’t want to buy another eBay Gift Card cause unlike last time, it’s nowhere near $50 worth of items & why should “have to” anyway?!? I’m a honest buyer & I want the payment sent from my bank account as normal NOW, I don’t want myself OR the seller to have to wait up to 9 days, what kind of BS is that?!? The items are from overseas too (not uncommon for me either) so delivery time is already much slower as it is, I never asked for e-Cheque’s to be set up, I read that they automatically become the only option if you’ve had no money in your account when PayPal’s gone to take a payment recently (that’s NEVER happened with me), if there’s no money in your account at the time (there IS more than enough to cover it, my bloody rent moneys also still sitting in there too so there’s more than enough, but BTW, I never gave PayPal permission to see what’s in my bank account at any time anyway, the payment I’ve authorised is in there so that’s all they have the right to know as far as I’m concerned, but that’s another story), or if you have an “unconfirmed bank account or PayPal account” (again, neither of which I do, my bank account, PayPal account, even my damn address was confirmed years ago by them posting a letter with a code, I’ve been “confirmed” on all aspects forever🤦🏻‍♀️), I even have a 100% Feedback score with thousands of Feedbacks since 2014, both as a Buyer & even as a Seller from years ago, so what’s PayPal’s damn problem?!? 🤬🤬 I’m lucky I even noticed because they don’t ask you, OR notify you that you’re about to pay with e-Cheque either, after I selected PayPal at the Checkout & put in my password, everything acted & looked as normal except I always double check everything’s right before I click the “checkout button” & saw when I looked that in tiny writing where it usually says my banks name under “PayPal”, instead it said “e-Cheque”, not highlighted or anything, it looked almost identical, if you’d just skim the page over you’d probably miss it, I didn’t even know what it was so had to research, apparently a lot of buyers don’t notice they’ve paid with e-Cheque’s till later & I can see why, it’s sneaky!!....This might be just another sly move by PayPal to scam more hidden fees from people by forcing them to have to use a PayPal middle, probably both for sending a e-Cheque’ payment & receiving one, of course everyone I’m sure knows by now when PayPal says “no fees”, even for Buyers, that really means “no fees we’ll tell you about but we’ll throw on an extra 6% for this, 6% for that too but incorporate that into the total sale price you see and/or “approximate currency price” so you’ll never know”, screw you PayPal, you’re seriously pissing a lot of people off (yet again) & causing a lot of Sellers to get scammed too, if the Cheque bounces & the Seller doesn’t know, then what?!? Seller’s shouldn’t have to triple check every sale & payment to keep on top of who’s paid with stupid e-Cheque’s or wether they’re protected “yet” or not, it’s YOUR job to keep Sellers safe, they F*^%# pay you enough in fees for “protection” so...?!? I’m not even a Seller & it pisses me right off, there’s WAY too many scams & loopholes both eBay & PayPal have CREATED, always against Sellers ....No Seller’s, no Buyers either, means eBay & PayPal— No money for you!!! I’ve heard countless horror stories from Seller’s, do EVERYTHING right & they still get scammed, it’s shameful!! This e-Cheque BS is no doubt just another example of that ...I’m trying to pay from my bank account NOW, the Seller should get their money NOW, not in “5-9 days”, what’s your problem?!? 🤬🖕🏼
Project e-Profit (1 month ago)
You do realise I'm not eBay or PayPal I just sell on eBay :) and yes I agree eCheques are annoying and PayPal do not give enough explanation of why they happen or warning before they are sent! The way to solve from what I can see now is one of two methods. You can either add money to your PayPal account from your bank before you pay (this is instant, so then it will definitely not be an echeque as the moneys in your actual PayPal account). To do this on your account page click 'transfer money', then in the 'from' drop down select 'Your bank account manually' and then 'continue'. Then add the exact amount you need to your PayPal for the payment you are about to make. Or you can link a bank card instead of a bank account. When an up to date card is linked the money will go direct through PayPal instantly so no need for an eCheque. Both of these should definitely work. Let me know if you need any more help with this. Thanks, Mark
Ala Akbar (1 month ago)
They do it for people who send money straight from there bank account
Ala Akbar (1 month ago)
No problem it happens to me all the time
Project e-Profit (1 month ago)
Thanks for the info
Gold Bling Shop (1 month ago)
Question I’m a new seller and I have about 20 more days ebay said for me to receive payments that won’t be on hold. I just receive a echeck for for a customer for a item in seller on eBay. When it clears will it be automatically available on PayPal?
Project e-Profit (1 month ago)
Hi, when the echeque clears it should be instantly available in your account, although you may not be able to withdraw from PayPal straight away if they still have the payments hold on your account. If you phone PayPal they will be able to let you know as they are now separate from eBay and PayPal control how long they hold payments. Hope this helps, Mark
Skurai Ver.3 (4 months ago)
good to know bro

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