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5 ways to lead in an era of constant change | Jim Hemerling

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Who says change needs to be hard? Organizational change expert Jim Hemerling thinks adapting your business in today's constantly-evolving world can be invigorating instead of exhausting. He outlines five imperatives, centered around putting people first, for turning company reorganization into an empowering, energizing task for all. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (63)
Leah Marie (1 month ago)
This is good stuff. Here's some additional information...https://www.christianpost.com/sponsored/ask-dr-swindoll-how-do-you-handle-change.html
Screaming Eagle (1 month ago)
First of all...
Hua Allen (4 months ago)
i am not sure he actually said anything, either.
Christoph De Haene (9 months ago)
This talk is a long way of saying : "We need to put People first" referring to Diversity & Inclusion, recognition, focus on what is important, ... and in times of constant change it is more important than ever.
IRENNA stop motion (10 months ago)
Great video, great!! It gives me the motive and the inspiration to write my essay.
Miguel Ortega (1 year ago)
#Humo, what an empty speech. Great goal but really empty speech
Luís Vidal (2 years ago)
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Cahid Kaya (2 years ago)
شكرا للمترجمين باللغه العربيه نتمنى جميع الفيديوهات
Christoph Schneider (2 years ago)
nice but i feel like pictures or a slide show would help to clarify the 5 points
Van Islandlights (2 years ago)
Just stopped in to refuel my hot air balloon. Peace
Matthew Scott (2 years ago)
TL;DR you're not doing your job right, do better... How? DO IT b..but how? BUZZWORDS
MBA ESG E-BUSINESS (2 years ago)
Every change is an opportunity
Josua Wesch (2 years ago)
The last minute is the only valid point. Inclusive leadership is the best form of management , for continuously improve groups.
Faiz idju (2 years ago)
A must situation in every TED talk is always the talk is great,but negative comments overwhelming the comments column.
Cameron Miller (2 years ago)
I'm not sure he actually said anything.
Writing Board (8 months ago)
I agree with Cameron. He didn't say anything. The three points are cliches. The speaker needed to give more inspirational, concrete examples of the process of getting there. Not platitudes.
Michiel Vanderheyden (2 years ago)
+Cameron Miller Those are good questions! Maybe in some business situations, it might not always be something people think of. For instance, maybe allow employees to stop one hour earlier on Friday in exchange that employees will have free drinks in the company's cafe. This can be seen as teambuilding and might improve employee relations, reduce stress levels, give them something to look forward to, less conflicts during team-projects because people can resolve their conflicts outside of a business situation. This barely has anything to do with direct transformation though. But I don't have much experience in that field either. I'm sure it's different for every sort of enterprise or whatever. That's why he talked a bit about customer feedback, so you can be aware of what you need to do, to make sure the people you work for are remain comfortable with you. I feel tho like it's a vague topic to talk about indeed. But could be useful to take in consideration nonetheless
Cameron Miller (2 years ago)
do any of those phrases actually mean anything? What does "give people what they need" mean? Apart from the blindingly obvious? How specifically should one give people what they need?
Michiel Vanderheyden (2 years ago)
What I got from this was 1. Inspire through purpose, connect with people through a deeper, more empathic sense 2. To win you need to go all in 3. Give people what they need to succeed *during* transformation *and beyond* 4. Be interactive as a leader 5. Become basketball player XD
ShootUpYaFace (2 years ago)
Cameron Miller you didn't listen then, his words were powerful. but they weren't exactly to the point
Ian O'Riordan (2 years ago)
The Carlyle Group have just taken a major stake in the company I work for... let's see if they've watched this video.
Malcolm Pagett (2 years ago)
Leadership is outdated.
viք ȺHķ (2 years ago)
الي جاي يتعلم الغه الانجلزيه لايك
Open School (2 years ago)
The Organizational change expert Jim Hemerling gives a wonderful talk about how to adapting to the constantly changing business environment. Citing various examples, he describes change can be fun instead of bothersome, if we put people first approach. Highly recommended talk.
Romi Agua (2 years ago)
Parabéns. Pessoas em primeiro lugar. 💖
MidEnginedSedan (2 years ago)
People first is a nice sentiment, but it's complete BS. For the vast majority of people, their current job is not their passion nor dream. The system we live in doesn't want to help people develop their true talents and dreams, it just wants cogs in the machine. Unhappy cogs tend to be problematic and potentially unreliable, hence ideas like this guy talks about. Merely a distraction for people, to divert them from dwelling on how they're missing their true calling in life.
Martin Kandevic (2 years ago)
do hi knows what agile is?
Ginny Jolly (2 years ago)
At K-Mart, they chopped up the single cash registers with long conveyor belts (for bagging). While before a bagger could comfortably stand next to a cashier and bag large orders for the customers, with the bags conveniently in front of them, the cut up cash registers reduced the space, and it was almost impossible for a bagger to help. The grocery-sized plastic bags were required to hold the larger, more cumbersome and unwieldy items K-Mart had. Big mistake. The largest plastic bags were impossible to retrieve quickly, and just as it takes time for a department store like Macy's to bag up clothing, so did it take that extra time at K-Mart, with no way for a bagger to step in. The new system was impossible, but it stuck from 1985 till now. I feel that is one big stressor that caused K-Mart to finally go out of business.
Ginny Jolly (2 years ago)
I think one of the biggest problems in the commercial culture is the "decree" culture, and anybody under it is required not only to abide by it, but also to keep their mouths shut. Worse, we teach this in our schools. We ourselves as a society perpetuate the "Boss Man" culture with very few exceptions. Those exceptions exist and are not fettered, but most other companies have the "Cascading Down" authoritative management. His do you change that?
Ginny Jolly (2 years ago)
There was no place to put items anymore when the long conveyor was sirens to a small, divided register counter. Even at Target, the cash register counters have a rounded lip for visual appeal, but it allows items to fall on the floor, and the counter space there is smaller than K-Mart's counter space was. Before any wholesale changes are made permanently, a temporary setup should be there for training, yes. But more importantly, the workers need to be listened to when they report complaints.
Ginny Jolly (2 years ago)
The third item on his list needs to be the first, though he rightly puts number five last. In too many companies I've seen "Sales were like this; we need better; to achieve that, you (meaning the front line employees) will do this. Any questions?" This is not empowering. In fact, that last question is one of the most rhetorical, mouth-shutting, and idea - suppressing sentences. What I wanted and want to see is management first talking to the employees about how they do their work and not automatically change things around, throwing everybody into chaos and confusion over the new system that fails miserably. It seems every new manager steps in and must change things around without seeing what works first. And I've seen numerical measurements that defeat the purpose of customer service by requiring the front line workers to go faster, which really defeats the purpose of customer service. I've seen all too many times when cashiers are called to the front way too late to help the burgeoning clientele. The rush to push people through checkout makes cashiers grumpy-mouthed and silent, and clients, already irritated in long lines, get even grumpier. My best manager was one who stepped in where there was a need even as he called others to help, and he cashiered, he bagged, and he got price checks and products from the back warehouse.
Malik Baptiste (2 years ago)
Not often do I clap for a YouTube video
Dylan T (2 years ago)
this made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.
dereila12 (2 years ago)
Por qué cuesta tanto encontrar subtítulos en español...
Moses Joseph Raquepo (2 years ago)
ted your fired . jk but thanks for the insight.. kingdom Comes and promises fulfilled is how paul rohmer has new charter ereas. on provided to the wrold.
Kemo Kemo (2 years ago)
completely agree
dat787boi (2 years ago)
I'd leave that golden state warrior reference out of the speech
Art Kapunan, Jr. (2 years ago)
This talk was so boring
rozkaz00 (2 years ago)
This is such a bullshit talk. Tell any shareholder that you run company using their money not to grow profits for them but to make your employees happy and they will laugh at you. We live in capitalism. People first ? ;) No. Every company exists only for one goal, that is, to make profits. Without profit it's reason to exist disappear. You may want to have both - happy employees and decent profits. But. Your direct competitor may discover that every dollar spend on employees is dollar not invested in maximizing profits. Unhappy employees can still generate decent money and profit. He will beat you in the market and force to reconsider. There are very, very few markets where employees dictate rules on job market. And even then, they have to value more "your mission and vision" vs real money. Those are exceptions.
Hi It's me (2 years ago)
Year of the blown 3-1 congrats Indians warriors and okc you made us proud. This Ted talk was ok kinda knew that nothing he said kinda sparked a idea. Though
Eddie ågren (2 years ago)
Hi It's me you be suprised on how effective it is what he says, and how uncommon it is at the same time.
vipertaja (2 years ago)
Worship Tzeentch.
DK Kempion (2 years ago)
Idiot. Flux is perpetual. Adapt or become a loser like Trump.
Ibil (2 years ago)
this would be revolutionary if we were 15 years in the past
Seung-Heon Lee (2 years ago)
A wonderful, charismaric talker.
Zodayn (2 years ago)
Inspiring people, giving them the right tools and going all in don't sound like a revolutionary idea. They do sound very abstract though
GoatzAreEpic Maokai (2 years ago)
0 new ideas given thank you for 13 minute time waste rip
Crimson Corsair (2 years ago)
FLEXCOPE INC. (2 years ago)
Short-sighted business leaders are everywhere.
Floatious (2 years ago)
Did you know that TED files fraudulent copyright claims on YouTubers for saying things they don't like about one of their talks? Yep, apparently TED only wants a conversation when people are saying stuff they agree with. Bearing has a bone to pick with you, TED.
Van Islandlights (2 years ago)
Proof please
Eddie ågren (2 years ago)
abasslinelow any proof?
NathanAL Cp (2 years ago)
I don't know what is happening at all, but based on abasslinelow's comment alone, what are you talking about? Copyright claims aren't an appropriate tool to censor discussion. Correct me, but deal with it or dont watch is a rather non-sequitur statement? I can't imagine why TED would bother filing copyright claims on youtubers that disagree with their talks though
Ksenia Protsenko (2 years ago)
Thank you
Flowergirl95 (2 years ago)
Charlie Sheen in tumbnail?
Crimson Corsair (2 years ago)
Flowergirl95 no Hugh Mungus
Rick Richie (2 years ago)
Nothing like a good TED talk in the morning... Im ready for my day now.
hien Pham (2 years ago)
Mic Rich 😀
Egor Cherniuk (2 years ago)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.
EdwardERS (2 years ago)
This speech sounds like it was given before the 2016 Finals or he seriously needed to update his speech if he gave it after the championship this year.
Manoj Raghavendran (2 years ago)
ThomLine (2 years ago)
Jim Hemerling 4 President
PuckiSilver (2 years ago)

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