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Avoid Echeck Payments in Your Paypal Account

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TheSteg10 (4 months ago)
How do you get to the page at the bery start of the vieeo? I can’t find it
I just recently received a partial refund from a seller and they paid with an eCheck. The payment took a week to process, and when it finally processed it came back saying the check was denied. It's been looping saying it will try again in 5 days, then denied. I asked Ebay to step in hopefully they fix it... Ebay needs a better way to manage these scams. Maybe hold the money the seller gets until a week after the item has sold or something.
I recently learned the buyer can't cancel echecks. I also learned the buyer's account will go into the negative if he or she is attempting to send funds they don't have and the seller will be paid regardless. This process will take 3 attempts according to the rep I spoke to. Anyone else deal with this type of scenario?
Ferol Humphrey (3 years ago)
Since this drives me crazy too I thought I would add a bit of useful information. I have a PERSONAL PayPal account, as do many of the commenters below. The option described so beautifully and helpfully by Lenin Govea here in this video, works for Business Accounts. If I could block these awful eChecks I would, but I have not found a way to do that in the Personal account world of PayPal. To answer one commenter below, yes, they are fine as long as you wait to ship, or do not mind waiting over a week for funding, which is pretty insane in the world of normal PayPal, Square, Venmo, etc. I cancelled an eCheck tonight, and all it did was tell my own bank to reject the funds when they arrive next week. No time is saved with a cancellation by the seller. Buyer cannot cancel. I thought canceling would work, but the darn thing still takes the money from the sender, takes the full time to process, and then puts it right back in the senders account, and you are back at square one with no funding. So cancellation is useless. If you get one of these things, just let it process, wait patiently, and don't ship till you have the funds. Since I don't ship anything, it just meant waiting a week for funding. Thank you, Lenin! If I upgrade, I will def do what you suggest here. Great video.
Matt Terry (3 years ago)
Great information, simple and concise. Thanks so much!!
Arnav Srivastav (4 years ago)
thank you!
Rew Craig (4 years ago)
Why are they a pain? someone just sent me an echeck - as long as I wait for it to fully deposit I should be okay to ship the bike? no?
Ryan K Jones (5 years ago)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Anze Tim (5 years ago)
same here
sneakyhalo117 (5 years ago)
Mine Doesn't Have the option Block Echecks How DO I Fix this
Lenin Govea (5 years ago)
Hey, I'm not familiar with this sort of problems... I was actually the one getting the echecks, and I found a way to remove that option. Sorry but I don't know how to solve your problem :(
Cheryl Hock (6 years ago)
Yes, it has been resolved. I went to Ebay Customer Support which took me to the Contact Ebay screen. You'll find the phone number there. I talked to a service agent who removed the e-check as a payment method and switched me back to instant payment. Also, are you verified??? If not, that may be why you're set up for e-check. Good luck to you:)
MrGoodkat (6 years ago)
I have this problem too.I bought an item for £50 last night and now have to wait a full week for the money to clear...Did u ever resolve this on your account.If you did,how did you manage it???
Cheryl Hock (6 years ago)
My problem is the opposite. I am a paypal user who has had excellent credit. Never a problem. When I go to buy an item from Ebay it takes me to my Paypal account and makes my payment with an echeck. It just started doing this about a month ago. I am verified and haven't done anything wrong. Somehow my instant payment has went to echeck and I really hate it. Paypal sucks :((
Sodah Popp (6 years ago)
oh, got it. thanks.
Lenin Govea (6 years ago)
The thing is that Paypal has made some major changes and now that option should be somewhere else... As soon as I find some time I'll look for it and make a video :)
Sodah Popp (6 years ago)
wow, great explanation. just what i wanted to know. however mine does not have that option to block echecks. what does that mean then? that i have to pay some premium accnt in order to block it?
Eva Zaher (6 years ago)
Thank you, Lenin. Cool.
Lenin Govea (6 years ago)
My pleasure
nazeoneski (6 years ago)
Thank you!!
Lenin Govea (6 years ago)
Weird... I don't :(
ricalme (6 years ago)
I don't have that option. You know why?
Eva Zaher (6 years ago)
Thanks Lenin, easy and useful to know.
Thomas Burke (6 years ago)
Didn't know about that Lenin. Thanks.
Tom Lyons (6 years ago)
Great Tip Lenin

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