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Diversity Challenges - What Would You Do?

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Watch the Full-Length Preview - http://bit.ly/2IKv320 PREVIEW ONLY – NOT FOR TRAINING. Defining diversity and understanding how to navigate through a diverse workforce are two very different things. It is one thing to understand what diversity is, but it's another to hire and manage the human complexities of a diverse workforce. In talking about diversity, we not only focus on the visible examples such as race, age, gender, and national origin, but also on not-so-visible examples such as personality style, style of interaction, lifestyle situations, education, work function, etc. It is the identification, acceptance and understanding of those differences and similarities that allow individuals to become aware of and fully use their talents and abilities to make unique contributions to workgroups and organizations. Whether your organization already started a diversity initiative or you're just beginning to look at the effect diversity has on your productivity, this program is designed to give your organization a chance to discuss some real issues affecting your workforce.
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Text Comments (42)
Red Poppy (6 months ago)
Nothing. Be who God made you. Invest in your talents. Return on investment for God. Diversity is what God created. Stop making new rules.
Christine M. Baker (11 months ago)
Very insightful video! Let's make sure we are managing our prejudices.
Thomasj27 (1 year ago)
Who ever made this should be gulaged.
Natasha Paige Cortez (1 year ago)
Diversity is a code word for white genocide. It's okay to be white.
thiefofthursday (1 year ago)
Begone nazi
Cade Thumann (1 year ago)
Kelly Smith So white only? Sounds awfully boring without the variety (though in a job, it's best to select whoever is best qualified for the job, regardless of ethnicity. Just simply have equal opportunity).
Marco Peterson (1 year ago)
Wow this is propaganda. Holy fucking Christ dude.
Hana Khaled (2 years ago)
My overall impression of this clip was alarming, but not surprising. America is a melting pot...the fact that his perception of other's capabilities are solely based on color and race is unfortunate. I believe this is common today in the work place and has been influenced even more so due to recent events. It is unethical and if it were up to me, I would not employ him. He didn't even start yet and employees already are upset/ uncomfortable by his character. This could easily affect the dynamic in the office and lead to bigger issues at hand.
Awoken America (2 years ago)
Diversity is anti-white. Remember this. Non-whites migrate to white countries. It is not the other way around. Just an obvious observation. Whites don't have to learn anything. We are not invading other peoples homeland
Peri Strathearn (6 months ago)
If whites don't migrate to non-white countries, why are there any white people in the Americas, Australia, South Africa etc etc etc etc etc...?
Craka Jack (7 months ago)
Really, go read and research the word "colonization in history"
Aakaash Kudipudi (8 months ago)
but you ignorant twat other peoples homelands were once invaded by white people, that's how we non-whites know about you whites in the first place. now deal with it or stfu
Cade Thumann (1 year ago)
Awoken America 1. Okay. Then what is genuine anti-racism without being anti-"white"? Are you implying that the only way to not be against that particular ethnicity is by being a racist asshole? 2. Caucasians DO migrate to other countries like Africa. People of any ethnicity are free to travel and even stay. 3. Everyone needs to learn. 4. NO ONE IS WHITE (seriously, put your hand against office paper or something that is solid white. Doesn't blend so well, does it? "White" people are closer to pink or tan)
Harish Mv (1 year ago)
lol! was it a joke?
Let's Talk (2 years ago)
I am just knw seening this vidoe and i was vey shocked by the way he looked at other people and he might. Look kid of racist too. when he looked at the two black men he looked like "this is the type of people I am going to be working eith black people ?" He looked at the lady with the disability like. " Hmmmm how is she working here and she can't barely walk". Then he looked at the manager the indan lady like " oh um a terroist country lady works here too oh that just great"! This look likes it's going to be a problem becuase in his mind he is discriminating because of race, skin color, disability. and religon.
Lin Bin (2 years ago)
Let's Talk : That's your assumption. There's no solid proof that the kid is racist or see the Indian woman as terrorist. All he said is he was not used to working in such a diverse field. At the least, he was honest and willing to give it a chance. I can't say the same for that angry woman in the end. People like you need to remember that people can change. I bet you have moments you are not proud of and what if people judge your characters on those moments. Would that be fair?
Johnny Bump (2 years ago)
Multiculturalism, or the idea that there's a diversity on the planet; that's a good thing. But you can't have a true diversity on the planet if you force people together because what happens is that causes conflict.
Rakhi Henderson (3 years ago)
Good video. Why wasn't Marla interviewed?
Shubham Yoga*Anime (1 year ago)
@rakhi Why does it matter?
A Sanchez (3 years ago)
diversidad esta en la inteligencia no en el color, sexo, raza o impedimento. +tom moore. esta es para ti. obviamente tus padres no te enseñan respeto, y la superacion es para quien la quiere. Si un hombre o mujer de raza negra, va por encima de ti intelectualmente y le dan un mejor puesto, quiere decir que no te esforzaste en hacerlo mejor, el mundo no es para quien lo desee, es para quien lo toma y hace algo por el. Asi que por favor, antes de decir que es discriminacion al hombre blanco, mejor ven a PR (averigua donde es) y veras muchos balcos, negros, caucasicos, dominicanos, personas con impedimentos, etc, haciendo lo que mejor hacen, AYUDAR A OTROS.
Deborah Moran (4 years ago)
If he is so 'smart' - why didn't he do research on the company before he applied for the job?
Kaveearaasu Sugumar (4 years ago)
Have anyone do an essay on this video?
Lewd Dark Elf (2 months ago)
Me right now. Can you tell me what the guy is doing wrong?
PrideandHonor14 (4 years ago)
Funny stuff!
Rose6Red (5 years ago)
Human Resources and Product Development and NOT a people person?
Mythic Dawn (5 years ago)
People contrary to popular belief diversity is not just having many races/ethnicities/cultures/societies but also different goals, experiences, careers, ideologies, faiths(and within those faiths religions), philosophies, actions, outcomes and many other things besides what liberals have twisted it to mean. Also that whole white genocide thing is a conspiracy theory nothing more, nothing less.
angus1000001 (5 years ago)
Diversity is only a recent phenomena for Google etc. Many hands of onemono-cultural nations have contributed to the world in a far greater world than your multi-culti dreams.
FSMCitizen (5 years ago)
LOL. Look at Google, Microsoft, Apple. All the number one companies in the world are mixed with a lot of ethnicities. Im not racist, I just believe in getting things done better and quicker with many hands than one hand. Its plain and simple bro.
eauhomme (6 years ago)
As a counselor who works with many minority clients (and white clients), as well as a former business executive, I see diversity as important due to who a company's client base is. If I, or my employees, have difficulty working with our diverse client base (and almost all companies now have diverse client bases), I am shutting myself off from a major revenue source--they will spend their money where they are comfortable. Diversity in the workplace makes for better understanding of the customers.
NPC #345667564 (7 months ago)
Diversity is really just white people handing over their countries to blacks and browns....that is it and it will take humanity backwards.
indigothecat (6 years ago)
The reason Diversity is a strength, though, is also a simple idea. From different experiences, ages, cultures, family types and sizes, backgrounds, likes and dislikes, and obstacles, people's minds and abilities will develop differently. When you have lots of different ideas, aptitudes, and problem-solving skills come together on various projects, the solutions that are created are quite interesting, comprehensive, and very different people can sometimes collaborate and make great successes.
indigothecat (6 years ago)
The answer is more simple than you think. In many Eastern countries, the dominant cultural value is Collectivism, whereas in Western society, Individualism is valued. Essentially, this means that in the East, the group is considered more important than individual people, and in the West, it is considered more valuable to be your own person and not rely on others. Think, Independence vs. Interdependence.
Shubham Yoga*Anime (1 year ago)
yet whites always rely on borrowing things from others and focus on Muslim countries? thats not independence !
S955US84 (6 years ago)
Since 1965, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION (racial and gender preference) has been giving an unfair advantage to many at the expense of equally or more qualified whites. This defies the legal precept of equal treatment of all people regardless of who or what they are. The issue is before the US Supreme Court and AA could well be overturned this Spring. MLK said that he had a dream that people ". . .will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
angus1000001 (6 years ago)
Can someone please explain why diversity is considered a strength? Can someone please explain why diversity is not preached in places like Japan, Korea, taiwan etc?
Halobombtrooper Gaming (5 months ago)
news flash its not your [email protected] #345667564
NPC #345667564 (7 months ago)
Once again why are whites doing this? we don't benefit at all from giving our countries away.
Ileana Turner (8 months ago)
Japan's population is primarily homogeneous, they do not have the issues around race and ethnicity as does the United States.
ACLTony (6 years ago)
I thought that this was going to be a pc only vid, but it's realistic as I've seen situations so similar to what was shown here. Doesn't matter if one is a Dem or Repub, Lib or Conservative: Thing to do on the job when meeting people regardless of what they look like is to present a friendly attitude, be courteous, and just give them a chance. I agree that it's not just Whites acting intolerant in job situations. I've seen Blacks and Hispanics behave just as poorly too in scenes like this.
Michael (7 years ago)
and another thing: the workplace in this country at the present time needs more protection & respect of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender/sexual (the LGBT) employees. +
Michael (7 years ago)
Remember: keep politics, religion, racism, money/socioeconomic status & sexuality out of the workplace! This is a rule to maintain a diverse workforce not going to tear itself apart, like we don't allow discrimination, stereotypes & prejudices in society as openly...or in the "public".+

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