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Electronic Check Payments - Electronic Checks Are Risky & Costly foryour business

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http://icpp.com Electronic Checks are costly & Risky for you business. We have a solution. It's called ICPP-Check by Phone Check Drafts. Banking regulations allow consumers who pay by Electronic Check to charge-back the transaction for up to 60 days after the echeck has been processed. They don't have to have a legitimate reason to charge back the electronic check payment. If you are a business that accepts electronic checks you are putting each transaction at risk. Electronic checks are also costly to your business. Companies charge you $1 to $3 or more to process an echeck for you. Some electronic check companies also charge you a processing fee of 2% to 3% of the amount of the electronic check. That comes righjt out of your profit. There is a safer and more cost effective way to take a check over the phone, fax or email. It is called ICPP Check by Phone payments. ICPP check by phone checks only cost you 20 cents a transaction and banking regulations don't allow a consumer to request a charge back. For complete details on how to start taking ICPP (Instant Check Payment Processor) check drafts go to http://icpp.com You can get started taking checks by phone, checks by fax and checks by email for only $203. If you are taking electronic checks you need to stop today. ICPP check drafts are a better solution for your company.
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