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Earn free BITCOIN by reading post and sharing with Proof of PayOut

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Discription: IT'S Earnings: By reading articles you will received 200 power, minimum 4,000 power per day Share a post and invite read it get 200 power Get 10% power when your referral read articles Invite friends get 10,000 power How to use power? Power will be automatically convert on BTC at 8am, that's why your power will getting back into zero and you will received your BTC from convert at 7pm just collect it Withdrawal: Minimum withdrawal: 0.0006 Transaction fee: 0.0002 PIVOT Link: https://www.pivot.one/app/invite_login?inviteCode=fmcets •Sign in with your Facebook or GMail account •Download the app •Sign in again with Facebook or Gmail account •Start earninga •Enjoy!!! REGISTER COINS.PH HERE https://coins.ph/invite/jswvko https://coins.ph/invite/jswvko https://coins.ph/invite/jswvko Don't forget to put it on referral code → jswvko ← → jswvko ← → jswvko ← To get ₱50 when you verify you Selfie with ID and taking picture your ID #ajcodename #freebtc #freebitcoin #pivot #proofofpayout #pivotproofofpayout #scamorlegit ------------------------------------------------------------ Topic Earn free BITCOIN by reading articles and sharing with Proof of PayOut ------------------------------------------------------------ DONATION: ------------------------------------------------------------ PayPal https://paypal.me/ajcodename ------------------------------------------------------------ I will not force you to donate, I will accept any amount that you give THANK YOU ------------------------------------------------------------ Music No copyright infringement intended Subscribe AJ Codename https://www.youtube.com/c/AJCodename Click bell icon (🔔) to notify the update
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AJ Codename (6 months ago)
And also try it guy's :-) Happy Earnings 😘😘😘 NOT PIVOT para lang syang PIVOT No need investment fee No need ID Bago lang tong app kakalabas lang at may naka withdraw kaya dinownload ko agad Click this link ↓↓↓ https://exbuzz-referral-register.extrade.com/register?invitationCode=215961 Set +63 and put number and click CLAIM FREE BTC •DOWNLOAD THE APP •CLICK ME OR HUMAN ICON •CLICK HERE TO LOG IN •PUT YOUR AND WAIT FOR VERIFICATION CODE •CLICK INVITATION CODE AND PUT IT → 215961 ← → 215961 ← → 215961 ← And get 600 buzz 600 buzz is equal $5 instant pagnilagay nyo Every day ang BUZZ automatic convert to BTC Sobrang laki ng bigay nila try nyo na bilis EARNINGS: •READ ARTICLES - Wait 30 sec. unli to pwede mo i-claim2× hanggang magsawa ka every 30 sec. •BROWSE AD. - Unli •ACTIVE BONUS - Every hour And moree.... Para lang syang PIVOT Kung wala ka pang PIVOT watch nyo proof of payout tsaka magkaroon din idea para sa app na to → https://youtu.be/xHlCSWNRYRs ←
Best App (6 months ago)
Pls help me to withdraw my telegram bitcoin into my phone pls reply me
💰Read the post to get BTC Bonus: Italy to Enter European Blockchain Partnership, Local MP Confirms https://www.pivot.one/share/post/5bacfea16c20cd74067a8c49?uid=5ba5251383c8295c1906248c&invite_code=EGXJZC
Mojibur Rahman (6 months ago)
Register PIVOT to get BTC Bonus:PIVOT is a community for cryptocurrency investors. https://www.pivot.one/app/invite_login?inviteCode=apirrf
BIT BIT (6 months ago)
🎉New website PAYING up tô 0.02 BTC!!!🎖🎖 https://linkbtc.wixsite.com/lbtc
Goni Hd (6 months ago)
BIT BIT (6 months ago)
🎉New website PAYING up tô 0.02 BTC!!!🎖🎖 https://linkbtc.wixsite.com/lbtc
Yugene Britos (6 months ago)
You can sign up here 💰Read the post to get BTC Bonus: The third phase is coming ! Daily Bitcoin Bonus : Read, Share, Invite to Win Bitcoin https://www.pivot.one/share/post/5bab47d2968d9e159575dddd?uid=5ba656eb02b87521a5966f82&invite_code=HNJBYA

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