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TheECheck.com | Electronic Check Processing

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https://TheECheck.com Find the merchant account you've been looking for. No up front or hidden fees. Accept payments online, 24/7. Call 1-855-403-3855 today!
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TheECheck (1 year ago)
I'm sorry for your situation Elizabeth. If I could help, please let me know. Thanks - In the meantime or if you need immediate assistance please call the National Coalition for the Homeless @ (202) 462-4822 - They can help. If you are in immediate danger please call 911. Look forward to hearing from you.
TheECheck (1 year ago)
Ustad - I would love to know what this is regarding sir. Please let me know so we can resolve your issue. Thanks - there is a form on our website that you can fill out under disputes. please feel free to do so or leave a comment here and i will get back to you. Thanks
Elizabeth Specker (1 year ago)
Can get my money in cash so I could buy house to live I'm homeless now
Cynthia Quinn (6 years ago)
Overall great experience. The representative at e check who called to verify my order was nice, patient, and it was an overall pleasant phone call. Thank you again.
Gregory Price (6 years ago)
Excellent company. Many thanks to theEcheck. com for expanding my company globally.
William Grayson (6 years ago)
Just as the commercial stated, there were no hidden fees or upfront charges. I didn't pay one cent until my payments were being accepted and I was processing transactions with them. This is the only company that gave my merchant account the opportunity without automatically turning me down. My customer service department along with my customers communicate daily with E Check staff, and I have never had a complaint.
Annabelle Jones (6 years ago)
Jody Russell (6 years ago)
I'd rather use this than paypal. All my personal information is safe and secure. Great customer service :)
Albert Sanchez (6 years ago)
Excellent service. Completed the application on their company website, and my company processed the next day. Friendly staff that on a first name basis, always available and there to help.
Stacy Milanko (6 years ago)
I own a company where I sell home-made merchandise online, and The E Check is the only company that did not turn me down. I've tried to inquire taking payments with credit cards but had no luck, I was denied many times. This company gave me a chance that others refused to. I have been using this processor for over a year now and I give them all the credit for helping my business grow to where it is today! Thank you.
Amaya Jaffal (6 years ago)
I am a new merchant for company that processes my customers echecks. So far so good. I made an application and processed within 24 hours. Very fast and excellent service. This company process of verification of checks has reduced my companies returns extremely.
Dave Williams (6 years ago)
I have been in the industry for over 20 years now, and have had my share of trying different payment processors for my payments. The Echeck.com is by far the simplest, easy to use, and they have the lowest rates. I filled out my application online, and I have been processing with them ever since. I will never use a different company again.
Maria Santiago (6 years ago)
I have profited and my business has grown sooo much since using E Check. Thank you so much for everything your company does! The Echeck.com has turned my life around.

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